An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 322.

* A portrait of Mr. Thorburn and Mrs. Thorburn appears between pages 320 and 321.

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MATTHEW A. THORBURN is a native son of Wasco county and a citizen of excellent standing here today. He was born at Kingsley, on April 29, 1879, the son of Matthew and Margaret (Fay) Thorburn. The father was born in Scotland and for many years lived in Australia and New Zealand, whither he went by himself when young. He was educated in the school of experience and followed farming and mining for many years in New Zealand and Australia. In 1873, he found his way to the Golden State, and for some time mined there, then he came to Oregon, settling in Wasco county where he has been since. He is a very popular man, well respected and influential. The mother was born in Rosscommon, Ireland, and is living on the old home place in this county. It was 1876, the centennial year, when they first settled on Tygh ridge. They secured land in small quantities at first but have added by purchase since until they have now sixteen hundred acres of excellent land adapted to wheat raising and pasture. They are prosperous and substantial people.

Matthew A. was educated in St. James college in Vancouver, and then graduated from Mt. Angel college in 1897. After that he spent some time in Armstrong's business college in Portland, completing a course there. After that, Mr. Thorburn returned home and since that time he has given his attention to farming and stock raising. The first year after his studies were completed, he spent on the farm with his father, then he purchased a quarter section and since has added enough to make it a complete section, and here he has bestowed his labors. He tills about half of the section and is rewarded with bounteous crops. Mr. Thorburn is a model farmer and owing to his industry is being prospered. His land adjoins his father's estate, and his sister also owns four hundred and eighty acres contiguous. Mr. Thorburn has one sister, Catherine, who graduated from St. Mary's college at The Dalles. Mr. Thorburn is a member of the Maccabees, and is a Republican, but not especially active in politics.

On August 28, 1904, Mr. Thorburn married Miss Frances M. Easton, at the M. E. church in Dufur. Mrs. Thorburn was born in Wasco county and was reared here, and has hosts of warm friends. Her parents were John and Elizabeth (Limmeroth) Easton, pioneers of this county. The father is deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Thorburn are young people of good standing and have the good will and admiration of a large circle of friends as they start on matrimonial journey.


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