J. H. Tilsley

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"Spokane and The Spokane Country - Pictorial and Biographical - Deluxe Supplement." Vol. II. The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912. (No author listed.) pgs. 78-80.

       In the period of early manhood J.H. Tilsley became a resident of Spokane and in the years which have since come and gone has borne an important part in the work of progress and development here, his real-estate operations contributing in large measure to the growth and improvement of the city. Moreover, he has studied conditions of the northwest, has learned to recognize its possibilities and cast the weight of his influence on the side of advancement in all those lines that work for the permanent good of the Inland Empire.
       Mr. Tilsley is a native of Newport, Kentucky, and he came from Greeley, Colorado, to Spokane. The conditions which confronted him here in that early period ere law and order had fully replaced the elements of lawlessness which are always a feature in a new community were astounding to the young man, for Greeley was a temperance town and possessed of those forces which work for municipal advantage. However, the young man held himself aloof from all those influences and activities that do not contribute to the best in manhood and citizenship and bent his energies to the performance of his duties as manager of the American District Telegraph Company. He entered upon this position without previous experience in that line but close application and determined purpose enabled him readily to master the tasks entrusted to him and although at different times in his life he has met difficulties, hardships and almost unsurmountable obstacles, he has nevertheless persevered and his indefatigable energy and industry have at length brought him to a prominent position in real-estate and insurance circles. In both departments of his business he has been accorded a large clientage. He is now especially interested in handling Greene's addition to Spokane, which he placed on the market in 1908. This is located on the north hill west of Monroe street and through his real-estate activities there many fine homes have been erected in that district, which has been converted into one of the attractive residence sections of the city. The greater part of the addition has already been sold and Mr. Tilsley has been equally successful in his real-estate operations elsewhere.
       In his political views Mr. Tilsley is a republican and for one term served as deputy county treasurer under A.L. Smith. While he keeps well informed on the vital questions and issues of the day he has never sought political honors, preferring to concentrate his efforts upon his business affairs, which are of constantly growing volume and importance. He is a stalwart advocate and supporter, however, of all movements that tend to promote public progress in this section of the country. He has aided in many of the leading projects that have made Spokane a city and has by his honesty of purpose made a host of friends in all walks of life. He can be found in every movement that has for its object the advancement of the city, yet his work is always done in a quiet and unassuming way. He never falters, however, until his purpose is accomplished and Spokane has benefited by the improvements instituted.

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