Hugh D. Bell

Edwards, Rev. Jonathan. "An Illustrated History of Spokane County, State of Washington." San Francisco: W. H. Lever, 1900.

Hugh D. Bell
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HUGH D. BELL, son of Thomas and Mary, was born in Ontario, Canada, December 5,1867. The family removed to California in 1875 and remained there until the spring of 1880, when they came to Cheney and took up a farm of three hundred and twenty acres, where they have a fine hay and stock ranch. Among their possessions is a fine Jersey herd, and dairying is one of the industries in which they are engaged. Hugh D. was married, December 12, 1893 to Bertha, daughter of John and Catherine Peters, a native of Germany. They have three children: Leslie, born December 12, 1894; Annie B., January 15, 1895, and Lola, June 15, 1897.

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