The following photos were contributed by Jean Morrison. They are early 1900s photos of friends and neighbors of the STOVERS of Ostrander. Some of the people are from Ostrander and some from Kelso. The time period for the photos is 1910-1925, with a few in the 1890s. Please contact Jean if you can help identify any of these individuals.

  1. Ostrander couple

  2. Pleasant Hill Ladies

  3. Ostrander scene with flagpole

  4. Mystery Girl

  5. Mystery house - perhaps Ostrander?

  6. Ostrander boys, probably with swim trophy

  7. Unknown Ostrander family

  8. Unknown Ostrander couple

  9. Unknown Ostrander woman

  10. Unknown Kelso High School student (1922)

  11. Unknown Kelso High School student (1922)

  12. Unknown Kelso High School student (1922)

  13. Dorotha Stover and friends

  14. Unknown couple

  15. Unknown woman

  16. Unknown woman

  17. Unknown woman

  18. Unknown family

  19. Unknown school in Ostrander or Castle Rock