Index to: "History of Portland, Oregon"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "History of Portland, Oregon, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens and Pioneers" [H. W. Scott, Editor; Published by D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1890]

This index was contributed by Diana Smith.

This book is also available as a free download from the American Libraries Collection at Internet Archives and Google Books.

Alisky, C. A.

Bellinger, Charles B.
Brant, John
Bronough, Earl C.

Chapman, Col. W. W.
Corbett, Henry W.
Coulter, Samuel

Deady, Matthew P.
Dekum, Frank
DeLashmutt, Van B.
Dodd, Charles H.
Dolph, Cyrus A.
Dudley, W. L.
Durand, E.

Earhart, Rockey P.

Failing, Henry
Fleischner, Lewis

Gill, J. K.
Glisan, Dr. Rodney
Green, Henry D.

Hawthorne, Dr. J. C.
Henrichsen, L. C.
Hirsch, Solomon
Holman, J. D.
Holmes, Thomas J.

Jeffery, Edward J.
Johnson, A. H.
Jones, Dr. Henry E.

Kamm, Jacob
Kelly, James K.
Killin, Benton
Klosterman, John

Ladd, W. S.
Lotan, James
Lownsdale, D. H.
Lownsdale, J. P. O.
Mackenzie, Dr. K. A. J.
Macleay, Donald
Mallory, Rufus
Markle, George B.
Marquam, P. A.
Mitchell, John H.
Montgomery, J. B.
Moreland, J. C.
Morey, P. F.
Mulkey, F. M.

Noon, W. C.
Northrup, E. J.
Northup, Henry H.

Oatman, Harrison B.

Reed, S. G.
Reid, William.

Saylor, Dr. W. H.
Scott, Harvey W.
Shattuck, Erasmus D.
Smith, J. S.
Smith, Charles J.
Spaulding, W. W.
Staver, George W.
Steel, George A.
Steel, James
Strong, Wm.
Strowbridge, J. A.

Thayer, William Wallace
Therkelsen, L. W.
Thompson, H. Y.

Weinhard, Henry
Whalley, John William
Wiberg, Charles M.
Williams, George H.
Williams, Richard
Woodward, John Henry
Woodward, Tyler

Zan, Frank