50th Anniversary Reception Given

CURTIS-KLABER - Mr. and Mrs. Ory Capron were guests of honor at their home, Sunday, Dec. 2, when their daughters held a reception and open house on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary.

The rooms featured bowls of gold colored flowers and the lace covered refreshment table was centered with a large white cake decorated with yellow roses and two large golden wedding bells. The fifty year old silver tea set was one of their wedding gifts. Mrs. Henry Detering poured, Mrs. Clarence Anderson and Mrs. Frank Edwards served.

Mrs. Lee Workman was in charge of the gift table and Mrs. Claud Sterling passed the guest book. Assisting about the rooms were Mrs. Myrtle McNeil, Mrs. Ray Laulainen and Mrs. Elmer Ellingson.

For the reception, Mrs. Capron wore a navy blue jacket dress with a chrysanthemum corsage.

Mr. Capron was born in Erie County, Pann., and Mrs. Capron at Bishop, California. They were married at the home of her father, R. M. Johnson, on the place where Mr. and Mrs. John McNeil now live. After their marriage they lived in Pe Ell about two years then moved to their present home.

Mr. and Mrs. Capron have two daughters, Mrs. John McNeil and Mrs. Walter Roundtree and two grandchildren, Mrs. Claud Sterling and Ricky Roundtree, all present at the reception.

Also present were Mr. Capron's brother and three sisters, Crit Capron, Mrs. Charlie Palmer, Mrs. Ray Graves and Mrs. Lee Workman. Another special guest was Ernest May whom the Caprons raised from a small boy and look upon much as a son.

In addition to the many local callers were the follow out of town guests: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Workman, Glenoma; Mr. and Mrs. George Grandorff, Grand Mound; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest May and Shirley, Aberdeen; Mrs. Zula Potter, Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beach and four sons, Longview; Mr. and Mrs. Claud Sterling, Bremerton; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Graves, Sr., Pe Ell; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sterling, Adna; Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Palmer, Pe Ell; Mrs. Hazel Duncan and Judy, Adna, and Mrs. Kenneth Robinette, Burlington.

Mr. and Mrs. Capron received many nice gifts and cards of congratulations.

Source: The Daily Chronicle, Saturday, 2 Jan 1954. p. 2.

[Editor's notes: Ory M. Capron and Mandy Johnson were married on 27 Dec 1903 in Lewis Co., WA.]

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen.