Dorothy McGhan sent the following photos of whom she believes to be members of the George Addington family. George Addington was her great-uncle, and his family was part of the Applachian Migration. They are enumerated in the 1910 Sulphur Creek census.

If you can help identify any of the people in these photos, please contact Dorothy.

"I think I have solved the great mystery of the photos that are listed below. I was sorting through old pictures today and came across the originals of those. One of the baby girl, by herself, has a name on it. It is Linda Puryear, age 16 months, 13 days. The name didn't mean anything to me when I saw it six years ago. Now, of course it does. Since she was born in November, 1944, the photo would have been the spring of 1946. There are three other photos with her in them and I assume the adults are her parents who would have been Myrtle (Davis) and Ed Puryear. Myrtle, of course, was Aunt Alice's oldest child. I am sure the older couple are Uncle Mark and Aunt Alice and the older man by himself is Uncle George."

Additional Family Photos