An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 292.

* A portrait of Mr. Lamb appears between pages 288 and 289.

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LARKIN LAMB is one of the pioneers of Wasco county. At present, he resides in Mosier. He recently sold a fine farm that was taken as a homestead many years ago. He was born in Iowa, on September 30, 1841 and his parents, William and Fanny (Garr) Lamb, were natives of Virginia. The father's father was born in Scotland and his mother in Virginia. The Garr family have been written up and found to extend back for many years. John C. of Jacksonville, Florida, has been compiling their history which is very interesting. Lorenz G. came to America on the ship Royal Judith when sixteen, sailing from Dinkels Buehl, Bavaria over two hundred years ago. He settled in Virginia and from him descended the Garr family of America. They spell their name, Gar, Gaar and Garr. Many of the family fought in the various Indian wars of colonial days, in the Revolution, in the War of 1812, and in the Civil war. Through the middle west and the south, they are prominent in the manufacturing circles and so forth and are a very thrifty and enterprising family. The men are usually all large in stature and the women especially thrifty housewives. Our subject was raised and educated in Iowa and when twenty-two, came to Wasco county, landing at The Dalles, on October 16, 1864. Since then, he has given his attention to farming in this part of the country. In 1879, he homesteaded the place which he just sold. Mr. Lamb is a carpenter and works at his trade some, but is practically retired now. At The Dalles, in 1869, Mr. Lamb married Mary Marsh, who was born in the vicinity of The Dalles. Her parents are Josiah and Bell Marsh, natives of Tennessee. They crossed the plains with ox teams in 1850 and settled near The Dalles. Sometime since, Mr. and Mrs. Lamb secured a divorce and she now resides at Colfax, Washington. Mr. Lamb has three brothers, Wallace, Smith and Jackson and four sisters, Katherine, Mrs. Martha Cooper, Mrs. Rosanna Newcomer, and Mrs. Elizabeth Young. To Mr. and Mrs. Lamb two children have been born, Lizzie, the wife of Andrew J. Knight at Wardner, Idaho and Katie, wife of George W. Milison, of Kalispel, Montana. Mr. Lamb is a member of the M.W.A. and a strong Democrat. For the past ten years, he has always been in the conventions yet never aspires to office himself. By way of reminiscence, it is interesting to note that Mr. Lamb's paternal grandfather was one of Daniel Boone's party of Scotch Highlanders that were ambushed by the Indians in Kentucky when Daniel Boone lost two sons.


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