The following are the officers of the different school districts of the county as the same are on file in the office of County Superintendent W. D. Bay. The first named office in each case is the clerk and the second is the chairman.

[Published in The Centralia News Examiner, 14 Jul 1909.]

District No. 1.
Chas. Jakish, Boistfort.
J. O. Wallace, Klaber.
A. J. White, Klaber.

District No. 2.
H. L. Bergeron, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.
Hugh McElfresh, Littell.
Amos Murphy, Littell.

District No. 3.
Maude Newland, Chehalis.
A. H. Brown, Chehalis.
N. B. Coffman, Chehalis.

District No. 4.
C. F. Baxter, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
L. F. Royal, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
W. A. Large, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 5.
R. W. Edmonds, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
O. L. Isbell, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
A. Bonnin, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 6.
A. N. Bennett, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Bart F. Kuffner, Forest.
E. Tollefson, Forest.

District No. 7.
J. L. McKibben, Mossy Rock.
J. C. Blankenship, Mossy Rock.
Geo. Landes, Mossy Rock.

District No. 8.
S. L. Herren, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
F. G. Aleyer, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
Dr. E. J. Doty, Winlock.
Thos. H. Gray, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 9.
Dr. E. L. Kniskern, Centralia.
E. R. Zimmer, Centralia.
J. E. Lease, Centralia.

District No. 10.
John W. Moore, Adna.
W. M. Clinton, Adna.
E. Fay, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 11.
Frank A. Ipe, Centralia.
J. S. Saunders, Centralia.
C. A. Ives, Centralia.

District No. 12.
J. T. Lewis, Little Falls.
T. Cunningham, Olequa.
W. A. Rogers, Olequa.

District No. 13.
A. Parmenter, Centralia.
Chas. E. Raymond, Centralia.
Walter Eshom, Centralia.

District No. 14.
Fred Schmit, Napavine.
W. G. Hawkins, Napavine.

District No. 15.
G. F. Witchey, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
Frank W. Webster, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
Gus Kosola, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 16.
Chas. Maxwell, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Elmer Scherer, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Howard Maccomber, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 17.
J. H. Kerchen, Alpha.
Julius Frase, Alpha.
P. A. Dingus, Alpha.

District No. 18.
William Kendall, Little Falls
Jas. S. Ferrier, Little Falls

District No. 19.
A. Mutrie, Winlock.
H. A. Baldwin, Winlock.

District No. 20.
J. P. Gunther, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
M. J. Boone, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
Jens Jensen, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 21.
Ernest Kalbus, Chehalis.
George Schoonover, Chehalis.
W. H. Sowerts, Chehalis.

District No. 22.
O. D. Olson, Ethel.
W. W. Funk, Ethel.
J. D. Olson, Ethel.

District No. 23.
John A. Nelson, Centralia, R.F.D. 1.
John Mattson, Centralia, R.F.D. 1.
R. A. Brown, Centralia, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 24.
Frank Baxter, Toledo.
Justus Brooks, Toledo.
W. F. Nash, Toledo.

District No. 25.
J. W. Gibson, Centralia.
John Case, Hurn.
Frank Rector, Centralia.

District No. 26.
Geo. Olson, Knab.
Geo. McAleny, Toledo.
John H. Hanken, Knab.

District No. 27.
O. W. Dowling, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.
Fred Hugg, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.
E. M. Moses, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 28.
Oscar Hagard, Ethel.
John P. Isberg, Ethel.
Matt Balfour, Ethel.

District No. 29.
Thos. Ragan, Alpha.
J. M. Johnson, Alpha.
Joseph Saunders, Alpha.

District No. 30.
Jas. M. Corp, Forest.
H. G. Lucas, Forest.
Jaff G. Graves, Forest.

District No. 31.
J. E. Shutts, Pe Ell.
Frank McKnight, Pe Ell.
G. H. Dodge, Pe Ell.

District No. 32.
D. S. Farrell, Toledo.
Frank McNulty, Toledo.
J. H. Douge, Toledo.

District No. 33.
Ivan Short, Silver Creek.
G. H. Tucker, Silver Creek.
J. H. VanWoert, Silver Creek.

District No. 34.
Albert H. Rayton, Curtis.
W. J. Roundtree, Curtis.
Henry Detering, Curtis.

District No. 35.
P. K. Anderson, Alpha.
T. Beavers, Alpha.
Herman Dorn, ALpha.

District No. 36.
M. H. Wilson, Eveline.
John Johnson, Eveline.
Morris Sorenson, Eveline.

District No. 37.
John Christison, Winlock.
Anton Ruether, Winlcok.
John Meier, Winlock.

District No. 38.
Chas. H. Graffenberger, Toledo.
Ernest Kaupisch, Toledo.
J. S. Ryan, Toledo.

District No. 39.
Fred Hildeshelm, Wildwood.
Samuel Allender, Wildwood.
H. C. Detering, Wildwood.

District No. 40.
Jacob Martin, Salkum.
Lock Kee, Salkum.
G. R. Kittleson, Salkum.

District No. 41.
Chas. Bergman, Salkum.
Jas. R. May, Salkum.
Alfred Fuller, Salkum.

District No. 42.
M. J. Ryan, Little Falls.
William H. Booth, Little Falls.
Peter Quinn, Little Falls.

District No. 43.
Geo. R. Bright, Riffe.
Grant Redman, Riffe.
W. T. Wyatt, Riffe.

District No. 44.
J. H. Palmer, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
Carl F. Huber, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
S. Manberg, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 45.
W. S. Riley, Centralia.
Jas. T. Haines, Centralia.
C. T. Null, Centralia.

(There is no district 46).

District No. 47.
J. F. Robbins, Winlock.
William Cunningham, Winlock.
Ed Roe, Winlock.

District No. 48.
O. J. Meacham, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
John Senn, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
A. D. Lawrence, Chehalis R.F.D. 2.

District No. 49.
T. F. Cassidy, Ethel.
M. H. McQuigg, Ethel.
Nelson Harmonsen, Ethel.

District No. 50.
Lue Randall, Centralia.
John Lammers, Centrlaia.
James Howell, Centralia.

District No. 51.
Chas. A. Sherman, Harmony.
J. M. Flynn, Harmony.
E. A. Dunn, Harmony.

District No. 52.
C. F. Hartsell, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.
Con Romaneski, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.
John Neumeier, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 53.
Fred J. Meeyer, Napavine.
D. S. Shelton, Napavine.
F. B. Loughman, Chehalis.

District No. 54.
J. K. Boyd, Little Falls.
Adolph Kerp, Little Falls.
John Howard, Little Falls.

District No. 55.
Mrs. A. W. Siler, Vance.
H. E. Moore, Vance.
J. S. S--er, Vance.

District No. 56.
William Ulrich, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
John Stedham, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
William Fahnestock, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 57.
A. S. Gish, Forest.
Ira Waldron, Forest.
J. H. Deiderlander, Forest.

District No. 58.
Ben George, Adna.
Jacob Wasson, Adna.
John Flinn, Adna.

District No. 59.
Anthony Coleman, Vern.
W. F. Christian, Vern.
Hayes Gobel, Vern.

District No. 60.
Mrs. Anna Pauli Centralia.
Jacob Pauli, Centralia.
Fred Epper, Chehalis.

District No. 61.
Richard Collier, Oakville.
William Irvin, Oakville.
J. F. Sullivan, Oakville.

District No. 62.
Mrs. Gertrude Botzer, Mayfield.
Geo. P. Sears, Mayfield.
J. W. Hummell, Mayfield.

District No. 63.
Joe Moorcroft, Randle.
Fred Setbe, Randle.
W. H. Stephenson, Randle.

District No. 64.
Frank A. Faas, Bremer.
Seigle Madden, Randle.
J. H. Jones, Alpha.

District No. 65.
R. M. Johnson, Curtis.
John C. Wilson, Curtis.
J. T. Carrithers, Curtis.

District No. 66.
W. S. Kiser, Swofford.
T. L. Blankenship, Riffe.
F. B. McMahan, Swofford.
W. J. Tracey, Ceres.
David White, Curtis.
Lewis Pittman, Ceres.

District No. 68.
David E. Chesser, Wilson.
Henry Owery, Wilson.
S. B. Mills, Wilson.

(There is no district 69).

District No. 70.
G. O. Roundtree, Boistfort.
R. A. Corbin, Boistfort.
James Moorcroft, Boistfort.

District No. 71.
Fred Radmaker, Pe Ell.
John Kipper, Pe Ell.

District No. 72.
D. J. Gleason, Toledo.
John Norton, Knab.
G. F. Swope, Toledo.

District No. 73.
Alex Steinman, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
Victor Heikkila, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
John Niemi, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 74.
E. C. Combs, Morton.
G. W. Chapman, Morton.
J. E. Cooper, Morton.

District No. 75.
H. H. Payzant, Chehalis, R.F.D. 1.
William Bailey, Adna.
E. F. Brandan, Adna.

District No. 76.
W. A. H. Birley, Mossy Rock.
W. P. Hendricks, Mossy Rock.
W. J. Livingstone, Mossy Rock.

District No. 77.
Ralph B. Taylor, Dryad.
J. M. Burns, Dryad.
Geo. F. Luedinghaus, Dryad.

District No. 78.
F. Jorgensen, Alpha.
John L. Arnold, Knox.
E. Parcell, Knox.

District No. 79.
William Owens, Randle.
Park Harvey, Randle.
J. T. Blevin(?), Sulphur Springs.

District No. 80.
C. A. Hurn, Centralia Star Route.
Mrs. Samuel McFarland, Centralia Star Route.
A. W. Jackson, Centralia Star Route.

(There is no district 81).

District No. 82.
H. O. Leonard, Eagleton.
Andrew Keio, Eagleton.
T. M. Reynolds, Eagleton.

District No. 83.
James Collins, Toledo.
Alvis Herriford, Toledo.
Hiram Turner, Toledo.

District No. 84.
R. M. Griffith, Doty.
Mrs. A. M. Knizek, Doty.
Michael Dokter, Doty.

District No. 85.
Hans Erickson, Elbe.
Jakob Fritz, Mineral.
Fred Romenesko, Elbe.

District No. 86.
John Sinclair, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Robert Runge, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Mrs. Lucy Duprey, Alpha.

District No. 87.
J. F. Edlund, Kosmos.
Mrs. S. J. Ulsh, Kosmos.
R. Uden, Kosmos.

District No. 88.
J. O. Blair, Knab.
J. B. McKinna, Knab.
J. D. Knab, Knab.

District No. 89.
Iver Beck, Alpha.
Albert Beck, Alpha.
Ole Anderson, Alpha.

(There is no district 90).

District No. 91.
A. H. McAllister, Morton.
Edwin Knittle, Morton.
E. L. Bowers, Morton.

District No. 92.
W. C. Martin, Mineral.
D. A. Reynolds, Mineral.
John Carlson, Mineral.

District No. 93.
Mrs. Carrie Due, Windom.
J. P. Withrow, Windom.
Fred Miller, Knab.

District No. 94.
W. B. Cook, Boistfort.
Robert Hill, Boistfort.
Thos. Whiteman, Boistfort.

District No. 95.
J. J. Taylor, Winlock.
R. W. Sears, Winlock.
Alice R. Taylor, Winlock.

District No. 96 (Joint Cowlitz and Lewis).
Jacob Schaefer, Little Falls.
J. T. Laughlin, Little Falls.
E. Allender, Little Falls.

District No. 97.
C. Smith, Pe Ell.
Mrs. A. Christian, Pe Ell.
Joe Koski, Pe Ell.

District No. 98.
C. A. Schmid, Mossy Rock.
J. A. Rea, Mossy Rock.
Felix Owen, Mossy Rock.

District No. 99.
A. M. Frase, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
J. G. Salzer, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Gottlieb Salzer, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 100.
W. E. Green, Cispus.
B. Blankenship, Riffe.
Henry Kohler, Kosmos.

District No. 101.
C. J. Hampton, Randle.
T. J. Rhinehart, Randle.
R. K. Peters, Randle.

(There is no district 102).

District No. 103.
Geo. W. Brown, Windom.
F. M. Brown, Windom.

District No. 104.
Chas. Caverly, Walville.
A. N. Riggs, McCormick.
A. B. Hill, McCormick.

District No. 105.
Mrs. Daisy Pier, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
C. L. Yocum, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.
G. H. Sturdevant, Rochester, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 106.
J. C. White, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
W. J. Dempsey, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.
Frank Turner, Chehalis, R.F.D. 2.

District No. 107.
F. L. Riffe, Nesika.
Shade Datson, Neskia.
J. F. Coleman, Nesika.

District No. 108.
H. B. Martin, Doty.
A. H. Tuepelt, Doty.
R. L. Baker, Doty.

(There is no district 109).

District No. 110.
J. C. Clevenger, Kosmos.
Charles Short, Kosmos.
C. P. Dunaway, Kosmos.

District No. 111.
W. E. Towner, Centralia.
J. B. Jones, Centralia.
Chas. Althauser, Centralia.

District No. 112.
George Ackley, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
John Reidt, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.
Harry McKune, Winlock, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 113.
R. L. Schuebel, Littell.
W. R. Brown, Littell.
Jos. Monfort, Littell.

District No. 114.
Henry Lacey, Littell.
Stephen Bowman, Littell.
Gus L. Albrecht, Littell.

District No. 115.
Chris Johnson, Morton.
Ed. Edlund, Morton.
Berry Stiltner, Morton.

District No. 116.
J. B. West, Centralia, R.F.D. 1.
Emery Carver, Centralia, R.F.D. 1
John Setus, Centralia, R.F.D. 1.

District No. 117.
A. L. Murray, Bremer.
John G. Little, Bremer.
E. H. Murray, Bremer.

District No. 118.
E. A. Baker, Meskill.
Geo. Case, Meskill.
Geo. Burchett, Meskill.

District No. 119.
Grant Wright, Salkum.
T. F. Kennedy, Salkum.

District No. 120.
A. D. Stewart, Kopiah.
R. A. Wilson, Kopiah.
Edward Hedstrom, Kopiah.

District No. 121.
W. M. Jones, Alpha.
A. W. Johnson, Alpha.
William Frase, Alpha.

District No. 122.
L. F. Adkins, Riffe.
Oliver Workman, Riffe.