Claquato Phone Company Has Election

Claquato, Jan. 6. - The annual meeting of the Claquato Telephone Company was held at A. Raybuck's Monday evening. The following officers were elected: Howard Saxton, president; Mrs. Annie Smith, vice-president; Chris. Metzenberg, secretary-treasurer; Fred Smith director for 3 years.


Ted Smith 75 Years Old

A surprise and watch party was held at the J. A. Peters home New Year's eve in honor of Mrs. Peter's father, Mr. Ted Smith who was seventy-five years old New Year's day. Games and music were enjoyed until after the New Year was ushered in. Delicious refreshments were enjoyed during the last hour of 1931. There were about thirty-six guests present.


The Christmas program given by Claquato school pupils was enjoyed by many friends and patrons.

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Casady were hosts Christmas day at a delightful gathering of friends and relatives. Following the dinner, at which covers were placed for twenty, gifts from the tree were received by all. Later sanpshots were taken of the group. Music and games were then enjoyed. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. G. Orning of Centralia; H. T. Brooks and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. Dorn of Onalaska, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peters and son Harold, T. smith, Mrs. K. Peters and son John, and Mrs. Florence Pepin and son Earl of Chehalis. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Grauman and two children of Centralia, H. Detering of Adna and Frank Casady and son billy of West Crego joined the party.

Mr. and Mrs. Williamson were hosts at dinner Christmas day to Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass and family of Salkum and Mr. and Mrs. J. Kray and daughter.

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, Friday, 8 January 1932, page 3. Microfilm available at Washington State Library, 6880 Capitol Boulevard South, Tumwater, Washington 98512

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester