An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 416-417.

* A portrait of Mr. Haynes appears between pages 416 and 417.

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BERT H. HAYNES, a popular and enterprising citizen of Wasco county, resides about ten miles northeast from Boyd, where he owns a farm of two hundred acres. He is a man of energy and has made a good record thus far in life. He is still a young man, and the holdings he now has are the result of his labor and careful management of what he earned. Mr. Haynes is possessed of determination and stability coupled with an integrity and uprightness that can but achieve success in life and make him an honored and valuable member of society.

Bert H. Haynes was born in Rock Island county, Illinois, on April 28, 1868, the son of Joseph Haynes, who is sketched in detail in this work. He was educated in Missouri and Kansas, whither his parents went when he was young. In 1879, he came west with his father, and since that time he has continued in Oregon, assured that he has here some of Nature's choicest bestowals in the way of resources. As soon as our subject had reached the age of twenty-one, he commenced shearing sheep with his brother, who is mentioned in that connection in this work, and he has followed that arduous occupation for many years. He is an expert at the business and while he does not quite equal his brother on a test record, his being one hundred and forty and his brother's one hundred and fifty-six in one day, still he is a master hand at the art and the physical endurance needed to handle the work has been shown by Mr. Haynes. He is a man of strong constitution and is possessed of a tenacious spirit. During the time he has been shearing, Mr. Haynes has purchased railroad land and this is now his home place. He is improving it and is raising grain and stock. He has wisely handled the finances with which he has been blessed and the result is he is prosperous. He makes a specialty of raising hogs and is doing well.

At his father's ranch, in November, 1895, Mr. Haynes married Miss Effie Wilson, the daughter of David and Susan (Hixon) Wilson, who live near Nansene. Mrs. Haynes was born in Quincy, Illinois. To this marriage two children have been born, Joseph and Alice. In political matters, Mr. Haynes is a Republican and is a man who always takes an interest in public matters and in all that is for the improvement and upbuilding of the county. He and his wife are popular young people and have showed themselves capable, upright, and possessed of those qualities of intrinsic worth that make the worthy American citizens.


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