Blankenship and Matson

This picture was submitted by Tami (DeRossett) Moorcroft. Here are her comments on the picture:

"This is taken in Packwood somewhere....From left to right is (Toad) James Ireland Blankenship, Wildcat Matson, and Daniel Harvey Blankenship.... Toad is my husband's Grandad, and I don't know much about Wildcat.....Daniel Harvey went by Harvey and is my husband's great-grandad (which is Toad's dad)...I believe the story went the reason they called him Toad was when he was a baby he crawled like a toad so the name stuck....I didn't know his name was James for a long time after I knew him...The fourth guy is Toad's older brother Ira - they married sisters...The two Blankenship Boys Married two Mullins girls."