I'm always interested in learning about the direction people's lives take after graduation - and not just for my own graduating classes! So, I have created this page as a way to share "the rest of the story" of the graduates of CHS Class of 1924. Several people have already contributed information on some graduates, and I hope more will follow. If you have something you would like to share about one of the graduates, please email Jenny Tenlen. Thank you.

EUGENE ALVORD: Eugene Alvord was married to Margaret Alvord (had a daughter at CHS about our time, but I forget her name). Also Richard Alvord was their son. Both are dead. (Submitted by: Judy Hendrickson)

Further to Richard Alvord . . . his sister, Margenia (sp), retired from The Oregonian about 8 years ago and still lives in the Gresham area, as far as I know. She was one of my first baby sitters, and we always had good fun joking about that in the Composing Room, where she worked. (submitted by: Richard Edinger)

LLOYD BURDETTE: Lloyd Burdette was the husband of Reva Burdette - they lived on Main Street a block down from the Chevrolet dealership (big house). Reva is at Colonial Residence and was just at the Old Schoolmates Reunion. Her sister is Verdi Burdette (married name I forget) and she lives in Bellingham. She was the music director at the First Methodist Church when I was going there in the '50s. (Submitted by: Judy Hendrickson)

FARNHAM DAVIS: As for Farnham Davis, he was on my paper route and I always enjoyed collecting from him (!) . . . and about a block away were two other good customers, the Greeley's and the Gee's. Davis, along with former Mayor Don Naismith, ran Naismith & Davis oil company. Don still meets daily at 10 am at a downtown restaurant to have coffee with Joe van der Hoeff, John Benedict and various other fabric of the community. I've joined them on occasion. (submitted by: Richard Edinger)

Farnham Davis was my neighbor - lived on M Street for many years, his widow, Ersel died within the past year. No children. (Submitted by: Judy Hendrickson)

LEHMAN PROFFITT: Lehman Proffitt died a number of years ago. His widow is still in Centralia and is at Colonial Residence. They owned Proffitt's department store on Tower Avenue (across the street from Gesler-McNiven). (Submitted by: Judy Hendrickson)