1930 Lewis County, WA Census -
Key to Column Headings

Column # Information
1 Line number
2 Dwelling number
3 Family number
4 Name (Last name, first name)
5 Relationship to head of household
6 Whether head of household owns home or rents home.
O = own, followed by value of home.
R = rent, followed by amount of monthly rent
7 Whether there is a radio in the household
8 Whether the home is a farm
9 Sex (M=male, F=female)
10 Race (W=white, B=black, I=Indian)
11 Age (on their last birthday prior to April 1, 1930)
12 Marital status (M=married, S=single, D=divorced, W=widowed)
13 Age when first married (Note: the individual's age at the time of their first marriage was recorded - not necessarily their age at the time of their marriage as listed in the census.)
14 Birthplace of individual. For international locations, an effort was made to be specific. For Canada, (Eng.) and (French) were added to distinguish the two regions. For Ireland, it was noted as "Irish Free State" (Republic of Ireland) and "North Ireland" (for Northern Ireland).
15 Father's birthplace
16 Mother's birthplace
17 If foreign-born, native language spoken
18 If foreign-born, year of immigration
19 If foreign-born, whether naturalized (Na.) or alien (Al.) "Pa" stands for 1st papers filed -- declaration of intention to become a U.S. Citizen. (I've noticed in some cases that the year of naturalization was sometimes recorded instead of the year of immigration).
20 Occupation
21 Industry
22 Veteran?
23 Veteran of which war?
24 Comments and Annotations - this column is available to anyone who has additional information or corrections to make to the census information.

Note: "NR" shows that citizenship information was not recorded by the census taker. "NR" should have been filled in by the census taker when transcribing the enumeration cards but most often was not. The transcriber used it to show that nothing was recorded in that column, so as not to mislead folks that it was missed in the transcription. That is also why I used the "---" in places, to show that the census taker had not entered any data into the column.

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