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Nancy Reynolds 1 Nov 2008
My Grandmother was born in Dryad, WA in 1896. Her name is Mary Elizabeth Carruthers Reynolds. Her parents were John Carruthers and Laura Bates carruthers. John died in 1900 while working in a saw mill. How can I find out more information about John and the saw mill?

Ruth Fraser Davis 25 Oct 2008
I am looking for the cemetery in which my infant brother, Donald Henry Fraser, was buried. He died 20 Apr 1936 in Centralia, WA. Thank you for any help!

Jill Rector 18 Oct 2008
Looking for information on Edward Hale, married to Clara, and living in Winlock, WA on the Hale homestead on Hale Rd, from cradle to grave.

Ericka Willey 20 Sep 2008
I live in the two story (three if you include the basement) house that is between the Fischer Apartments and the Church of the Nazerene in Randle on the old main road of Randle, which is now the backroad of Randle called Silverbrook road. I was told that it was built in the early 1930's and I would like to know if any pictures and history exist on the house, and if there is, could I possibly bother you for copies of such items? I love this old house and would really love to go back in time and see how things are so different then and now! Thank you.

Eivor Pettersson 10 Sep 2008
I'm looking for relatives to my grandfather's brother Louis Holmes who have lived in Chehalis. Louis was born in the South-west of Finland in a small village, Finby, name of the farm is Nygrannas.
Louis was born October 2, 1884 and died 1964 in Chehalis.
Louis married Alma who was born in Värmland, Sweden. Alma died 102 years old 1992 in Chehalis.
Children of their own are Geraldine who was born about 1921 and Margaret who was born about 1925.
We have found them in census 1930 but not any further information have been found.

Louis had four brothers who also emigrated to State of Washington. Johan Alfred Holmes, Frank (Frans Ludvig) Holmes (Louis's twin brother), Erik Leonard Holmes (living in King) and Arthur Sigurd Holmes (died early in some accident).

They have all changed their surname from Holmberg to Homes. Louis has also changed his Christian name from Fritiof Ludvig to Louis.

Some of them have lived in Seattle, some nearby to Chehalis. Frank has lived and worked in Alaska. Grateful for your assistance.

Roxie Kline 1 Sep 2008
Lewis County Census for 1910 lists a Florenz M. Settemaier. There is also the same name appearing at the Greenwood Masonic Cemetery. I am looking for any information regarding this man or the surname Settemaier. If someone has access to the 1880 - 1900 Census for Washington or perhaps death records or obits that would be great.

Constance Hanby Foell 28 Aug 2008
I am a decendent of Sidney S. Ford SR., who had several children and his first wife was Harriette. Sidney SR was the frist judge north of the Columbia and thus Ford's Prairie was named. His grandson or great grandson was Ulysses Grant Ford who was my grandmother's father, her name and that of her sisters: Grace Ford, Phyllis Ford and my grandmother Emily Alice Ford. He passed away when my grandmother was one year old in 1905. I have seen his grave and that of a baby boy Joseph Ford, age 7 months who was my grandmother's baby brother who died of ? causes. I would like all the information I can find and am trying to locate as much family as I can. I know that the Waunch family is part of the Ford, perhaps Sidney Jr., or one of the other sons of Sidney Sr. The direct Ford name to me is of course via my grandmother who married Oscar H. Hanby October 10, 1922. They had twin sons, Ray and Roy Hanby, Roy Hanby is my father. In one of the census Sidney is listed, both Sr. and Jr., and for some reason an "e" is attached to the end of the Ford name, hence "Forde." I don't know how to correct that, but I can tell by the children's names and the rest that these ARE INDEED MY RELATIVES but the name is incorrect and should be shown as just FORD.

TK 28 Aug 2008
I am looking for any information on Martin Gronka family. His wife was Pauline Bieniek. I can't find anything on him except for census records. would like to know dates and places, maybe even his parents if possible.

Lorraine 28 Aug 2008
My Aunt, Betty (Fickett) Shorb is doing family research on the Cline Rd in Randle, Wa. She would like to know who was the Cline road named after. Please, if you could do so- would you be kind enough to email me back with any information you may have about this. Thank you.

Harold Conrad Oster 18 Aug 2008
This is in answer to GABE, Query # Q463. I believe the Jimmy you are looking for was my infant brother that died. I was born in 1928. If this is the child you are looking for, he's buried in the old section of the Mountain View Cemetery near Borst Park in Centralia, Washington. My Mother "Liela Melisa Martin" maiden name is also buried there along with my sister Ines. Contact me by Email if I can be of further assistance.

Pam Orr-Rayton 16 Aug 2008
I am trying to find any information regarding a mill fire in Centralia around the 1800's. Several people were killed and the mill was shut down and not rebuilt. Thank you.

Melinda Jacquier 16 Aug 2008
I am looking for a death certificate for my ancestor, Phoebe/Phebe Jan Rutledge (maiden name Cleveland) who died in Lewis Co. on April 10, 1903. I am trying to resolve the names of her parents. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Broaddus 19 Jul 2008
I am looking for any information on Celia Hanger who was the daughter of Andrew & Sarah Caroline Foster Hanger. She married Thomas William Nickels in Buchanan Co. Virginia around the early 1900's. She died July 1905. She is supposed to be buried in Lewis Co., Washington I would very much like to find where she was buried. Her husband Thomas William Nickels went to Lewis Co. Washington along with Celia's parents, Andrew And Sarah Hanger. Any help would be appericated. Thanks.

Jan Hedrick 19 Jul 2008
Anyone interested in purchasing a privately published book called "Memories from Family Albums - Mossyrock, Heart of Lewis Co." School District #206, published by the Mossyrock Grange #355 in 1976? Please contact me. I am happy to tell you if your ancestor is listed. 450+ page book with illustrations.

Kay Counts 19 Jul 2008
Anyone interested in sharing information regarding Henry S. Vance from Lewis County? I think I might have a picture of him and information.

John Mikota 28 Jun 2008
We are planning a Mikota reunion at the Mikota homestead in Napavine, Washington in July, 2009. I am a cousin to the Mikotas in Lewis County and my great-grandparents originally settled in Napavine at the turn of the century. The Mikotas in Washington, Idaho and Montana, California, Alberta and B.C. Canada, orignianlly came from the group that came from Spillville, Iowa and we all came from Purcarek, Czech in 1854. After living in the same black house for 300 years I guess once we got loose we spread all over!

Toni Collins 20 Jun 2008
I am looking for any information about E.E. Wilkinson. He was born in Union Co Oregon, then moved to WA. His father, Andrew Wilkinson, died in Vader, WA at E.E.'s home in 1926.

Jean Morrison 20 Jun 2008
Does anyone know anything about a school that existed in or around Centralia during the time period around 1915 which was an upper education institution? I have a photo of a class in front of that school and realize that my aunt travelled from Cowlitz county to go there.

Jenna Cain 4 Jun 2008
In regard to Jeanne Gordon's query about the McNitt house, the 1910 census shows the McNitts living at 215 W. Main in Centralia.

Jenna Cain 2 Jun 2008
I'm trying to find the night or nights of the week the Randle Theater was open in the 1940s. My sister ushered there in about 1946.

Lisa 21 May 2008
I am looking to find relatives/desendents of Lovina Sheldon and James Corpe of Chehalis,Washington.I am a late comer to genealogy,so please bear with me.Any informatoin would be greatfully accepted...I am hoping that there is family members living yet in the Chehlis area...Thank you.

Vesla Harris 9 May 2008
I am looking for the children of Halver and Betsie Harrison. I know they lived in Lewis county in 1914. [Editor's note: Halver Harrison was born about 1838 in Norway. Betsie was born about 1846 in Wisconsin. In the 1880 census for Albin, Brown Co., MN, their children were Emma A. (age 12, b. IA); John H. (age 10, b. MN), Minnie A. (age 8, b. MN) and Casper J. (age 1, b. MN). The Harrisons were in the 1910 and 1920 census for Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA.]

Harry Howard 19 Apr 2008
I am looking for info on John Howard son of Elias Howard, his wife Anna Pankratz or their children Amanda, Violet, Raymond, Leroy and Benjamin. 1920 Census has John and Anna living in Chehalis. 1930 census has them living here also. Leroy and Raymond both died and are buried in Chehalis. Raymond passed in 1991 and Leroy 1984. I do not have any children for Raymond but do show him married to a Lucretta. I have Leroy married to a Lola with the following children--Donald, Laella, Rosemary and Shellie.

Viola I. Dyer 1 Apr 2008
I am trying to locate where Jackson and Belinda (Hartsock) BARTON are buried in Lewis County. Their family were listed on two Territory of Washington Federal Census Reports take were taken.One in 1860 and one in 1870. The 1860 Census gave this information:

Jackson, Barton age 36 Male White Farmer Value of real Estate 2,000 Value of Personal Estate 4,000 born in Ohio
Balinda Barton age 28 Female White born in Pennsylvania. (Note: Barton's Wife)
Mary Barton age 9 Female White born in Missouri
Clark E. Barton age 7 Male White born in Oregon
Emelia J. Barton age 5 Female White born in Washington Territory
Emma Barton age 2 Female White born in Washington Territory
Henry C. Barton age 6/12 White born in Washington Territory
Page 41 Lewis County P.O. Cowlitz Landing
Enumeration Date 7 July 1860

On the 1870 Washington Territory Federal Census, Cowlitz Prarie Precinct P.O. Cowlitz Prarie Enumeration Date 11 August 1870 Pg. 3

Barton, Jackson 46 w. Farmer 12,000 13,000 OH
, Belinda 38 w. Pennsylvania
, Mary 19 w. Missouri
, Clarke E.17 w. Wash. Terr.
, Amelia J.15 w. Wash. Terr.
, Emma 12 w. Wash. Terr.
, Harvey C. 10 w. Wash Terr.
, Ella 8 w. Wash Terr.
, Effie 6 w. Wash Terr.
, Grant 3 w. Wash. Terr.
, Alvan G. 6/12 Wash Terr.born in Feb.

Denise Green 31 Mar 2008
I am researching the family of Gabriel Jones. He was married to Julia (Cramer) on April 29, 1882. They homesteaded on Jones Road in Winlock, and are the namesake for that road. Gabriel died in November, 1912 (obituary in the Lewis Co. Advocate, Nov. 15, 1912; on file at the Lewis County Museum). A posting in the Chehalis Advocate (Nov. 27, 1924) reported Gabriel Jones receiving a land patent on Feb. 24, 1892 (Book 2, #166) for 73 acres, plus another 160 acres at Lake Creek. At one of the family reunions the owner of the Family Bible handed me a photo copy of the family page, hand written records of the births, weddings and dealths of the imediate family. Children were: Robert, Lottie, Agnes (my great-grandma), William (Bill), Francie, Clara, Clarence. Seven Children born here "Near Winlock" which is correct; to this day Jones Road is not inside the city. I also have a copy of the Cramer family bible records. [Editor's note: this Gabriel Jones appears to be unrelated to the Gabriel Jones who emigrated to the Oregon Territory with the Michael T. Simmons party in 1844.]

Sandra Wakkuri 26 Mar 2008
In reply to a listing by Julie Parrish Barth: A World War 1, 1917-1918, registration card for Samuel E. Parrish lists his age as 26 years old, address as Table Grove, Illinois; birthdate May 21, 1891; birthplace Chehalis, WA; occupation rural letter carrier, U. S. Government, Table Grove, Illinois, married, one child.

In 1910 census he is living in Pleasant, Fulton, Illinois.

In 1920 he is living at Canton Ward 7, Fulton, Illinois, working as a carpenter, he is 28 years old, wife Sarah is 27, son James is 8; Sarah Switzer 70 is living with them.

Several of the census list Samuel's father's birthplace as Virginia, not Ohio.

Lynn Mortensen 17 Mar 2008
I am looking for descendants of the Charles Edward Chapman family. Edward and Minnie were married about 1886. He was born in Valparaiso, Indiana in October, 1866. She was born in August,1865 in Illinois. Their first child Elsie was born in Illinois, two more boys Elba E. and Q. Lester followed, born in Aberdeen, WA and Otto was born in Aberdeen or Morton. The family farmed in Morton between 1910 and 1920. By 1930, both Elsie (who had married John Jones) and her three children and Elba, his wife and two children were living in Chehalis. There is a death record for a Minnie Chapman in 1944, Pacific County but I don't know if that is the correct person. Charles Edward Chapman moved to BC where he married again and died in 1933. I'd be grateful for any information.

Julie (Parrish) Barth 17 Mar 2008
I have just begun to search for my family. My great-grandfather was named Samuel E. Parrish. He was born in Washington State in 1891. I have no idea where he lived in the state of Washington, but I have a picture of two small children (one girl and one boy) with the name of a photography business in Centralia, Washington so I am beginning my search in Lewis County.

I am really looking for information about Samuel Parrish's parents. I know that his dad was named James Parrish. James Parrish was born in Ohio. His mother was named Emma Roddis(Maiden) Parrish and she was born in England. They were married in Illinois in 1884. Some time between 1884 and 1891 they moved to your state.

The Lewis County 1900 census has not been fully entered online. I wonder if it is possible to know if the people I am looking for are on the census. I live in central Illinois, so it isn't possible for me to come there myself. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me in this matter.

R. Tucker 17 Mar 2008
Delia Tucker b1871 d31Dec1940, m Knud Jensen Schmidt. Knud Scmidt m2 Myrtle Irene Loomis late in life. Myrtle m1 Britten Bruce Haskin. Seeking any marriage, burial, or children for Schmidt/Tucker.

Tracye Hughes-Carson 24 Feb 2008
Searching for info on Hosea William Drew. Born about 1893 in Posey County, Indiana. Married 1st time to a Stella. Married 2nd to a Agnes ca 1926. They had 2 children Marvin born 1926-27 in Washington and Leland born 1928 in Oregon. In 1930 census living in Vader, Lewis County, Washington. Hosea died 12 October 1950 died or buried at Yakima, Washington. Would love to hear from anyone with any info at all.

Terry Coyner 16 Feb 2008
I am looking for information about the William H. Anderson family listed in the 1930 Dryad census. Nora Anderson (wife) was, apparently, my grandmother's sister. The Anderson family and my mother's family have not had contact since another sister, Florence, died in the 1950's. The Anderson family had 3 children listed in the 1930 census -- Noble, Henry (Hervey), and Jean. My mother is 92 years old and is wanting to find out if any of the Anderson family are still in this area. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Robert Hayes 13 Feb 2008
I am tracing my family history and am seeking any information about my grandfather, Howard Hunter Hayes (dob 1891), who moved from Ohio with his mother, Laura Belle Mealy, and brother, Alexander Reed Hayes. She remarried James H. Miller before 1900 and resided in Chehalis and Mineral, Lewis Co., WA. They had a son, James H. Miller Jr.

Howard married Mary B. Ward and began their family life also in Mineral. Two children were born to this union: Laurabel Hayes 191 and Howard Hunter Hayes Jr. 1919. I only have US Census info concerning the families.

B. Joan Gallagher 3 Feb 2008
George Henry Tucker was the Lewis County superintendent of schools, I believe, in 1898 and was a teacher in several small schools in Lewis country following that time. Can you give me some of the names and locations of the schools that he supervised during his time as Co. Supt.? Do you have any information about the schools in Lewis Co. that Nellie (nee. Leonard) Tucker taught at during the late 1890's and early 1900's?

Lynn Chapman 27 Jan 2008
I am looking for descendants of William Chapman. He had sons James and William both born in Texas. William was born in Mississippi moved to Lewis County from Liberty County, Texas after 1880. He died in Lewis County around 1916. I am trying to determine if William was the older brother of my grandfather-in-law, John Henry Chapman. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Pat Drodofsky 21 Jan 2008
I am looking for obituaries on my mother and step-father. Residents of Centralia, Wa. My step-dad Donald D. Duryea passed away in Nov. 2007 and my mom Mary Elizabeth Patty Duryea, 10 years earlier. Please send me anything you may have on them. My step-dad was retired from the Marine Corps which he served in from the Korean war through the Vietnam war before he retired in 1964 or 65. He was the recepient of several medals which I did not maintain a record of for my son who is now in the army and has fought in Iraq. Thank you for any help you may give me.

Wes Tate 13 Jan 2008
Trying to find a descendant of my great-uncle, Thomas Richards. A descendant could be from any of these surnames: Richards, Barnes, Grindstaff, Greenwell. Thomas was born in 1889 in Texas County, Missouri as was his wife, Alta (maiden name unknown). They had 3 sons, Albert, Floyd and Earl, at the time they left MO and moved to Washington state, year unknown. At the time of the 1930 federal census they were living in Newaukum, Lewis Co., WA. In 1932 they had twins, Dorothy and Bob, born in Chehalis. At some point after that Thomas left WA and returned to MO, alone. I'm trying to find out what happened in WA to cause him to leave his wife and family and return to MO.

Jerry Plumb 7 Jan 2008
My father died when I was a boy and I wasn't able to get info from my mother about him. He was born Parley Otis Plumb in Centralia, WA, Lewis County in 1915 or 1916, and I think around Jan. 3rd. He died in March 1962 and is buried at Mountain View Cemetary in Centralia. I am unable to travel there and would appreciate confirmation of his birth date. Thank you.

Mary Ellen Piro 7 Jan 2008
My paternal grandmother, Mary Pistemaa (daughter of Henry and Lizzie Pistemaa) and grandfather, John Polkky, were married in Winlock in 1913. I would like to find a news article or their marriage license. I have not been able to find when or if my grandfather was living in Winlock at the time he met my grandmother and married her. I have a photo, of their house with the four Pistemaa's on their porch. I also have other photos that were taken in the Veness/Winlock area. Most people, except for my relatatives, I do not have identified. Also have a collection of postcards that belonged to my great-uncle, John Pistemaa, that were written to him in the early 1900's when he was in Winlock and other areas. Some have photos of him with others in logging camps. They are all written in Finnish, so will need to get them transcribed sometime. I just learned recently from reading a series of articles, called the Finns of Winlock, that my Great-grandfather, Henry Pistemaa, was one of the first 3 Finns to come to Winlock and bought property from Jack Veness. The 3 men came from Carbonado. The story about how this all came about is interesting. Thank you for any help with my family research. [Editor's note: see updated query.]

Jeanne Gordon 7 Jan 2008
We are interested in any information regarding Frank T. McNitt. He owned a mercantile or hardware store (probably at the corner of Tower and Main). He was mayor of Centralia. He built a substantial home. We know it was moved, probably in the 1930s. Our point of interest is where the house stood initially. Any other information about the family would be of help. We are the owners of the McNitt home. Thank you.

Kira Krieg 5 Jan 2008
I am looking for information on Edward Earl Krieg, born in Vader Washington in 1895, died in 1964 in Corvallis, Oregon. His father was Albert Krieg, born near Bern, Switzerland and mother is Carolina Kaiser, unknown where born. It is unknown if they met before coming to the States. We have no further information on them or if there are any other children. Edward's wife was Nella Marie Hart she was born around 1900 in Casey County, Kentucky. Not known where they were married or exact date. Please any information would be a great help! Thank you!