Julius A. Zittel

Julius A. Zittel

Durham, N. N. "Spokane and the Inland Empire; History of the City of Spokane and Spokane County Washington." Vol. 2. S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1912.


Julius A. Zittel, a Spokane architect, whose developing powers have brought him to a position where recognized skill and ability place him with the foremost representatives of his profession in the Inland Empire, is now a member of the firm of Zittel & Rigg and has followed his chosen calling in this city since 1887. The name indicates his German birth and nativity, his natal year being 1869. He was thirteen years of age when he crossed the Atlantic to America, residing for a time in Chicago, where he studied architecture in a large office of that city until he came to Spokane. He was about eighteen years of age when, in 1887, he arrived in Washington and secured employment with H. Preusse, who was already established as a leading architect of this city. For six years he continued in the office and the recognition of his constantly increasing ability led to his admission to a partnership in 1893, and they continued in business under the firm style of Preusse & Zittel until 1910. In the intervening period of eighteen years they de- .signed and superintended the construction of many of the finest buildings in Spokane, including the Gonzaga College and the Victor block. They were also the architects who designed the new city hall, St. Aloysius Catholic church and the Carnegie Library building. Mr. Zittel, moreover, is connected with the building interests of the city as vice president of the Citizens Building & Loan Association. He has been a close student of his profession and is thoroughly familiar with the great scientific principles which underlie his work, while in design and execution the work embodies many of the most artistic conceptions. In 1889 occurred the marriage of Mr. Zittel and Miss Alice Shanks, a daughter of Robert and Marion Shanks, both pioneers of the county. They have one child, Eunice I. M., born in 1893, who is attending school. Their acquaintance in Spokane is a wide one and their circle of friends is almost coextensive therewith. Mr. Zittel possesses many of the sterling characteristics of the German race, including the thoroughness and perseverance as well as artistic temperament which have made the Teutonic people an important element of progress in various parts of the world.

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