Stone House of James McAfee Jr.

This photo was taken by Pete McAfee and is posted here with his permission.

James McAfee, Jr. built this house in 1790. The stone work is all part of the original home; the wooden addition on the left was added much later. His son, Clarke McAfee, inherited the home in 1811. Later, the home was owned by William Arnold McAfee, son of Robert B. McAfee. McAfee describes the building of his home in "Life and Times", copied below:

"My uncle James McAfee this year built his stone house where my son William now lives, his stone masons were James Curran & Joseph Adams were after married my sisters Sally & Mary, & William Davenport one of his carpenters married his daughter Elizabeth, being industrious steady young men, being as good matches as could be had in those days of pristine simplicity."

The Library of Congress has included the McAfee Home on its "Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record". Here you will find a detailed description of the home's construction.

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