Centralia '47 Class Reunion Attracts 115

Approximately 115 people attended the Centralia high school class of 1947 reunion Saturday and Sunday and drank a toast to past and future successes in wine brought to the event by Ken Bowman, now of Napa, Calif.

Prizes were given to: First money received, Don Young, Kelso; traveled longest distance, Don Adams, Beeville, Texas; most children, Harold Richter, Arlington, Wash.; youngest child, Barbara (Hampe) Erickson, Seattle; married longest, Lela (Parmalee) Roller, Shelton; associate married longest, Alberta (McChesney), Borovec, Chehalis.

Telegrams were received from Betty (Anderson) Kunselman, Bremerton; and Lareta (Gabriel) Medak, Falls Church, VA.

At the Sunday picnic, Bill Endicott, who is Captain Cosmic on a Tacoma television station, and who is married to the former Adele Pierce, conducted games for the children. Prizes were awarded to the winners, and all of the children present were given a small gift.

Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Don Adams, Beeville, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown, Yuma, Arizona; Mr. John Keto, Los Angeles; Mr. Bill Keto, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Higby, Berkeley; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bowman, Napa; Mrs. Tom Smith (JoAnn Anderson). San Bernardino; and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holliday (Louise Roller), Fortuna, all of California.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kane, Klamath Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Reg Waters (Ouida Strahan), Portland; Mrs. Harry Anderson (Donna Mae Elmquist), Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ross, Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Burt (Janice Oliver), Oswego and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Harris (Vivian Hughes), Milwaukee, all of Oregon.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Young, Kelso; Mr. and Mrs. James Blanchard, Longview; Mr. and Mrs. Don Gulit, Wenatchee; Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Roller (Lela Parmalee) Shelton; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brossard, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Richter, Arlington; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Endicott (Adele Pierce) Lynwood; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rorick, Lynwood; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Waring, Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ramsey, Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. John Erickson (Barbara Hampe), Bellevue; Mr. and Mrs. Herb Fuller, Union; Mr. and Mrs. Don Skundrick (Shirley Hurn), Renton; Mr. and Mrs. James (Dick) Richards, Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noah, Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ormbrek, Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Anderson (Dee McIntosh), Seattle; Mr. Gale White, Seattle; Mrs. Alec Dines (Alma Harrah), Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams (Mary Woods), McCleary; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest May (Dorothy Votne), Tumwater; Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Peterson, Tumwater; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wentworth, Olympia; Mr. Art Spisak, Olympia; Mr. and Mrs. James D. Walter (Beverly Bailey), Olympia; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Meneghetti (Doris Babcock), Olympia; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shupp (Margie Betts), Olympia; Mr. and Mrs. George Finni, Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gordon (Barbara Ely), Bucoda; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woody (Evelyn Bennett), Winlock;

Attending from Chehalis were: Mr. and Mrs. Hank Oechsner (Billie Zurfluh), Mr. and Mrs. Richard Evans (Betty Yost), Mr. and Mrs. Harold Borovec (Albert McChesney), Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Hamilton (Alice Riley), Mr. and Mrs. Mike Emrich (Betty Doskey), Mr. and Mrs. Homer Waltrip.

Attending from Centralia were: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shupp, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tomasheck, Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeDuc, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sullivan (Virginia Rector), Mr. Bob Shambley, Mrs. Albert Oster (Betty Stablein),Mr. and Mrs. Jack VerValen (Hazel Parker), Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bieker, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Aho (Jeanne Westerman), Mr. and Mrs. Walt Jensen (Mary Ellen Kepper), Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lofgren (Joyce Olson), Mrs. Royce Hull (Althea Hanks), Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schweisow, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scott.

Source: The Daily Chronicle, 16 August 1962, page 3. Microfilm available at Centralia Timberland Library, 110 South Silver, Centralia, Washington 98531.

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester