The following was submitted by: Betty Chinn. Please contact Betty for more information on this family.

Years ago, I remember my mother showing me a copy of a Souvenir Folder for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of "Uncle" Darby Huntington's arrival to the Cowlitz area. This included a program for the Centennial Huntington Family Reunion, on Aug 14, 1949. On a recent trip to the genealogy section of the Seattle Public Library, my husband found a copy of this document. The surprise for me in this document was that my mom's brother, Irving Noyes Huntington, was the photographer who resized and retouched the family photographs for the main page of the document. So this triggered my memory that I had seen some old photos taken by my uncle of Huntington Picnics, and sure enough, I found one with a huge group of people that on the back has my uncle's stamp "Irving N. Huntington, Route 2, Box 378; Kelso, Washington" and my mother's handwriting "Pioneer Picnic".

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