Kim has generously shared pages taken from "The Chronicle," a magazine from 1909 that featured a collection of articles and photographs related to Lewis Co., WA. A table of contents of scanned images is listed below. Clicking on the link will pull up a separate window; close the window to return to this page.

You can also view a Table of Contents for the Chronicle.

Lewis County Courthouse, Chehalis, Washington 295
On the Chehalis River in Lewis County 296
View of the City of Chehalis, October 1, 1885 296
Mt. St. Helens 297
The old method of logging, as it was once used by Luedinghaus Bros. at Dryad, Washington 298
The Chehalis Valley in Lewis County 298
Old blockhouse on the Chehalis River in Lewis County, Washington 299
Logging with horses in Lewis County, Washington 300
The old way of logging near Chehalis, Washington 301
North fork of Tildon River, Lewis County, Washington 302
A home-built donkey engine used by Luedinghaus Bros. at Dryad 302
Bridge across Cowlitz River at Mayfield, in eastern Lewis County, Washington 303
A typical farmhouse in Lewis County, Washington 304
Logging train of Doty Lumber & Shingle Co., Doty, Washington/td> 305
Logging with steam railway at Dryad, Washington, by Luedinghaus Bros. 306
Logs of Stillwater Lumber Co. at Little Falls, Washington, a carload of lumber in each log 307
Logging road of Doty Lumber & Shingle Co. at Elk Creek 307
A representative old-time logging scene in Lewis County, Washington - at the rollway 308
Rollway at Luedinghaus Bros. at Dryad, Washington 309
Interior view of a portion of the lumber mill at Luedinghaus Bros. at Dryad, Washington 309
Scene amidst the standing timber in Lewis County, Washington 310
The plant of the Centralia Shingle Mills at Centralia, Washington 311
Loading timbers with crane at plant of Doty Lumber & Shingle Co., Doty, Washington 312
Yeoman's pond and loading derrick on the Chehalis River near Pe Ell, Wash. 313
High school building, Centralia, Washington 314
Public School Building at Toledo, Washington 315
School Building at Dryad, Washington 315
Drawing of the new High School building at Chehalis, Washington, to cost $40,000 316
East Side School Building, Chehalis, Washington 316
Baptist Church at Winlock, Washington 317
The McCormick Lumber Mill at McCormick, near Pe Ell, Washington 318
Plant of Little Falls Fireclay Co., Little Falls, Washington 319
Residence of J. P. Guerrier, Centralia 320
Residence of F. A. Martin, Centralia 320
Residence of J. W. Daubney, Centralia 321
Residence of Frank T. McNitt, Centralia 321
Birdseye view of Centralia, taken from the Hospital Hill, 1907 322
The United States National Bank building, Centralia, Washington 326
Safe deposit vault and coin vault in the Coffman, Dobson and Co. Bank at Chehalis, Washington 326
Exterior view of the Coffman, Dobson & Company's bank building, Chehalis, Washington 327
Interior of the bank of Coffman, Dobson & Co., Chehalis, Washington 327
The magnificent new Union Loan & Trust Company building, Centralia, Washington 328
The patent folding fruit box manufactured at Pe Ell, Washington 328
A Lewis County herd of Jerseys taken by surprise 329
The Hope block, Centralia, Washington 329
Eastern Railway and Lumber Company's plant at Centralia (left panel) 330
View of a portion of Centralia, Washington 330
Eastern Railway and Lumber Company's plant at Centralia (right panel) 331
Interior of the J. P. Symons machine shop, Centralia, Washington 331
Hotel Centralia, Centralia, Washington 332
Residence of George Dysart, Chehalis 332
Residence of H. C. Gilliam, Centralia 333
City Hall, Chehalis 333
Interior of the lodge room of the Elks, Centralia, Washington 334
Centralia General Hospital 334
Gem Drug Store corner, Chehalis, Washington 334
Looking from the depot up one of the main business streets of Chehalis 335
Street scene in Chehalis, Washington 335
Forest road at Deep Creek, near Adna, Washington 340
Views at Adna, Washington 341
Timber scene near Adna, Lewis County, Washington 342
Residence of L. W. Field, Adna, Washington 343
Birdseye view of a portion of Winlock, Washington 344
Offices of the O'Connell Lumber Company, Winlock, Washington 344
Office of J. A. Veness Lumber Company, Winlock, Washington 345
The Winlock Co-Operative Creamery, Winlock, Washington 345
Hardware and Furniture Store of F. C. Schafer, Winlock, Washington 346
The Commercial Hotel Building, Winlock, Washington 346
View of the town of Dryad in 1906 347
Doty Lumber & Shingle Co. Mill No. 1, Dryad, Washington 347
Residence of Geo. F. Luedinghaus, Dryad, Washington 348
Lover's Bridge, Dryad, Washington 348
Residence and general store of James Lockerbie, Dryad, Washington 349
Residence of Mrs. Jos. Staeger, Sr., Dryad, Washington 349
View showing N.P. depot, and part of yard of Little Falls Fire Clay Co., Little Falls, Washington 350
Plant of Little Falls Fire Clay Co., Little Falls, Washington 350