Book and Journal of Robt. B. McAfee's Mounted Company, in Col. Richard M. Johnson's Regiment, from May 19th, 1813, including Orders, &cc.

November & December 1813

November 1st, 1813, Monday--I went to Harrodsburgh to the county court transacted some business and was receaved with every mark of friendship at night I returned home and Capt. McCoun and S. McAfee with me. New events in life are continually transpiring.

Nov. 2nd--At home at Mr. Blackwood's all day, nothing new or strange.

Nov. 3rd--Went to Harrodsburg and got some things out of hte store and returned home, got leather at Mr. McMurtry's, time glides swift along.

Nov. 4th--Went down to Mr. Cardwell's and to Coz. Clarke McAfee's to dinner cum ux. Major Jouit, Jas. & George McAfee, J. & R. McCamy and several friends there, the day was spent in harmony & social conversation. W. Magoffin and ux there and in the evening myself and wife went down to Mr. Jos. Lyon's and staid all night and were treated with great friendship our conversation turned on War subjects, and the future prospects of our Government our late success inspires all with the greatest hopes.

Nov. 5th--After Breakfast I went down to J. R. Cardwell's and with him went over to Capt. Jacob Elliston's, and then with McGarvey & Albert Plough & J. R. C. surveyed round Ben Elliston's plantation tract of land exclusive of the tract we sold him. J. R. Cardwell got a small mulatto boy from Elliston at 250$ and gave me his note for half the price of the land & interest, I then returned to J. R. S.'s and staid all night cum ux.

Nov. 6th--Fine pleasant weather. I went up to old Mr. Cids. and then back and myself and wife came to Mr. Curries to dinner and then to S. McAfee's & staid all night, Geo. Cochran there we had considerable conversation on past events.

Nov. 7th--Fine warm pleasant weather, up early & after breakfast we came to N. Providence to Meeting. Mr. Clelland preached a good sermon and we returned home in the evening past Mr. Cardwells, all well.

Nov. 8th--I went to Harrodsburg on business and home in the evening.

Nov. 9th--At home reading and writing and attending to my domestics.

Nov. 10th--At home also attending to ordinary business.

Nov. 11th--Early went over to W. & B. Bohons and was treated with great friendship, then home and in the evening I went up to Harrodsburgh, then home. War movements constituted gen'l conversation.

Nov. 12th--Friday went to Harrodsburgh to a barbecue prepared by the Citizens for my Company & Capt. Bilbos. The Revd. Jesse Head delivered an appropriate speech and all was mirth & harmony I returned home at night. J. R. Cardwell & pater cum nos.

Nov. 13th--At home in morn and went to town in evening and bought a negro girl by the name of Maria from a Mr. John H. Carlisle for 135$ and took his bill of Sale for her and brought her home with me--cold and disagreeable day--various are our views of Happiness in life--May my prospects always brighten--

Nov. 14th--Cold and cloudy at Mr. Blackwoods in morn then home all day reading and writing--

Nov. 15th--At home the fore part of the day then I went to Harrodsburgh and paid Mr. H. Eccles 80$ which I borrowed from him on saturday to pay for Negro girl then home, nothing new--

Nov. 16th--At home spent the day reading and writing--John Little with me all night I wrote a letter for him to Tho. Wilson next morning.

Nov. 17th--At home attending to domestics and at night a deep snow fell. A Mr. Hanka from Montgomery with me all night.

Nov. 18th--I went to a sale at Henry Eccles former residence west of Salt River it was a cold snowy day a number of people attended, social mirth. J. Cardwell with me I returned home at night.

Nov. 19th--At home all day reading Military Tactics and attending to my domestics. cold & snowing Winter Begins hard upon us.

Nov. 20, 21st & 22nd--At home attending to domestics generally-the 20th I was in Harrodsburgh on my way home my horse threw me and I had to walk home part of the way, and rode to Mr. Lortons slide-Sometimes high in expectation and then low are the vicisitudes of life.

Nov. 23rd--I made out a Muster-roll of my Company on the last campaign and receaved a letter from Col. James Johnson not to meet with my company at the great Crossing on the 25th Inst. a Mr. Will was the bearer I immediately wrote to Mr. Magoffin in Harrodsburgh to spread the information and sent out towards Shawnee Run a wet rainy day--

Nov. 24th--Started myself early to go on to the great Crossing to explain my Muster roll I stopt some time at Capt. McCouns and then went on across the river and thru Versailles 4 miles to Mr. Colemans and staid all night. Some of my men came in and I turned them back--

Nov. 25th--Got to Col. Robt. Johnsons to breakfast a number of people attended I saw Col. Richard Johnson who is just able from his wounds to walk with a crutch I concluded to stay and in the evening went to Col. James Johnson & staid all night. Mr. Vardiman preached a very good sermon and I completed nearly under the direction of Col. James Johnson my muster roll, and we settled the Gen'l principles of the pay to the Regt. generally. Col. D. Payne and Lieut. Griffith from Detroit and a number of gentlemen present.

Nov. 26th--I was solicited by Col. Rh & James Johnson solicited me to write the history of our campaign I partly agreed and after breakfast I returned home in company with John Sea and came to Capt. McCouns and staid all night.

Nov. 27th--After breakfast returned home and several came to see me in the evening.

Nov. 28th-Sunday--At home all day. Several cum me. I paid Isaac Vanarsdell 4$.

Nov. 29th--I went to Harrodsburgh to Court Martial the Captains generally met and the Shakers and I returned home at nox. Capt. McCoun cum me.

Nov. 30th--At home reading Capt. D. Lillard with me I made out his subsistence account and he signed it. Mr. Curries all with me, fine pleasant weather.

December 5th--Wednesday--At home attending to my domestic concerns until the 4th when I went to Harrodsburgh and had a conversation with the Citizens upon the subject of the removal of the seat of Government, as the State House was burnt down on last Sunday the 28th Nov. At home at nox.

December 5th--I went to Frankfort to attend the present Session of the Legislature which convenes on Tomorrow-got to town late in the evening and put up in our usual room at Weisigers Tavern, the Members generally came in--

December 6th--The Legislature assembled in a corner house near the River adjoining the abutment of the floating Bridge the first cross street above the permanent Bridge street. Jos. H. Hawkins chosen Speaker Robt. S. Todd, Clerk. I continued in Frankfort attending the Assembly until the 24th, on which day I returned home and on the 25th, Christmas, I was at home all day--fine pleasant weather.

On the 7th day of this month about 20 of the officers of the British who we took on the Thams arrived in Town (Frankfort) under a strong guard to be lodged in the Penitentiary by order of the President of the U. S. as a Retaliation for a similar confinement of our officers and men. the Legislature also passed a law to assume the Direct Tax--

December 27th--Returned to Frankfort, & attended the Legislature again on the 28th and continued the Ballance of the month--which closes on the Part of the United States as to the Invastion of Canada with but little success as to the Northern army.

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