Index to: "Oregon Pictorial and Biographical"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "Oregon Pictorial and Biographical" [Joseph Gaston, Author; Published by S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.; Chicago; 1912]

Diana has kindly offered to transcribe biographies from this book on request. Biographies will be posted to the ORBios project site as they are transcribed. Please email Diana with your request [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual!]

This book is also available as a free download from the American Libraries Collection at Internet Archive.

Abernethy, William
Additon, Otis R.

Barton, Joseph
Berger, F. J.
Bingham, I. H.
Blanchard, Dean
Bounds, J. W.
Brattain, T. J.
Breding, Christian
Brooks, S. L.
Bruce, James

Campbell, Thomas
Chapin, W. H.
Cheshire, W. P.
Clark, C. C.
Clopton, F. B.
Corbett, H. W.
Coshow, Oliver Perry

Dukek, G. B.

Failing, Josiah
Failing, Henry
Furgason, Alexander

Gilbert, A. N.
Gorham, H. O.
Gray, W. H.
Gray, Mrs. W. H.

Hackett, M. A.
Haines, I. D.
Hallgarth, Charles
Harding, E. J.
Hathaway, B. H.
Hirst, Thomas
Holcomb, J. N.
Hoskins, C. E.
Howe, W. A.
Hudemann, Julius
Hughes, E. G.
Hunsaker, Bradford
Hutchison, W. R.

Jones, S. W.

Kamm, Jacob
Kincaid, H. R.

Laing, Robert
Lee, Joseph Dunn Bradford
Laughlin, Lee
Leonard, H. C.

McKinnis, J. L.
Mariner, W. J.
Maschmann, John
Morgan, W. H. H.

Nice, Henry

Owens-Adair, B. A.

Price, T. J.

Reynolds, John
Richardson, J. G.
Rogers, L. C.

Scharpf, L. C.
Severson, P. W.
Shaver, J. W.
Simmonsen, Niels
Small, James
Smith, W. K.
Spicer, S. G.
Spores, Henry
Stanton, Benjamin
Stockman, J. L.
Stockman, W. J.
Strowbridge, J. A.
Sturgis, S. P.

Temple, I. U.
Thompson, D. P.
Thomson, O. F.
Timmermann, John
Travis, L. M.
Trimble, John

Warren, D. K.
Washburne, C. W.
Webb, G. W.
Whiteaker, John
Williston, E. B.
Wright, William Thomas

Zorn, Henry