An Illustrated History of Central Oregon, Western Historical Publishing Company, Spokane, WA. 1905, page 362-363.

* A portrait of Mr. Hendricson and Mrs. Hendricson appears between pages 360 and 361.

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MORVIN HENDRICSON, who resides some eighteen miles east of The Dalles, on Tenmile creek was born in Albany, Oregon, on September 22, 1852. His father, William F. Hendricson, married Miss Sarah Jackson, who died at Albany, Oregon, in 1892. The father now lives there. He crossed the plains first in 1845, having been formerly a farmer in Indiana and Iowa. He returned to his residence in 1847 and then recrossed the plains to the west. In the fall of 1852, he took a donation claim in Linn county and for the past thirty years has resided in Albany, renting the donation claim, which he still owns. Our subject was educated in the district schools and in Monmouth college, spending two winters in the last named institution. Then he rented his father's farm for two years after which he bought two hundred and forty acres near Harrisburg which was his home for nine years. Then he came to Wasco county and filed on a homestead and pre-emption, which he still owns. In addition he is farming seven hundred and eighty acres, which belongs to his brother-in-law, Mr. Belshaw, a. capitalist of Spokane, Washington. Mr. Hendricson raises about five hundred acres of wheat each year and handles many cattle and horses. He has fine well bred stock and also owns a threshing outfit. He has two brothers, Omar P. and William, and two sisters, Mrs. Leona Huston and Mrs. Mary Belshaw.

On May 3, 1874, Mr. Hendricson married Mrs. Alvira Bennett, a native of Linn county. The wedding occurred at Lebanon, Oregon. Mrs. Hendricson was the daughter of William and Laura (Rexford) Bennett, who crossed the plains to the Willamette valley in the early forties. To this union four children have been born: Lela, the wife of Manuel D. Adams, who is also mentioned in this work; Eva, the wife of Frank Blaker in East Portland; Cora, the wife of George Haskell, a farmer residing in The Dalles, Oregon; and Grace, the wife of Charles Stewart. Owing to incompatibility Mr. and Mrs. Hendricson finally separated and secured a divorce. After that, occurred the marriage of Mr. Hendricson and Mrs. Mabel Gannon, who was born in Polk county, Oregon, on July 22, 1861, the daughter of Daniel C. and Mary (Abbott) Dougherty, natives of Pennsylvania and Iowa, respectively. The father died in 1903, and the mother in 1901. The mother's brother was Dr. John Abbott, a well known physician of Iowa. By her former marriage, Mrs. Hendricson had one child, Charles Stewart, who died on February 3, 1904, after an illness of two and one-half years. He was a very popular young man and highly respected. His Christian life was exemplary and the church to which he belonged, the Baptist, possessed in him one of his choicest members. He left a wife, Grace, who was the daughter of Mr. Hendricson by his former marriage, and one child, Eileen. Mrs. Hendricson has also had one other child by her former marriage, Birdie, the wife of Professor Messenger, who is an instructor in a college in Quebec, Canada. Mr. Hendricson belongs to the Christian church and his wife is a member of the Baptist church. They are good substantial people, well esteemed, upright and thrifty.

Since the above was written Mr. Hendricson has sold his farm and is erecting a neat two-story house on Third street, 706_, The Dalles.


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