Bob Mabry

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"Spokane and The Spokane Country - Pictorial and Biographical - Deluxe Supplement." Vol. II. The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912. (No author listed.) pgs. 54-56.

       Mining and the lumber industry constituted for many years the chief sources of revenue for the northwest and the rich mineral resources of this section of the country still offer splendid inducements to the men whose judgment is keen enough and whose industry is persistent enough to seek success in that field. Bob Mabry is well known in this connection as the head of the firm of Bob Mabry & Company, operating in various mining districts. He was born in Jefferson, Texas, August 7, 1867, and is a son of H.P. and S.A. (Haywood) Mabry, of that place. The father was a distinguished lawyer of Texas, one whose record was a credit and honor to the bar of the Lone Star state. He was born in Georgia in 1824. The progenitors of the Mabry family in the United States came for England about 1700, first settling in Georgia and Virginia. During the war of the Revolution many of the family took active part on the side of freedom. H.P. Mabry removed from Georgia to Texas when young. During the Civil war he enlisted as captain and was afterward commissioned brevet brigadier general of the Third Cavalry of Texas, where he served with distinction in the Confederate army throughout the war. He afterward served as district judge of Texas and was a member of the legislature and also of the state senate. He died in March, 1884. General Mabry was married in Jefferson, Texas, to Miss S.A. Haywood, who was a direct descendant of the Haywoods of Tennessee. Mrs. Mabry was born in that state in 1838 and went to Jefferson, Texas, when young. She is now living in Spokane with her son, Bob Mabry. Seven children were born of this union but only two are now living. H. Mabry is associated with his brother Bob in the mining business. Another brother, W.H. Mabry, now deceased, was at one time adjutant general of Texas. He was also colonel of the First Texas Regiment during the Spanish-American war and died in Havana, Cuba, during the war with Spain.
       Bob Mabry supplemented his early education by a course in the Agricultural and Mechanical College at Bryan, Texas, from which he was graduated in 1889. Soon after the completion of his studies he accepted a position as traveling representative for a large chemical house, with which he remained for a number of years, traveling all over the United States in the interest of that business. His extensive travels brought him knowledge of various parts of the country and, believing that the northwest had the most promising future, he determined to locate permanently on the Pacific coast. Accordingly, leaving the road, he spent a short time in California and then came to Spokane in 1902. Here he engaged in the mining and promoting business and among some of the best know and most successful properties which he has handled are those located in the Republic Camp of Republic, Washington, the Slogan country of British Columbia and Eureka Camp, Nevada. Judicious and prudent investment has been the source of his advancement in business, winning for him a prominent position in industrial and financial circles. During Mr. Mabry's experience in mining propositions and business, he has found that the majority of mine failures have not been due to lack of paying ore but to insufficient capital and poor management, and he has demonstrated that mining can be conducted on a legitimate business basis and be made to return excellent results. By his system of first securing capital and never over-estimating the value of a property he has been successful from the start. However, the first year was a hard struggle, but he gained confidence of the men with whom he became associated in the many mining projects which he promoted without a failure, and all such mines have paid satisfactory dividends to the investors.
       On the 21st of May, 1898, Mr. Mabry was married to Miss Katherine Hope, a daughter of Colonel W.B. and Katherine Hope, of Knoxville, Tennessee. Her father held a commission as colonel in the Civil war. Mr. and Mrs. Mabry have one daughter, Hope Mabry. The mother is a prominent member of the Cultus Club and Mr. Mabry is equally well known and popular in the Spokane Club, the Spokane Amateur Athletic, the Spokane Country, the Inland and the Rotary Clubs. He also belongs to the Oriental Lodge, No. 74, F. & A.M., having attained the thirty-second degree, and El Katif Temple of the Mystic Shrine and to Spokane Lodge, No. 228, B.P.O.E.
       He is a man of marked personality and has the genial qualities which make his favorite with all. He is ever approachable yet possesses that measure of dignity which prevents familiarity. Business has never held out to him elusive promises, for his sound judgment leads him to place correct valuation upon opportunities for investment and his powers of organization have enabled him to so coordinate and direct interests as to bring forth a harmonious whole, productive of desired results.

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