Kathy Jo Bryant submitted the following photo of Jeanne Marie Elizabeth Ann Giem and her classmates. If you can help identify any of the girls in the photo, please contact Kathy.

Jeanne Giem and classmates

This photo is of Jeanne Marie Elizabeth Ann Giem, and her third or fourth grade class from the Kessler School. She is the girl holding the baseball and bat, down in the middle of the front row. She was born in Corvallis, OR, but grew up in Longview, WA. Her father, Ross Nye Giem was a mail carrier in that area for a long time. Jeanne was born on Oct. 3, 1921, and died Oct. 18, 1997, here in Placerville, CA. She graduated from R.A. Long High School, Longview, WA. She met Howard Manning Bryant, Sr., during her attendance at either that high school or one of the schools in the area. They got married on Oct. 29, 1939, at the First Christian Church there in Longview. They began their family in Longview. Their first three boys were born there. Their names were: Daniel Manning Bryant, Stephen Howard Bryant, and Howard Manning Bryant, Jr. They moved to Riverside, CA after Howard,Sr. was discharged from the army after WWll. Howard, Sr., resides in Kingman, AZ with his second wife, Vesta. He is 81 years old, and is the only living child of Thomas and Laura Hunley Bryant. Thomas and Laura moved to Longview in 1924.