Lewis County researchers are fortunate that there are a number of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to post cemetery transcriptions on the internet. (I certainly cannot take credit for any of these postings!) Many of these transcriptions are taken directly from original transcriptions made by the Lewis County Genealogical Society or other groups. For this and other reasons, errors that crop up (and there are bound to be errors, despite their best efforts) will not be changed on the online transcriptions. Furthermore, I do not have access to cemetery transcriptions posted on the Rootsweb server and cannot make changes myself. However, this space will be available for researchers to post corrections and clarifications to the online transcriptions. Send all corrections to Jenny Tenlen.

Claquato Sunset Memorial Cemetery

Submitted by Steve M. Schwartz on 23 Sep 2007: "Louis H. Bishop is a World War I Veteran.

Bishop, Louis H. - City: Centralia. County: Lewis State: Washington Army Rank: Private (1918).
Assigned Unit: 6th Bn., 20th Engineers, Co. F (on Tuscania)
     6th Bn., 20th Engineers Co. F: 12/8/1917 – 10/17/1918
     20th Engineers, 18th Co.: 10/18/1918 – 3/7/1919
Army Serial Number: 250,771
Inducted: Dec. 8, 1917 Vancouver Barracks, Washington
Army Discharge: March 7, 1919
Remarks: Overseas Jan. 24, 1918 – 1919
     Torpedoed on the Transport Tuscania Feb. 5, 1918
     Member of the Tuscania Survivors Association (1938)
     Address: 1212 Mellon St., Rural Route No. 3, Centralia, WA (1938)
Wife’s Name: Madalene D. Bishop
     (b. Sept. 11, 1891) (d. June 1981 Centralia, Lewis Co., WA)
Fathers Name:
Mothers Name:
Brothers: Harry
Civilian Occupation:
Born: July 6, 1887 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Died: August 1985 Centralia, Washington (98 years old)
Cemetery: Claquato Sunset Memorial, Chehalis, WA
SSN: 532-05-2411"

Submitted by Mary Balfour on 24 Aug 2007: "I have a correction for a date of death for my grandfather who is buried at Claquato Sunset Memorial Cemetery. This is the listing I found:

Balfour Guy Martin 1897 1971 Section A Father (Husband of Mina).

The actual date of death is 1977.

Doss Cemetery

Submitted by Lenora Tidler on 9 May 2006: "The Doss Cemetary listing has:

??????, Harmon 1886 1964 dad,with ???? Jack E. with ???? Rebecca
??????, Jack E. 1923 1965 son,with Harmon ???? with Rececca ????
??????, Rebecca 1891 1978 mom,with Jack E. ????? with Harmon ????

This is my family. Harmon and Rebecca Justice with their only son, Jack. Next to their grave (not listed on this site, evidently missed by the walker) is my mother, Helen Sophronia Justice Campbell Tidler, 1912-1992, the elder daughter of Harmon and Rebecca.

If you could add this to your corrections, we would truly appreciate it. The issue happened to come up when I found the cemetary deed last week while cleaning some files, scanned and sent it to the family. My sister noticed the name was spelled wrong on the cemetary deed and was wondering if it would be listed in such a way to locate it on a genealogy search. I found it wasn't listed at all, nor were my grandparents, until I looked closer at the list.

My grandparents were pioneers in Lewis County, and we wouldn't want their names lost. Mom (Helen Tidler) used to work at the museum in Chehalis as a volunteer and wrote articles about the family's time of settlement in Riffe. The articles are in the book about Lewis County published many years ago. We each have a copy of it.

Submitted by Jenna L. Cain on 16 Mar 2002: "The following couple should be included on the Doss Cemetery transcription, but were left off:"
Dinkmeier, Stephan A. Sept. 25, 1886-Feb. 6, 1978
Dinkmeier, Ethel M. Sept. 14, 1887-Dec. 29, 1982

Dryad Cemetery

Submitted by Gayle Harriman on 27 May 2009: "My great-grandparents are buried at the Dryad cemetery at the foot of their daughter (Ester Hattie Gibbons). The names are un-readable on the headstones, which were homemade. I took my mother last weekend to visit the graves, when we noticed the names had worn off. We are going to have new markers put in." [The Fruin family is listed in the 1910 Census for Dryad]

Fern Hill Cemetery

Submitted by Lori Mentzel on 26 Feb 2010: The listing says: "Barnett, O.E. ---- ---- U.S.Army Co.G 28th Inf." Orrin Edward Barnett was born about 1871-72 to John W. and Dora (Benson) Barnett, who are also buried in Fern Hill Cem. He died Sept. 1903 in the Philippines while fighting in the Philippine-American War."The Palestine Daily Herald" newspaper, Palestine, Texas, 9-22-1903: "Troubles Are On Over In The Philippine Island Again. Manila, Sept. 21--A detachment of the Twentyninth (sic) infantry embarked in boats and had a sharp engagement on Toros Lake Lanaoon the 10th inst with a band of fanatical Moros during which Private O. E. Barnett was killed. One of the leaders of the enemy, a priest, single-handed attacked a boat loaded with soldiers and was killed.""The Columbus Journal" newspaper, Columbus, Nebraska, 12-2-1903: "A letter from Fred Coffey, who is with Co. G, 28th regiment in the Philippines, dated October 4, states that Mr. Bernert, a young man in their company, a nephew of Don Benson of Columbus, was killed in battle with the Moros a few days before the date of his letter." (Don Benson was a brother of Dora (Benson) Barnett.) “The Overland Monthly,” January 1905, page 289: "Private O. E. Barnett, Company G, slashed and killed by Moro priest in a boat on the lake with the commanding officer. The Colonel killed the priest after desperate hand-to-hand encounter.”

Submitted by Mary M. Lam on 14 Sep 2009: "There are two Mawhirter headstones in Fern Hill. One is my great grandfather James Mawhirter's, and the other is of his daughter Jennie. Jennie's name is on the top of the stone but her given name is not listed on the cemetery list."

Submitted by Tracie Clawson on 23 Mar 2002: "I have a correction for a listing in the Cemetery Database. It is for the Fern Hill Cemetary (also known as Chehalis and Urquhart) The listing says:

"Clawson, Hazel         1913         1916         baby,see Hedrick-appears to be in Hedrick family plot"

According to my records as well as the Stricklin Mortuary records and the offical WA State death certificate, Hazel Clawson died 08 February 1919, not 1916. As a side note, Hazel IS buried in the Hedrick family plot. Her mother was Leona Hedrick Clawson and her father was Oliver T. Clawson. She died of influenza when she was 5, and was buried in Leona's family's plot."

Klickitat Cemetery

Submitted by Eric Senter on 12 May 2007:

On the page my grandfather is listed as "Senter, Fred W." In fact, his name is Ferd, NOT Fred.

Little Falls Cemetery

Submitted by John D. Lowrey on 26 Mar 2012: "There is an error on the Little Falls Cemetery. My aunt and uncle Albert Lowrey and Bonnie Lowrey have their names misspelled on the cemetery site. LOWREY is the correct spelling instead of LOWERY."

Submitted by Larry G. Henschen on 3 Aug 2005:

Howard H. Green

dob 7 April 1904 Langford, Harlan Co, KY
dod 22 February 1906 Little Falls (Vader), Lewis Co, WA
Comment: Son of Jocephas Green and Louisa Lyttle Green

Carlie Green

dob 6 February 1901 Harlan Co, KY dod 8 March 1907 Litttle Falls (Vader), Lewis Co, WA Comment: Dau of Harve(y) Green and Catherine Kirk Green

Both families moved from Harlan Co, KY to Little Falls, WA in about 1905 and returned to KY in about 1912

I have pictures of these two tombstones if anyone is interested or wish more information on these families.

Morton Cemetery

Submitted by Stephen D. Core on 12 Sep 2007: Enick Casto should be Enoch Sayre Casto.

Napavine Cemetery

Submitted by Sandra McBridge on 19 Jun 2000: "I was looking at the US GenWeb site for the Napavine Cemetery. I have a slight correction for you to make to your records. My great grandmother is the Somerville, Mary A. you show and she was born in 1835 not 1836. I have a photo of the headstone, and if you look very close, you will see the number you found to be 1836, is actually a "5". The headstone also shows she died in 1907, but in fact, the headstone is incorrect. If you could make a note saying she actually died in 1908, I would appreciate that, perhaps adding a note, "headstone incorrect". I have her death cert, and 2 newspaper articles stating the date to be 1908." [Editor's note: her last known email address (s1799@aol.com) was bouncing as of Jan 2004]

Submitted by Robert S. Furrer on 31 Mar 2002: "For BONNER, George (1902 -1982) & BONNER, Ina (1895 - 1978), the correct last name is BOBNER. George BOBNER is my uncle."

Submitted by Robert D. Slemp on 9 Dec 2007: Robert submitted the following correction for his grandmother, Emma O. Slimp: "Stimp Emma O. should read: Slimp Emma O. B.12-14-1883 D.01-03-1972".

Saint Francis Xavier Mission Catholic Cemetery

Submitted by Robert S. Furrer on 31 Aug 2004: In regards to the listing for "Adams, Catherine Kure, b. 10/17/1898, d. 07/01/1965": "Catherine (Bobner) Kure/Adams is my aunt."

Submitted by Jenna L. Cain on 16 Mar 2002: "Please make corrections to the following entries in St. Francis Xavier Mission Catholic Cemetery. Vernon and Margaret were husband and wife. Surname should be Blankinship on both. Margaret actually died 03/06/1988.

Old listing:
Blankenship, Vernon A. 08/01/1923 - 08/03/1986 S/Sgt. U.S.A.A.C.
Blankinship, Margaret M. 04/20/1925 - 03/06/1938 b.Crum Linn Penna. d.Chehalis Washington

Correct listing:
Blankinship, Vernon A. 08/01/1923 - 08/03/1986 S/Sgt. U.S.A.A.C.
Blankinship, Margaret M. 04/20/1925 - 03/06/1988 b. Crum Linn Penna. d. Chehalis Washington

Salkum Cemetery

Submitted by Cheryl Bowden on 19 Mar 2008:

The listing for "McKendral, Powell 1859 1934" should read "McKendra Powell". McKendra is his first name (aka Mack) and Powell is his last name. He is a gr grandfather to my husband and was married to Clara May Wilcox.

Submitted by Robin Meier on 2 Oct 2007:

I want to add to Rita Parker's posting below: There is also a grave for Wiley Rhodes, son of Tyler Rhodes and Ruby Stacy. He was a new born and the oldest brother of my boyfriend and his younger brother. Also Wiley Rhodes (Tyler Rhodes) was listed on Salkum Cemetery transcription as born in 1977 and died 1978. I think the dates are right. So his name is Wiley Tyler Rhodes and the years are 1977-1978. When Tyler (his father) recieved the head stone they had engraved Tyler Rhodes instead of Wiley Tyler Rhodes. He never did anything about it but always wanted to. He said they wanted to charge him to fix it. What if anything can we do about this? Thank you.

Submitted by Rita Parker on 5 Oct 2006:

Melvina "Vina" Rhodes was born Melvina McCalahan, 1874 in Buchannan County, Virginia. Daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth McClanahan.

Wiley Rhodes was born 25 Dec 1872 in Tennessee, son of George and Elizabeth Rhodes. Wiley died 19 Oct 1952. Viny and George married in Buchannan County, Virginia 24 Dec 1889.

With them are buried children: Elisha, born 1900, Eliza "Lizzie" and Levi Rhodes, all born in Buchannan County, Virginia.

Submitted by John and Pat Denning on 15 Dec 2005: "My wife Pat and I are researching the family history of our daughter-in-law and on Tuesday, 13 Dec 2005 we observed gravemarkers of some of her ancestors at the Salkum Cemetery, Lewis Co., Washington. Comparing listed records online with our observations the following corrections are submitted for consideration:

The listing: "Kee, George 04/07/1907 08/07/1908 son of Lock & Mary Kee"
Should read: "Kee, George 07/04/1907 08/07/1908 son of Lock & Mary Kee"

The listing: "Wilcox, Chancey ---- ---- no dates Co K Wisconsin Inf."
Should read: "Wilcox, Chancey ---- ---- no dates Co K Wisconsin Inf. (footstone)"
Add listing: "Chancey Wilcox Died Nov 13, 1905, 61Y, 6Mo, 14Dy, Honored by his Comrades, Esteemed by his Neighbors, GAR and GAR emblem at top of vertical marker"

The listing: "Wilcox, Herbert E. 10/30/1886 05/28/295? Washington U.S.Army Pvt.
                   40 Co.166 Depot Brig. WW1"
Should read: "Wilcox, Herbert E. 10/30/1886 05/28/1954 Washington U.S.Army Pvt.
                   40 Co 166 Depot Brig. WWI"

The listing: "Wilcox, Lester James 10/01/1888 05/01/19??"
Should read: "Wilcox, Lester James 10/16/1888 05/18/1915"

The listing: "Wilcox, Lucy ---- ---- no dates"
Should read: "Wilcox, Lucy ---- ---- no dates (footstone)"
Add listing: "Lucy A. wife of Chancey Wilcox, Died Sep 26, 1902, Age 53Ys, 10Mo, 16Ds" and,
On an adjacent metal marker: "Womans Relief Corps, Corps 6 W.R.C. 1883"

Submitted by Julie McMullen on 9 Apr 2005: "I went through the list of names in my family history book against the names on the cemetery listing for the Salkum Cemetery and found some more corrections. I don't know if the errors are on the actual tombstones themselves or if they are transcription errors. They might even be errors in my family history!"

Blair, Ida A. Mrs. Her birth date should be 5/20/1877 not 5/26/1877.

Beusch, Otto J. should be Buesch
Beusch, Susie M. should be Buesch

DeLong, Roxalena F. Her first name should be spelled RoxAlena not RoxElena

Fordue, Daniel His last name should be FORDICE and his death date should be 1886 not 1880.

Fuller, Cyrena should be: Fuller, Cyrene.

Fuller, Earneit R. His first name should be Ernest. Also, his death date should be 1943 not 1942.

Fuller, Ethel Elizabeth Her death date should be 1949 not 1948.

Fuller, James R. born 04/04/1937 His death date should say 12/21/1972, which is the date he was declared MIA in Vietnam.

Fuller, Leroy His death date should say 1921 not 1920.

Fuller, Lloyd I THINK this should be Fuller, Floyd, birth date is 1901 and death date is 1924 (not 1921).

Fuller, William M. His middle initial should be N.

Hardy, Lincoll D. His first name should be Lionel.

Spath, Myron Welrose His death date should be 2/20/1908 not 2/20/1902.

Submited by Delores on 15 Mar 2003: "Regarding Fergueson, Patrick Balfour (06/12/1822 - 04/22/1908): He should be lying beside Hannah Wetherby (Weatherbee) Balfour along with the rest of the Balfour family members. His correct name is Patrick Fergueson Balfour. His parents were John Balfour and Mary Ann Day. See http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/frameset_search.asp which lists children: Harrison, Mathew (died young), John, Patrick F., James S.B., Charlotte, and Lucy Ann. Patrick Fergueson's daughter Adelaide married Minor McQuigg and is the mother of Henry, Nathan, Charles, Frank, and Mabel McQuigg from Lewis County, WA.

Submited by Kathy Blair Phillips on June 8, 2002: "On the Salkum Cemetery transcription, Elma Blair should be Emma Blair."

Submitted by Susan Harms Pattillo on 28 Sept 2001: "I have 2 corrections to the transcriptions of the Salkum Cemetery:
Lincoll D. Hardy should be Linioel D. Hardy (as on headstone)
Josephine Harms should be Joseph Harms (as on headstone)."

Silver Creek Cemetery

Submitted by Linda Carman on 10 Oct 2006: "Charles W and Grace E Fish were my great grandparents. Her birth year is listed as 1877, but it was 1871."

Stiltner Memorial Cemetery

Submitted by Melanie Clevinger on 30 May 2003: "There are a couple errors on the Stiltner Memorial Cemetery Website and I wanted to point them out. At the top of the page it says that the cemetery is in Centralia when in fact it is in Morton. My aunt, Katherine Rose Clevinger, is listed as dying September 15, 2000 when she actually died in 2002."