An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 336-337.

* A portrait of Mr. Sherrieb appears between pages 336 and 337.

* A portrait has been posted on-line at http://homepages.

FRANK C. SHERRIEB, deserves to be especially ranked as one of the pioneers of this portion of Wasco county, since he was the first one to settle in his vicinity and since he did much to open the country then and has labored faithfully since in building it up and developing the same. He was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, July 14, 1845, the son of Ignatius and Elizabeth (Miller) Sherrieb, also natives of the same place as this son. They came to Pennsylvania and there the father died in 1874 and the mother in 1878. Frank was nine years old when he came with his parents to Erie county, Pennsylvania and he remained with them until twenty-two. He was well educated in the district schools and then went to Michigan and labored two years. After that he engaged with the Union Pacific on construction and labored all along the line from Wyoming west. In 1871, he landed in Portland, Oregon and three months later came to the Hood River and homesteaded the place where he now resides about four miles southwest from the town. During all the intervening years he has labored steadily and has made a clean and excellent reputation for himself. Of the original quarter section that he homesteaded, he still owns one hundred and thirty-five acres. Mr. Sherrieb does diversified farming and in addition raises fruit and operates a dairy.

At Hood River, on May 1, 1887, Mr. Sherrieb married Mrs. Isabel Rohrabach, nee Boorman, and a native of Trumbull county, Wisconsin. Her father, William Boorman, was born in England and married Miss Lucy Rand, a native of West Virginia. They both are retired and living in Hood River. Mr. Sherrieb has one brother, Robert, and three sisters, Mrs. Rose Shelly, Mrs. Victoria Baskerville, and Mrs. Sophia Foglebaugh. Mrs. Sherrieb has one brother, Alfred A., and one half brother, Scott Boorman, and four sisters: Ellen A., the wife of J.H. Ackerman, superintendent of public instruction of the state of Oregon; Mrs. Emma Ellis, Mrs. Minnie Caddy, and Mrs. Alice Miller. Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Sherrieb, Lora, Grace, Caroline, Leslie, and Ralph, all school children, Mildred, an infant. Our subject and his wife are members of the Belmont Methodist church. He is one of the official board and assisted to organize the church. Mr. Sherrieb was a moving spirit in the construction of the present tasty building belonging to this class and has labored zealously for the prosperity of the church. He also assisted to organize and build the first Methodist church of Ogden, Utah, where he lived about two years. Mr. Sherrieb assisted to organize the first irrigation company in the Hood river valley, The Water Supply Company, and is now president of the same. He has held some important office in the organization for twenty-seven years, having been president for the past six years. He is serving his tenth year as director of the Barrett district and helped to organize the same. He has been an enthusiastic and hard laborer for the advancement of the school interest of this district from the beginning and its present prosperous and advanced condition has been brought about by his wise labors together with others. Politically, Mr. Sherrieb is a Prohibitionist and a stanch man of principle. He stands excellently in the community.


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