The Immigration of 1844

Excerpted from "The History of Oregon, Vol. I: 1834-1848"
By Hubert Howe Bancroft
Published by The History Company, San Francisco, 1886

"The Immigration of 1844" is one chapter of Bancroft's two-volume history of the settlement of Oregon Territory, and its progress to statehood. This chapter gives a detailed description of wagon trains that left Missouri in the spring of 1844, and arrived in Oregon Territory in late autumn. In addition to describing the conditions of their journey, Bancroft also provides substantial biographical information about many of the pioneers who made the journey. Because many of these pioneers went on to settle in Cowlitz and Lewis Counties, Washington, I have transcribed this chapter in its entirety.

I have also included an excerpt from the Rev. H. K. Hines's book, "Pen Pictures from The Garden of the World - An Illustrated History of the State of Washington" (1893) that describes the settlement of the first community north of the Columbia River by the Michael T. Simmons party (with many thanks to Alice Harrison for bringing this account to my attention).


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