Kentucky State Historical Society

VOL 29 July, 1931 No. 88



(Continued from the April Register)

1825-New Providence Church, October 1st, 1825-

The Trustees of the New Providence Church having this day met. Present:
Daniel A. Brewer, Chr
Robert B. McAfee, Clk
Clarke McAfee, Tr.
Peter Vanarsdoll.

1-The Treasurer, Clarke McAfee produced his accounts of his settlements for Pew rates for the year 1822,3 and part of 4 ordered that the same be recorded.

2-It is farther ordered that the collectors give notice to all delinquint Pew Holders for the years 18234, that the Trustees will at their next meeting, on the first Saturday in April neat proceed to make as order for the sale of such pews as may be at that time in arrears according to constitution of the congregation.

3-Ordered that the delinquint list of 1823-4 be again placed in the hands of the collectors for collection, according to the rules and regulations of the Church. Adjourned. Tests-Robert B. McAfee, Clk.
Danl. A. Brewer, Chr.


1822- Clarke McAfee, Treasurer of New Providence Congregation, For Pew Rates of Providence Church for the year 1822, Dr $250.00
1824- October 2d. Contra Cr. by Revd. T. Cleland 250.00
1824- Clarke McAfee, Treasurer of New Providence Church, Dr. To Pew Rates for 1823 250.00
Contra Cr.-By Revd. T. Cleland's Receipt for
Pew District No. 2 $51.50
By Do No. 4 76.50
By Do No. 3 31.50
By Do No. 1 71.00 $239.50
______ ______
Delinquint list for No 1 $5.50
Do for No. 3 2.00
1825- Clarke McAfee, Treasurer of N. Providence Church, Dr. To Pew Rates for 1824 $250.00
Contra Cr.-By T. Cleland's Receipt for District
By Do No. 2 $55.00
By Do No 4 72.75
By Do No 3
By Do No 1 48.50 176.25
______ ______
By Delinquint No. 1 $28.00
By Do No. 2
By Do No. 3 2.00
By Do No. 4 10.75
1825- Clark McAfee to Sexton, Dr $20.00
Contra Cr.-By cash from P. Vanarsdoll 3.12

(Signed) Clarke McAfee, Oct. 1st, 1825.

1825-New Providence Church, Saturday, Oct. 1st, 1825.

This day being the day appointed for the annual meeting of the congregation of New Providence, the members met accordingly, when Danl. A. Brewer was called to the chair and Robert B. McAfee was appointed clerk..

1st. On the motion of Peter Vanarsdoll, it is ordered that the arrearages due the Sexton for the year 1824 be paid out of the quarterly collections of the congregation and that the collectors proceed to collect. twenty dollars annually for the use of the Sexton as heretofore ordered from the Pew Holders.

2. That the same rate of contribution on the Pews for the support of the Revd. Thos. Cleland, D. D. continue for the year 1826 as heretofore and that the collectors make their collections accordingly.

3. The Former Trustees were again Re-elected for the ensuing year.

4. On motion ordered that the Trustees be and they are hereby authorized to continue annually to appoint four collectors of all money authorized to be collected by the Trustees or the congregation. who shall have power as heretofore to make collections according to the rules of the church. Adjourned-
Danl A. Brewer, Chr. Test. Robert B. McAfee, Clk.

1826-New Providence Church October 7th, 1826.

At the annual meeting of the New Providence Congregation on Saturday the 7th day of October 1826, Danl. A. Brewer was appointed chairman and Robert B. McAfee clerk.

1st. Ordered that the trustees be authorized to Lay off a certain portion of ground for the use of Strangers and those who do not own Pews.

2. Ordered that the same rate on the pews be continued for the support of the Rev. Thomas Cleland, D. D. for the year 1827, as heretofore Viz; two hundred and fifty dollars.

3. The congregation then proceeded to elect Danl. A. Brewer, Peter Vanarsdoll, Clarke McAfee, Robert B. McAfee and Adam Sharp Trustees for the ensuing year. The last named (Mr. Sharp) being elected in the place of Robt. McKamy, who had removed to the Missouri. (October 1st, 1826.) Test. Robrt. B. McAfee, Clk. Danl. A. Brewer, Chr.

At a meeting of the Trustees of the N. Providence Church at the Sd meeting house on Saturday the 7th October; 1826.

1st. Ordered that Lanty Holman, Peter Vanarsdoll, Saml. Allison and Abraham -McMardie be appointed collectors for the ensuing year.

2. Ordered that Ben, a Black man belonging to Clarke McAfee be appointed Sexton for the ensuing year.

3. Ordered that three rods square in the N. E. corner of the Meeting house lot be allotted for the use of Strangers. Test. Robt. B. McAfee, Clk. Danl. A. Brewer, Chr.

1827-At the annual meeting of the congregation of New Providence, at the church on Saturday, October 6th, 1827. This day Danl. A. Brewer was appointed chairman and Robert B. McAfee clerk.

1st. Ordered that the same rates of contribution on the Pews be continued for the support of the Rev. Thomas Cleland for the year 1828 as heretofore Viz; two hundred and fifty dollars.

Ordered that the congregation Meeting be adjourned until Friday, the 19th inst. for the purpose of electing the Trustees. Test. Robt. B. McAfee, Clk. Danl. A. Brewer, Chr.

New Providence, October 6th, 1827. The Trustees of New Providence met. Present: Danl. A. Brewer, Robert B. McAfee. Peter Vanarsdoll, and Adam Sharp. Mr. Brewer was called to the chair and Robert B. McAfee, clerk.

1st. Ordered that Lanty Holman, Jacob Sharp, Abraham McMordy, and Saml. Allison be appointed Collectors for the next year.

2nd. Ordered that Lewis a Black man be appointed Sexton for the next year. Test. Robt. B. McAfee, Clk., Danl. A. Brewer, Chr.

New Providence, October 19th, 1827. An adjourned meeting of the Pew Holders and Congregation of New Providence met on this day, Friday, 1 of October, 1827, and it appearing that Clark McAfee one of the Trustees and Elder of Sd church and also the Treasurer of the board of Trustees had departed this life on the 31st day of August last, and this day also being appointed to fill up the vacancy occasioned by his death, not only as Trustee but as an Elder and the church session having determined to increase number of Elders from four to six, an election took place by the congregation when it appeared that William Sharp, Robert B. McAfee and Peter Vanarsdoll was elected Ruling Elders in Sd. Church, whereupon the congregation proceed to reverse the constitution and regulations made by them on the 3rd day November 1821, and it was unanimously resolved as follows (viz) : That the church session at present consisting of the Rev. Thos. Cleland, Daniel A. Brewer, Lanty Armstrong, John McKamy, Peter Vanarsdoll, Robert B. McAfee and Wm. Sharp and their successors in office hereafter constitute and exercise the power vested in the former Trustees of said church, provided always that no change or alteration shall be made in the salary of the officiating minister of New Providence without first consulting the congregation and Pew Holders after one months notice.

2. That the congregation and pew holders shall at all times have the right to elect Trustees when any five of the pew holders or members of the. Congregation become dissatisfied with any of the proceedings of the Trustees and may call a meeting of the pew holders and congregation for the purpose of revising their proceedings or electing new Trustees, consisting of other persons besides the session as may be desided on by the Meeting. Test. Robt. B. McAfee, Clk.

New Providence, May 17th, 1828. The Trustees of New Providence church this day met, present; Daniel A. Brewer, William Sharp, Peter Vanarsdoll, Robt. B. McAfee, Lanty Armstrong and John McKamy.

Daniel A. Brewer was appointed chairman. They proceeded to settle the accounts of the collectors of the pew rates. Lanty Holman Esqr., collector of Distirct No. 1. upon an examination of his accounts it appeared that he is charged with seventy two dollars, which he has collected for the years 1826 and 1827 together with 8 per centum for the Sexton amounting to $4.12 1/4 for 1826 and $3.25 for 1827, which he has paid over to the Rev. Thos. Cleland and the Sexton.

Peter Vanarsdoll, collector of District No. 2. rendered his account for 1826-it appears that he is charged with $55.00, which appears to have been collected and paid over to Rev. Thos. Cleland, except William Davenport, $3.50, John Springate, $1.00 and William Smithy $1.30.

Jacob Sharp, collector for district No. 2. is charged with $53.00 for the year 1827, which is collected and paid over to the Rev. Thos. Cleland, except William C. Davis $6.00, William Davenport $3.50, John Wilson $2.00, John Springate $2,00 and William Smithy $3.50.

Samuel Allison, Collector of District No. 3., is chargeable with $43.00, which has been collected and paid over to the Rev. Thos. Cleland except John Convert $3.50, Cornelius A. B. Vanarsdoll, $4.50, Anthony Cardwell, $2.00.

Peter R. Dunn, Collector of No. 3, for 1827 is chargable with $37.50, which has been collected and paid over to the Rev. Thos. Cleland except Robert Smithy , and John Smithy $1.75, Cornelius A. B. Vanarsdoll $2.50, Henry Whiteneck , $2.50, Cornelius A. V Vanarsdoll $6.00, John Cardwell $6.00.

Abrham J. McMardie, Collector of District No. 4. is chargeable with $81.00 and collected $71.75 and paid the amt. collected over to the Rev. Thos Cleland, delinquints; John Woods $1.25, James Woods $2.50, John Jones $2.00 and John Stephenson $3.50.

Ordered that Lanty Holman Esqr., be and he is hereby appointed Treasurer to the Board of Trustees of New Providence Church-and also Treasurer to the session of New Providence Church which consists of the same individuals that: the Board of Trustees does with the addition of the Rev. Thos. Cleland.

Ordered that the collectors shall hereafter when any pew holder shall be in arreares for their pew for any one year or more take the notes or Due bills of such persons to the Treasurer who shall take charge of the same and apply them to the benefit of the pastor of this church. Test. R. B. McAfee, Clerk, D. A. Brewer, Chairman.

At a meeting of the board of Trustees of the New Providence church held in sd church on Saturday 4th day of April 1829, present; Daniel A. Brewer, Peter Vanarsdoll, William Sharp and Robert B. McAfee, Clk. Col. William Sharp was called to the chair wherefore the Trustee made his report of the funds in his hands, which was examined and allowed and ordered to Record the Treasurers report a ballance in favor of the church of $23.67 1/4.

The Trustees then proceeded to examine the accounts of Collectors as far as present. Ordered that the Collectors immediately give a written note to all delinquint Pew holders who have failed to pay up their contributions for the last two years, that the Trustees will procede to forfeit such Pews as may remain in arrears twelve months from this date. Ordered that the Trustees adjourn untill this day two weeks. William Sharp.

April 18th 1829, The Trustees again convened and examined the accounts of the Collectors and find that a ballance remains due from each of them which is inclosed slid the Trustees transferred the following pews December 19th, 1829. The Trustees met, Present; Daniel A. Brewer, Lanty Armstrong, William Sharp, Peter Vanarsdoll, Saml. McCoun, Robt. B. McAfee. Major McCoun was called to the chair.

Ordered that Maj. Armstrong and Peter Vanarsdoll be authorized to employ a Sexton for the year 1830 and that it be paid out of the quarter Collection.

April 3rd 1830. The Trustees and Collectors met, Present; Danl. A. Brewer. Lanty Armstrong, Peter Vanarsdoll, Samuel McCoun and Robert B. McAfee.

Abraham McMardie Reported that he had collected and paid over to the Revd. Doctor Cleland fifty five dollars and fifty cents and that there yet remains in his hands uncollected twenty one dollars for the year 1829.

Lanty Holman reported that he had collected in district No. 1. Sixty fort dollars and fifty cents and paid the saim over to Dr. Cleland and that there. yet remains in his hands uncollected, twelve dollars for the year 1829. The Trustees then adjourned to the third Saturday in this month. Robt. B. McAfee

The Trustees of New Providence Church met at the Church on Saturday the 16th day of April 1831, Present; Daniel A. Brewer Win. Sharp, Peter Vanarsdoll, R. B. McAfee and Lanty Armstrong.

Daniel A. Brewer was called to the chair and they proceeded to settle they: accounts of the collectors of the pew rates as follows;

Lanty Holman Collector of District No. 1 is charged with $72.00 whichã. has been collected and paid to the Rev. Dr. Cleland.

Jacob Sharp collector of District No. 2 is chargeable with forty two dollars and it appears from the Receipts of the Rev. Dr. Cleland that he has paid to him $____and that there is yet due $____ from delinquint pew holders.

Peter R. Dunn collector of District No. 3 is chargeable with $43.50 of which he has paid the Rev. Dr. Cleland $29.00 leaving a ballance uncollected of $14.50.

1831-April 16-A. J. McMardie collector of District No. 4. is chargeable with $76.00 of which he has collected $59.00 and paid the same to the Rev. Dr. Cleland, which leaves a ballance uncollected of $17.00.

The Treasurer Reports a settlement. Ist January 1831-which leaves a ballance in favour of Treasurer $1.57 _.

New Providence, March 24th 1832. The congregation and pew holders of this agreeable to previous notice (at the request of five pew holders) whereupon Daniel A. Brewer was appointed chairman and Saml. McCoun, Clerk protem and after consultation and exchanging opinions, sundry Resolutions were proposed by R. B. McAfee, which was agreed to by the pew holders present, but it being desirous that a full meeting be convened, before their final adoption, the congregation adjourned untill Monday the 16th day of April, next.

New Providence April 16th 1832. Immediately after sermon at the close of this quarterly communion, on this day the congregation and pew holders were again called to order, and Daniel A. Brewer appointed chairman, whereupon the following Resolutions were again offered, and being amended were unanimously adopted 45 yeas.

1st. Resolved that a committee of three members be appointed to confer with a like committee of the Harrodsburg church, in Relation to the Expediency ,.of disolving the union between the two churches so that each church may have a separate pastor and R. B. McAfee, Saml. McCoun and Lanty Holman were appointed the committee in behalf of this church.

The Trustees in office this day with the approbation of the congregation, resigned not wishing to Exercise the duties of Elders and trustees at the same time upon motion the congregation and pew holders Elected by a unanimous vote the following persons as trustees (viz) Peter R. Dunn, Lanty Holman, Jacob Sharp; Abrm. J. McMardie and Garret Brewer to continue in office untill others are duly Elected and then they adjourned sine die. Attest. Robt. B. McAfee. Daniel A. Brewer, Chairman.

Elm Springs April 26th 1832, The joint committee of the New Providence & Harrodsburg churches met this day at R. B. McAfee's present on the part of the former Saml. McCoun-Lanty Holman, R. B. McAfee. and of the latter Charles Rose, Dr. Wm. Pawling, Jacob Keller and Wm. H. Lacy, Esq., whereupon Mjr. Saml. Maccoun was appointed Chairman, and W m. H. Lacy secretary and the following propositions were proposed and agreed upon.

That it is the opinion of your committee that it is Expedient that measures should be taken to enable each congregation to save a separate pastor so soon as a suitable person can be obtained to suply the congegration which may be left vacant in case the Revd. Dr. Cleland chooses to accept the proposition made by either of the aforesaid churches the committee on the part of the Harrods burg church propose to pay Dr. Cleland the sum of six hundred dollars in semiannual payments for the whole of his services as pastor of said church and the commitee on the part of the N. Providence church propose to pay for three fourths of the services of Dr. Cleland, the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars by way of pew rates and an additional fifty dollars by subscription making four hundred dollars to be paid semiannually and the commitee jointly agree that Dr. Cleland may select either church to which he shall devote his services with this understanding, that in selecting a pastor to supply the vacant church the feelings and wishes of both churches as well as of Dr. Cleland shall be consulted as it is Expected that an interchanging of services will frequently take place, and untill this event can be brought about it is to be understood that the Rev. Dr. Cleland will devote his services as heretofore as a stated suply--under such special agreement as each church may make-

Resolved that a copy of the above proceedings be laid before each church and the Rev. Dr. Cleland for their approbation.
W. H. Lacy, secretary Saml. Maccoun, chairman.

New Providence Saturday Sept. 1st, 1832. The Trustees of New Providence met. Present; Peter R. Dunn. Abraham J. McMardie and Lanty Holman, Esqr. Mr. Peter R.. Dunn was appointed Chairman ordered that Robert B. McAfee continue to act as Clerk of the Board.

Resolved that the Collectors hereafter annually settle their accounts with the Pastor of this Church and report the same to the Trustees on or before their annual feeting in the month of April that the same may be made of Record- Peter R. Dunn, Chairman. Test. Robt. B. McAfee.

Lanty Holman Esq., Treasurer to the Board of Trustees of N. Providence Church. Reports that he has receaved for the year 1832 $22.43 3/4, in addition to $4.60 ballance in his hands on last. settlement making $27.03 3/4 and he disbursed $25.00 leaving in his hands a ballance of $2.03 3/4. Jany. 1st. 1833.

The treasurer Reports Ist Jany. 1834 amt. Received $28.57 in addition to $2.03 ballance due the Trustees Ist Jany. 1833, making $30.60 3/4 and disbursed $30.25 leaving a ballance in his hands of 35 3/4 cents.

December 20th 1832. At Thos H. Deans, a Joint meeting of the Session of the N. Providence and Harrodsburg churches took place this day at the house of Thos H. Dean on the Frankfort Road, 4 mile below Harrodsburg, including additional commissioners from both churches Viz;

Thomas H. Dean. At a meeting on the 28th day of December 1832 of committee from the Harrodsburg church and N. Providence church at the house of Thos. H. Dean for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of Disolving the Union between Said churches whereupon Majr. Saml. McCoun was elected to the chair and Lanty Holman Esqr., was appointed clk protem. The committee was called to order and the meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. Cleland who then addressed the chairman and requested advise, as to which of the two churches he should hereafter devote his Services-It was. then moved by Samuel Daviesse, Seconded by R. B. McAfee that a committees of three members from each church be appointed to confer upon the subject and. the propriety of Disolving the Union between the two churches and R. B. McAfee, Danl. A Brewer & Peter Vanarsdoll were chosen on the part of N. Providence church and Josiah Wilson, Cornelius DeMaree, Sen., and Jackson Mann were appointed on the part of the Harrodsburg church, who immediately retired and after a short conference returned and reported (in writing) as follows, viz; Your committee have taken into consideration the propriety of Disolving at this time the Union between the Harrodsburg and N. Providence churches and the manner of obtaining the Services of a Separate pastor and have come to the following conclusion Viz; That the Rev. Dr. Thomas Cleland be respectfully requested to continue as a stated Supply to both churches for the year 1833 upon the same terms as heretofore with the understanding that all arrearages are to be paid up and the next stated meeting of the Transylvanian presbytry be requested to Disolve the Union between the two churches and until a Separate pastor can be procured for each church, your committee recommends that the Rev. Dr. Thos. Cleland be requested to continue as a stated supply to both churches as heretofore. The above report being read was unanimously adopted, and after an appropriate prayer by the Rev. Dr. T. Cleland, the Meeting adjourned sine die.
Attest. Lanty Holman Clk. P. T. Saml. MacCoun, Chairman.


New Providence Monday the 22nd day of April. 1833. At a meeting of the pew holders and members of New Providence Church, present; Saml. MacCoun. D. A. Brewer, Lanty Armstrong, Wm. Sharp, Peter Vanarsdoll, (Elders),. Peter R. Dunn, L. Holmann, Jacob Sharp, Garret Brewer, A. J. McMardie, Trustees; Wm. Armstrong, Jno. Black; Jno. Cardwell, David McGee, C. A. B. Vanarsdoll, Lambert Brewer, Mathew Forsythe, Richard Holman, Lambert Armstrong, John Dixon, Stephen Lyon, Andrew Woods, A. F. Olds, Joseph Woods, James Woods, Ann McAfee, John McAfee, Saml. Rynerson, Charlotte Lapsley, Nancy Vanarsdoll, Polly McAfee, Wm. Springate, Andrew Forsythe, Joseph Armstrong, John McAfee, John Forsythe, Jacob Dunn, Aron James, Abrm. Brewer, C .C. Vanarsdoll, John McAfee, John Lapsley, Adam Sharp.

Saml. MacCoun was called to the chair and Lanty Holman appointed secretary pro tem, the chairman then arose and explained to the house the object of the meeting &c.

On motion of Col. Wm. Sharp the following Resolutions was laid before the house for consideration;

1st. Resolved that the sum of two hundred dollars be raised by an additional rate on the pews over and above the present rate so as to raise that sum.

2. Resolved that the male and female members of said church, not pew holders and all others friendly to the paying Dr. Cleland for his ministerial services be now solisiced to assist in Raising the above sum of $200.00 by subscription, donation or otherwise.

The above Resolution was three times publicly read agetated and were unanimously addopted the house then adjourned sine die.
L. Holman, Sec. Saml. MacCoun, Chr.

Robert McKamey Sen.
to Wm. C. Davis
I Robert McKamy Sen. of the county of Calloway and State of Missouri do hereby transfer and assign over to Wm C. Davis and his assignees all my rite and title to pew no. 62 in New Providence Church witness my hand and seal this 30th day of Oct. 1830. Robert McKamy, Sen. Seal.

Vacheal Bishop to Trustees of Church. I do hereby transfer to the trustees of New Providence church my pew No. 41 in said church for value Recd. witness my hand this 16th 1831. Vacheal Bishop.

John J. Allen to J. F. Fletcher. I hereby transfer to Doctor J. F. Fletcher, my pew in New Providence Church no 39. John J. Allen.

New Providence Nov. 30th 1833. At a meeting of pew holders and members of New Providence church met in the school house present; Maj. Saml. MacCoun in the chair, and Peter R. Dunn was appointed Secretary Proteim. Peter Vanarsdoll, Col. Wm. Sharp, Adam Sharp, Jacob Sharp, Lanty Holman, Wm. Armstrong, Thos Smithy, Maj. Lanty Armstrong, Mathew Forsythe, Andrew Forsythe, James Woods, Joseph Woods, Col. John Cardwell, Simon M. Varnarsdoll, Garret Brewer, Capt. John McAfee, John Black. Mrs. Dicy McAfee, Rice McAfee, James Armstrong, John L. Armstrong, Capt. R. Holman, John McAfee, John Forsythe, F. A. Olds.

On motion of Lanty Holman Esqr, it was ordered that the proceeding of the meeting held at Thos. H. Dean in Dec. 1832 be read for the Benefit of the persons present, which was according done the question was then discussed in, relation to what ought to be done to raise the sum of $400.00 in order to pay the amt. of arrearage on delinquent pew holders; and to pay the amt. of the Rev. Dr. Clelands Sallary for the year 1833. on motion of L. Holman Esqr., it was unanimously agreed that the pew rates heretofore levied on the pews be doubled for the year 1833, in order to raise the sum as above stated. the chairman was then called upon to lay before the meeting the nature of an interview which a committee lately held with the Rev. Dr. Cleland at his house upon the subject of his Remaining as a Stated Supply, or otherwise to be regularly called to said church the matter being Explained. Then on motion of P. Vanarsdoll the question was taken whether it was the wish of the individuals present that Dr. Cleland Remain three fourths of his time, which was unanimously adopted. A motion was then made whether there should be a regular call made out by the next Spring presbytry for three fourths of the Rev. Dr. Cleland's time which was unanimously adopted. A resolution was then adopted that each collector assertain the views and wishes of the members of the church that are not present as soon as convenient in relation to the forgoing resolutions, the members present and particularly the Elders then requested Mr. Peter Vanarsdoll to make out a call for three fourths of the Rev. Dr. Cleland Ministerial Services at the Next Spring presbytry, offering him $350.00 for said services.
P. R. Dunn, Secretary. P. T. Saml. MacCoun, Sec.

The Reason why the above resolutions were not complyed with by the Session were; 1st -Before the Spring presbytry the undersigned had an interview with Dr. Cleland and he (Dr. Cleland) observed that he thought it was not necessary to present a call to the Spring Presbytry owing to the fact that his Services were pledged to the two churches of Harrodsburg and N. Providence as a Stated Supply for the year 1834 and that the fall presbytry would be time enough as many changes might take place before that time.

P. Vanarsdoll.

And the reasons why the Resolutions were not complied with in the fall were the following; During the Summer the undersigned had a conversation with Dr. Cleland (At Salvisa) when he expressed himself that he thought there would be difficulty in meeting the arrangements proposed owing to the many removals that had taken place, and the prospect of others going and a further reason was that the Collectors had not made a report of the consent of the Pew :holders that were not present when the resolutions were adopted. And further that he (Dr. Cleland) did not know whether it would be his duty at his age and under all the circumstances to take charge of a congregation as pastor.

Wm. Sharp, Saml. MacCoun, Peter Vanarsdoll.

April 1834. Jacob Sharp appointed Treasurer, pro tem.

1834, Oct. 20, agreeably to previous notice the pew, holders proceeded to the election of Trustees for the ensuing year when the following persons were elected (Viz) Maj. John Cardwell, Jacob Sharp A. J. McMardie, John Dickson & Lambert Armstrong.

P. Vanarsdoll, Clerk, P. T.

Dec. 27th 1834. The Trustees of the New Providence Church met in the school house were present; Lambert Armstrong, A. J. McMurdy & John Dickson, -Organized and appointed Jacob Sharp Treasurer & John Dickson, clerk, adjourned to meet on Third January 1835.

Attest. John Dickson, Clk.

1835. Jany. 3. Trustees met according to adjournment were present; John Cardwell, Lambert Armstrong, A. J. McMurdy, Jacob Sharp & John Dickson. Appointed Lewis Meaux Sexton for the year ending on the 1st day of January 1836 for the sum of $27.50 and acting in conjunction with the Elders of Said church after confering by committee with Dr. Cleland appointed him Stated Supply for the year ending 1st Jany. 1836 for the sum which be raised off the pews at the present rate -

Treasurers report for the year 1835. Jacob Sharp Treasurer of N. Providence Church Dr.

Collected Apl., July, & Oct$36.45
Paid Comm. Gnl. Assembly$8.00
Paid Rev. Wm. Baker5.00
Paid Sexton in full20.00
Quarterly Collection-1st quarter$15.50
2nd quarter14.37 1/2
3 qr.10.50
4th qr.11.25
$46.62 1/2
Contra. Cr.
By Cash paid Sexton in full$27.50
By Cash Pd Robt. Davis for wine & white lead & oil2.00
By Cash paid R. Holman for Wine1.62 1/2
By Cash Commissionars fund6.00
By cash paid James Woods for wine3.93 3/4
$41.06 1/4
Balance on hand$5.56 1/4

Jacob Sharp, Tr.

At a meeting of the members and Pew holders of New Providence Church held on the 8th January 1836 Saml. MacCoun was appointed Chairman & John Dickson Secretary-The meeting was addressed by the chairman and the object of the meeting to be the appointment of a stated supply of Ministerial Services for the ensuing year and to raise the necessary Funds for the same. for which: purpose the chairman offered the following Resolutions; Resolved that in consequence of the advanced price of Labour & the produce of the Country, This Church agree to give the Rev. Dr. Thos. Cleland for one half of his Ministerial Services for the year 1836, three hundred dollars whereupon the vote being taken it was agreed to-A committee was then appointed to confer with Dr. Cleland who report his willingness to accept thereof.

On motion of J. D. Armstrong, Resolved that fifty of the above three hundred dollars be raised by voluntary Contribution and the following persons appointed Solicitors. R. Holman, W. P. Springate, John Bohon, Thomas Dean, W. A. McAfee, J. D. Armstrong, Adam Sharp, J. B. McAfee, Peter Rynerson, when no other business appearing before the house the meeting adjourned.
John Dickson, Secy.

At a meeting of the trustees of N. P. Church, Jany 8th, 1836, Lewis Meaux was appointed Sexton for the year ending first day of Jany. 1837 for the sum of twenty-eight dollars-Trustees Sold to Thomas Adams one cherry tree which stands on the lot of Ground belonging to N. P. Church for five Dollars.

John Dickson, clk.

Treasurers Report for the year 1836. Jacob Sharp treasurer of N. P. Church Dr.
To Quarterly Collections-1st quarter$11.60
2nd quarter19.20
3rd quarter16.50
4th quarter17.25
To One Cherry Tree sold to Thos Adams5.00
Contra Cr.
By Cash to Commissionor to Gen. Assembly$16.00
By Cash to Sexton23.62 1/2
By Cash for two Waiters1.00
By Cash to S. Maccoun.50
By Cash for hawling Brick3.00
By Cash to Robt. Forsythe for Brick4.50
By Cash to Sexton4.37 1/2

New Providence Dec. 24th 1836. At a congregation meeting of the members and Pew holders of New Providence Church assembled agreeably to previous Notice. Saml. Maccoun was appointed chairman & Wm. P. Springate Secretary. The house was then addressed by the chairman Stating the object of the meeting to be the Call of a Minister as a Stated Supply for the ensuing year to provide for his support. to repair the stoves of the church and some other regulations for the welfare of said church. On motion of John McAfee Resolved that the sum of $350.00 be offered to Dr. Cleland for one half his Ministerial Service for the year ending 1st Jany. 1838-which was agreed to and on conference with Dr. Cleland by committee he agreed to the same. On motion Resolved that John Cardwell Contract for and Superintend the repairing the Church stoves by running two Brick flues at the top of the house and inserting the pipes in them.

On motion Resolved that Adam Sharp be appointed Collector in the place of Jacob Sharp, resigned, and John McAfee Collector in place of Lambert Armstrong. On motion Resolved that each Collector return at the end of each year a list of Delinquint Pew holders with the number of Pews and the Sum annexed to each-No further business being proposed The meeting adjourned.

(Signed) Samuel Maccoun, Chn.


Brief Sketch of the Character & Death of Gen'1 Robert B. McAfee.

Our friend and Christian brother, Gen'1 R. B. McAfee is no more. So unexpected, so undesired so sudden his death that we are yet scarcely able to realize it. He died at his late residence in Mercer Co. Ky. of a malignant typhoid congestive fever on Monday 12th of March 1849 in the 66th year of his age. For some time previous he had been in a feeble declining state of health, from which however, he seemed a few weeks before to be rapidly on the recovery.

Having recently passed a trying ordeal common to men of his time of life, his family and friends began to anticipate a more confirmed state of health with a pleasing prospect of lengthened days, prosperous life. But alas, how brittle the thread and uncertain the time of this frail life; just eight days before his death he was in Harrodsburg passing about. as usual, meeting and conversing with friends with accustomed familiarity and generous friendship & with many; responding congratulations of his increasing health and prospects of its establishment. But unknown to himself and all others this was the last time he was; to visit his native town, as we may say wh. was cotemporary with his infancy, where his growing talents were displayed, his early councils sought. and freely given. He returned home that evening to sicken and die. But from the insidious. nature of his disease as well as having had frequent spells and complaints before his family and friends were bequieted having little suspicion or alarm in regard to the issue until it was too late. And indeed such was the malignant nature of his disease-so sudden, so violent and fatal that it soon prostrated him beyond the efcacy of means, the hope of recovery and what is so desirable in the closing scenes of life he was rendered incapable of those tender & affectionate communications so anxiously desired & so interesting between a deeply afflicted and devoted family & the dying Christian the husband, the father and the friend of all.

Thus it was with our beloved friend and Brother during the first part of his illness, he spake but. little, and when he did it was principally when he was spoken to or when his attention was attracted by the communications of his friends. Some short time before his departure he was addressed with great tenderness and anxiety by the companion of his bosom apprising him of her apprehensions that the Ion- and happy union on earth was about to be disolved, his reply was nearly if not exactly in these words, "Well, my love, it must be so. We are but poor helpless dying creatures at best. I wish you to talk plainly and kindly to our beloved children & tell them to try and live in peace and harmony with each other and let there be no contentions or unhappy quarrels in our family." These were his last words, after which lie sank rapidly and appeared to be insensible of the presence of earthly friends and of all that was passing around him.

That Gen'l 'McAfee occupied a wide space in the domestic, civil, military; religious and ecleastical departments is known to all without any elaborate detail'. of ours. We find it recorded in his own hand in the Church records, that on the 3rd Sab. in Sept. 1822 both he and his wife by public profession gave themselves to the Lord and his people. They seem to have been amongst the first fruits of that long and continuous revival or ingathering in the Church (New Providence) which continued without abatement for the space of seven years or from 1822 to 1829.

On the 19th of October 1827 Gen'1 -McAfee was elected Ruling Elder, the next day he was solemly set apart by ordination to that office, and on the same day he was elected by the session to fill the office of clerk of the session in the place of Clarke McAfee, deceased.

From the commencement of his public profession of religion Gen'l McAfee considered it a matter of duty as well as a privilege to erect his family alter. This duty he uniformly kept up through after life without faltering, suffering no intrusion or common interference to hinder him. As a professed Christion member of the Church there was more of uniformity, regularity and consistancy in his profession and Christian deportment than outward show or parade yet. in our deceased brother there was sincerity & integrity, uniformity and consistency. From a lengthy and familiar acquaintance with his habits of thinking his reflections and expressions, taking the whole together we have no reason to hesitate about the religious character of our deceased brother.

The office of Ruling Elder wh. he filled upwards of 20 years was well sustained general satisfaction. And whether in the session the presbytery, synod or General Assembly in the various courts where his official attention was called, he distinguished himself as a wise judicious and faithful representative. His place in the session, and especially as clerk of the session in recording all our minutes so faithfully- and accurately is not likely soon, if ever to be filled. In both these respects we have sustained irriparable loss.

He was among the first Born (Feb. 18th. 1784) of Ky. Sons and Lived and died near the spot where he was born. Having recd. as literal an education as the then condition of the country warranted. Often called from the retirement private life to which he was devoted, to the service of his Countrymen & served them in almost every capacity civil and military where his services could e brought into requisition, always at his post, always to be relied upon, wedded f o his principals by honest conviction and experience, he never faltered or comromised them: and yet as one who well knew him observed, "The elements of s nature were so kindly blended together that lie may be said to have lived :end died without enemies".

His private life in all his relations as a citizen, neighbor, friend, husband, A father and master, was as virtuous and exemplary as his public was distinguished and useful, possessing every quality of the head and heart to make men respect love him.

But we shall see him no more until the resurection of the just. He has lived out his appointed time to man upon earth and as was said of David, after wee served his generation he fell asleep. He has left us regret his absence & lament his loss. But let us sorrow not even as those who have no hope. and mac I add to those who perchance may peruse these lines. mad- you give all dilligence to make your calling and election sure, may every one be found wait- in the posture of serious prayerful vigilent expectation ready for the sum`tons as we know not the day or the hour when the Son of man cometh.

The End.

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