Mary Hazelett contributed the following information on the family of Walter Alexander and Fannie (Hawkins) Clark. Mary is the daughter of William Harlan Clark.

"My Great-Grandfather, Walter Alexander Clark came to Washington from Tennessee when he was about 19. He worked in the timber industry. He built a home in Rose Valley that is still lived in to this day. He married Fannie Hawkins. They had two children: my grandfather Harlan Leslie born 26 Apr 1911 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington and a daughter named Naomi born 18 Jun 1916 in Rose Valley, she died the same day and is buried in the local cemetry there. Walter's death certificate says he died of TB. My Uncle Philip believes he died from lung cancer. Fannie and Harlan stayed with her sister for a while in Fresno, California shortly after his death. Harlan Leslie then married the little girl next door. Harlan Leslie and his new bride Alyce Louise Willis than returned to Rose Valley to the home of his father. Harlan also worked in the Timber Industry. Their they had their first daughter Elma Harlan Clark. The next child Walter Alexander was born in California. They did return and had nine more children.Elma now lives in Forks, Washington. George Leslie their third child was born 1 Nov 1936 in Kelso and died 6 Apr 1998 in Woodland. He married Janice Lanphear. They have 6 Children together. Their oldest son Daniel Athur Clark was born 8 Oct 1970 in Longview, Cowlitz, Washington and died 27 Oct 1994 in Woodland, Cowlitz, Washington when his truck went into the Cowlitz River and he drowned. Phillip Leroy married Laura Ellen Pittman and have 8 children. They still reside in Woodland. William Harlan Clark my father- was born 30 Mar 1941 in Kelso and died 13 Jun 1998 in Gray Harbor, Aberdeen, Washington. He died of Pancreatic Cancer. (His ashes were placed on the homestead next to his fathers). He worked in Vancouver for the Alcoa plant for years. He has 6 daughters and one son. Vivian Louise Clark Lanphear worked for the Woodland Bank for a long time. She raised to children. She now lives in Montana with her daughter. Gary Allen is married with 3 children and lives in Oregon. Jennie has a daughter and lives in the Seattle area. Randy Lee Clark was born 30 Nov 1950 in Kelso and died Dec 1998. In 1951 grandma lost a set of twin boys. Harlan Leslie my grandfather died 18 Aug 1984. He had cancer of the kidneys. His ashes were placed on the homestead (Rose Valley, Cowlitz, Washington.My Aunt Vivian and Uncle George married into the Lanphear Family. I do have family information on this line. Leon and Jancie are brother and sister. Also long time residents. Their father is Arthur Benton Lanphear he was born 9 Feb 1915 in Washington and died 10 Dec 2003 in Kalama, Cowlitz, Washington. Their mother is Marvel Amier Vick, she was born 4 Aug 1918 in Cowlitz, Washington. Her parents are Franklin H. Vick and Flora Lucy Baken. Arthur Berton Lanphears parents are Leon Sylvester Lanphear and Hilma Marie Lund."

Walter Alexander Clark
b. 22 Aug 1882 Reacer, Overton, Tennessee
d. 8 Aug 1929 Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington (Death Certificate: Page 1, Page 2)
Buried: Longview Memorial Park
son of James Alexander Clark and Eliza Jane Smith

married: about 1906

Fannie Hawkins
b. 22 Jan 1887 Centerville, California
d. 12 Sep 1951 North Fork, California
Buried: Longview Memorial Park
daughter of William Hawkins and Anna Holliday


  1. Harlan Leslie Clark
    b. 26 Apr 1911 Vancouver, Clark, Washington
    d. 18 Aug 1984 Mossy Rock, Chehalis, Washington
    Buried: on the Rose Valley Homestead

  2. Naomi Clark
    b. 18 Jun 1916 Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington
    d. 18 Jun 1916 Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington
    Buried: Rose Valley homestead.

Harlan Leslie Clark

married 9 Mar 1932

Alyce Louise Willis
b. 23 Feb 1912 Visalia, California
d. (living with daughter Jennie)
daughter of Ernest Elmer Willis and Sadie Edna Libby

(Photo of Harlan Leslie Clark and Alyce Louise (Willis) Clark)

Children: (dates for the living are not given)

  1. Elma Harlan Clark

  2. Walter Alexander Clark

  3. George Leslie Clark
    b. 1 Nov 1936 Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington
    d. 6 Apr 1998 Woodland, Cowlitz, Washington

  4. Philip Leroy Clark

  5. ** William Harlan Clark
    b. 30 Mar 1941 Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington
    d. 13 Jun 1998 Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, Washington
    m. Loretta Louise Fawcett

  6. Vivian Lousie Clark

  7. Gary Allen Clark

  8. Jennie Marie Clark

  9. Randy Lee Clark
    b. 30 Nov 1950 Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington

  10. miscarrage of a set of twin boys.

The "A" framed home that Grandfather Walter A. Clark built is still lived in to this day up on Goble Rd. Grandma still tells me how they had the logging camp set up and where the barns used to be and all.