Old Moyrus Church Graveyard

The O'Donnell Family, from Carna, Co. Galway to St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota

I have very little information regarding my O'Donnell line in Carna. I do know that my great-great-grandfather was Bartley O'Donnell. He and Anne Ridge were married in Feb 1862 at St. Mary's Church in Carna Parish. All of their chilren were born in the townland of Roisín na Mainiach (English spelling: Rusheenamanagh). Anne Ridge was the daughter of Colm Ridge, and grandaughter of Mark Ridge and Winifred Conneely. The Ridges were from Culleen and surrounding areas, while the Conneelys were from Mweenish Island, all in Carna parish.

Bartley O'Donnell died sometime before 1885, and economic necessity forced Anne and her children to move to the United States (their daughter Margaret was already in Minnesota). My great-grandmother, Sarah Agnes O'Donnell, was about 8 years old at the time they arrived in Minnesota, which would be about 1885-1886. However, we have not been able to determine their port of arrival, or locate naturalization papers.

This site is a compilation of my efforts to learn more about my King and O'Donnell roots. Please feel free to with any comments, questions or additional information.

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