County Divided Into More Practicable Working Bodies

At a meeting of the executive board of the Lewis County Education Association held in the county superintendent's office, Saturday, December 15, Lewis county was further divided into sub-unites of the association. For several years the southwestern end of the county has held group meetings and the teachers of the centers at Adna, Dryad, Doty, Pe Ell and Klaber districts have held regular meetings for the discussion of school problems. In addition to the southwestern division, four other divisions have been arranged. The centers are now:

Chehalis, including all the surrounding schools of Napavine, Forest consolidated district, Knox, Crawford, Onalaska, Alpha, Shoestring, Tilton, Cinebar, Burnt Ridge, Newaukum, Newaukum valley, Hopewell, Union, Dillenbaugh, Ethel, Bennett, Coal Creek and Union high school district No. 1.

Winlock, including the schools of Eveline, Vader, Cougar Flat, Brim, Lewis-Cowlitz O. K., Toledo, Grand Prairie, Upper Cowlitz, Lower Cowlitz, Knab, Wayside, Otter creek, Drew's Prairie, Veness, Ainslie and St. Urban.

Mossyrock, including all the schools in consolidated district No. 266.

Morton, including all the schools of consolidated districts Nos. 209 and 214.

On account of the great size of this county the natural geographical divisions and large number of teachers, it is hard to get all of them together for a meeting of the county association. It was thought that teachers would get better acquainted and be better able to discuss professional standards and school needs in these smaller groups.

The following officers were present: Helen Kalbus, president; Dora Fatland, vice-president; Laura Angst, secretary; Guy Balfour, treasurer.

Z. May Meighen, County School Superintendent

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget Friday, 29 Dec 1922, p. 6.

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen.