An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 337.

* A portrait of Mr. Perkins and Mrs. Perkins appears between pages 336 and 337.

* A portrait has been posted on-line at

GEORGE PERKINS, a well known and industrious agriculturist of Mount Hood, was born in Gloucestershire, England, on December 14, 1841. His parents were John and Sarah (Gibbs) Perkins, natives of the same place and now deceased. Until 1882, our subject labored in his native land and then went direct from England to New Zealand and after one year in that country, came to San Francisco, whence he made his way to Oregon and settled in the Antelope valley for one year. After that, he resided in the Hood River country and remained there a short time, near where the town of Hood River is now located. After that, he spent a little while at Mosier, then he came to the place where we now find him. The land was in dispute between the government and the railroad and he settled on a quarter section which reverted to the government and upon which he proved up. Mr. Perkins took out his citizenship papers at The Dalles one year after arriving here.

He has bestowed his labors upon the farm since settlement and has now a good portion under cultivation and owns eighty acres, having sold eighty. He is a man of good standing in the community, industrious and enterprising and has many friends.

On March 1, 1895, at Mount Hood, Mr. Perkins married Mrs. Ann Demmic, a sister of the well known pioneer, David R. Cooper. By her former marriage, Mrs. Perkins has the following named children, Joseph, George, John, Zibe, James and Belle, the wife of Charles Schmidt. Mrs. Perkins was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on March 3, 1839. She came to Oregon in May, 1860 and remained in the Umpqua valley until June, 1862, when she came thence to The Dalles. In 1860, she married Hezekiah Russel Demmic. She remained in The Dalles until 1884, when she came to Mt. Hood. Mr. Perkins has a fine apple orchard of four and one half acres, all bearing, and an acre and one-half of prunes. He also has five acres of clover, and cultivates fifteen acres. His place is well improved with house and barn, and so forth. He took nearly five hundred boxes of apples from his orchard and cut fifty-eight tons of clover from the five acres.


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