Index to: "History of Benton County, Oregon"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "History of Benton County, Oregon" [Published by A. G. Walling, Portland, Oregon, 1885. "Compiled from the most authentic sources."]

Index contributed by Diana.

This book is also available from the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Special Note: All of these biographies were transcribed and posted to the Benton Co., OR Message Board by Joseph Gentemann. To access the biographies, go to: Benton Co., OR Message Boards. Click on "Benton Board" at top of search box, select "Biographies" under "Message Classification", then click the Search button.

Abbey, Edwin Alden
Abbey, Peter M.
Additon, Otis R.
Alexander, Hon. Joseph C.
Alford, James P.
Avery, Hon. Joseph C.
Avery, Napoleon B.

Baldwin, Hon. Wallace
Ball, James W.
Barber, Newton R.
Barclay, James E.
Barclay, William
Bayler, Dr. James R.
Belknap, Ransom A.
Bennett, William
Bensel, Hon. Royal A.
Blair, Hon. Colbert P.
Blair, Thomas P.
Blodget, William
Boles, W. T. A. H.
Brasfield, James W.
Briggs, George S.
Brown, Solomon K.
Bruce, Major James
Brunk, William H.
Bryant, Perren
Butler, Henry P.
Burnett, Hon. John

Callaway, Hon. William R.
Campbell, Alexander H.
Carlile, Hon. Daniel
Carter, Hon. Tolbert
Case, Samuel
Case, Alonzo
Caton, Jesse H.
Cauthorn, James F.
Cauthorn, Hon. Thomas E.
Collins, George W.
Connor, Hon. Milton J.
Cooper, James
Crawford, William C.
Currier, Jacob M.

Davis, Caleb
Davis, Lemuel E.
Davis, Zeba H.
Dixon, Ezra L.
Dixon, Joseph
Dixon, Wm. F.
Dodele, G. H.

Eglin, Thomas

Felger, Jacob S.
Fisher, Ernest W.
Foster, John

Gallatly, Andrew
Gerhard, George M.
Gingles, Hon. James
Gird, William
Graham, John
Graham, Joseph D.
Graham, Thomas
Gray, Joseph
Grimsley, Robert D. O.
Gregson, Moses
Goodman, John B.

Hammer, Jacob
Hammond, William
Hanson, John W.
Harris, John
Hartless, Eldridge
Hawley, Leonidas H.
Hawkins, Joseph A.
Hayes, James
Henkle, I. B.
Henkle, Jacob
Henkle, Jeremiah E.
Henkle, Hon. John A.
Henkle, Joseph
Henkle, William
Herron, Hugh
Hinton, Wesley
Hodes, Gustavus
Holgate, Jacob
Horning, F. A.
Houck, George W.
Houck, L. H.
Hufford, Walter S.

Inmon, David W.
Irvin, Joseph R. K.
Irvin, Samuel G.
Irwin, Richard

Johnson, Joseph D.
Keady, Hon. William P.
Keesee, John
Kelly, Hon. William J.
Kelsay, Col. John
Kendall, Col. Jehial S.
Keyes, David L.
King, George
King, John
King, Solomon
Knight, John A.
Knotts, William

Lewis, Hon. H. C. T.
Lewis, John H.
Liggett, Elijah
Logan, Samuel A.

McCormic, John K.
Mackay, William
Martin, James
Milner, Prof. Edgar A.
Morris, J. P. H.
Mulkey, Albert G.
Mulkey, James L

Newton, A.
Newton, G. G.
Nichols, Hon. Henry B.
Nolan, J. M.

Olsson, John
Osburn, John M.

Parker, Hon. Allen
Pearce, Ashley
Pearson, William
Phelps, Edwin C.
Pitman, Wm. M.
Polhemus, James S.
Pool, Newton
Porter, Isaac W.
Porter, McCauley
Price, Levi N.
Price, Willard L.
Pygall, Albert R.

Quivey, Gilbert M.

Rainwater, A. M.
Read, Thomas M.
Read, Columbia
Reader, Samuel
Rickard, John
Ruble, David
Russell, James H.
Rycraft, S. L.

Schwaibold, Robert
Scott, Prier
Scrafford, John J.
Shannon, Milton
Shaw, Charles L.
Simpson, Marshall W.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Green Berry
Smith, Tyra W. B.
Spencer, Francis
Spencer, Jesse
Starr, Jeremiah
Starr, Levy H.
Stewart, James H.
Stewart, John
Stevens, William
Stout, W. B.

Thompson, Joseph

VanCleve, Collins
Vanbeber, Lazarus
Vincent, Dr. H. W.

Wadsworth, Hon. F. M.
Wass, Capt. S. L.
Wells, Charles B.
Whitney, Charles H.
Wiles, John
Wilhelm, Adam
Williams, C. H.
Wilson, Bushrod W.
Winkle, Wiley
Winant, Capt. J. J.
Witham, Hon. Alfred M.
Woodcock, M. S.
Woodcock, William C.
Woodward, Hon. Elias
Writsman, Francis
Wyatt, John E.
Wyatt, William