An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 328.

* A portrait of Mr. Stratton appears between pages 328 and 329.

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FRANK R. STRATTON, a genial and popular young man of Wasco county, is, also, one of its leading farmers and business men. He is in charge of three to four thousand acres of land, part situated on the Des Chutes, and part on the fertile upland five miles south from Dufur. On the former ranch he cultivates five hundred acres, and at the latter place he handles one thousand. The estates are the property of Hon. M.A. Moody, one of Wasco county's heaviest land owners. The Des Chutes ranch is a fine peach producing place and the orchard there shipped twelve hundred boxes of fruit last year. It is a valuable place and in the hands of Mr. Stratton, has been made one of the most productive and profitable ranches in this part of the county. When Mr. Stratton took charge of these two farms, they were not in a thrifty condition, but were run down and not paying well. He has brought to bear, not only energy and enterprise, but a wealth of sagacity and skill that have secured the happy results that now they are two of the finest farms in the county. They are both paying well and show a master hand in their conduct. Mr. Stratton is a thorough man and allows no detail to escape his attention. He has had the best of training in farming, and consequently the management of two such large properties is exactly in line with his ability and liking. The excellent order, the thrift evident, and the annual returns of good dividends all combine to manifest the ability and up-to-date ways of Mr. Stratton. He is popular and liked by all and stands one of the leading young men of this part of the county. Frequently he is at the county conventions and strongly supports his party, the Republican.

Frank R. Stratton was born in Queens county, New Brunswick, on February 8, 1869, the son of Samuel and Rebecca (Parkhill) Stratton. The father was born in New Brunswick, and followed farming. His ancestors were Scotch-Irish people. The mother was a native of Ireland and owns county Kerry as her native place. Our subject was reared and educated mostly in his native land, then completed his training here on the Pacific coast, having come to Pacific county, Washington with his parents about 1880. His father bought land in the Willapa valley and for several summers operated a summer hotel resort. He and his wife are now dwelling in that valley with their son, J. Thomas. Our subject followed various callings in Pacific county, then bought thirty-two acres of bottom land which he tilled two or three years. Then he sold it and migrated to Wasco county and wrought on the farms for several years, after which he took charge of the estates mentioned and since that time has been successfully conducting them. His brothers and sisters are J. Thomas and Evermond, loggers in Willapa valley; Stephen L., a farmer there; Corressa A., wife of John Gilbert, a preacher in the Methodist church in Clarke county, Washington; Lovicia, the wife of John Morgan, a logger in Pacific county; Evedna, wife of Mr. Finch, in Dawson, Alaska; and Mrs. Amelia Sperrill, in Seattle. Mr. Stratton is a member of the I.O.O.F., and the Encampment, and is a highly respected citizen.


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