The following information was submitted by: Christine L. Hammond

I am a descedant of Daniel Webster Bush who was born June 8,1833 in Dearborn, Ind. On June 15,1863 he & his wife & family moved to their new home, to what became the Bush farm on the banks of the Columbia River, close to the sacred Indian burial ground at Mt. Coffin. My Mother, Pearl Helen Bush, was the daughter of Clyde Chester Bush & Emily A. Bush. I found my grandfather Clyde C. Bush's mother's maiden name, which was Ladu (a town located on the Columbia River). This is where my Mother lived as a child. She told me stories of how she & her brother would steal away to climb Mt. Coffin that was located on their farm (The Bush farm). She told me of seeing the Indian burials that were above the ground held up by sticks. She & her brother had found many Indian artifacts.

I have a family history book that was given to my Mother by her aunt Elsie May Bush on Nov. 20, 1941. Here's an interesting page from the old history book: The dwelling on the Bush farm became the property of Clyde C. Bush and burned in 1920 and Clyde built a new smaller house which is now the office of the Weyerhausuer Lumber Co. at Longview, Wash. as the Weyerhausuer paper mill is built on the Bush farm. There are many wonderful stories in this old book.

Here is another story from the old history book: John Dean Bush, born Oct. 19, 1799 was born in Tiaga County, New York and passed his boyhood at home with his parents, in school in the winter and his time when school was out learning the trade of millwright. In 1819 he decided to see the West and migrated to Dearborn Ind. and there he and Mrs. Elizabeth Winning were married, Nov. 21, 1819 and eleven children were born to them. They lived in Dearborn County for forty years. When he was induced by a friend and strong church ties to change his residence to Effington County Ill., where he lived until 1870. When he removed to Peoria, Ill to make his home with his son until 1883 when he returned to Rising Sun, Indiana and there he died at the home of his daughter. Nine of his eleven children were living at the time of his death. Politically he was a Whig, until that party ceased, when he became a Democrat. John Bush, a Scotch Highlander, was the founder of the Bush family in America having come from England to the new world with Captain John Smith of the Historic fame and settled on a grant of land given him by the British Souverign near Norfolk Va. This track of land became the nucleus of the family in the old Dominion.

If you are interested in more old history of my family please e-mail me: Christine L. Hammond. Thank you.