The following picture was submitted by Tami (DeRossett) Moorcroft.

Isaac and Gracie DeRossett

"My grandparents came from Floyd County, KY in 1911. My granddad Isaac (Ike) Napoleon DeRossett brought my gram Gracie (Porter), their 3 kids Raymond, Anna Eunice, and Elkanna, along with them he brought his parents Thomas Jefferson DeRossett and Nancy Jane (Goble). In Ky they left brothers and sisters - the parents never seeing their other kids again. When I started doing genealogy I started in Floyd county and I found a few distant cousins from the DeRossett side after 3 years I was thinking none of the kids of the brothers and sisters still lived back there. But this last spring I came in contact with my 3rd cousin and he was so generous to send me some pictures to look at that he did not know and low and behold was a picture of my grandparents sent to his grandmother (who was my grandad's sister) taken of them after they moved out here. None of us out here had ever seen the picture and I was totally thrilled to get it. I believe this picture was taken in Vance from the mountains in the distance and knowing where they lived at this time. My gram looks awful I believe this to be right after she lost her 6 month old baby girl to whooping cough she had ivory skin and in this picture she looks so dark. Not a happy time for her she told me that after she lost her baby she thought she was going to lose her mind. What made it really hard for her was she had no family of her own out here as Grandad had his sister Martha DeRossett Scalf and her husband Will and kids and his parents he brought. She said she held Edna (the baby) and wouldnt let any one take her because in the days before she died she would get to coughing and she would stop breathing and turn blue and then all of a sudden she would catch her breathe and come back. But she held her for over 6 hours after she died thinking she would come back. How hard our poor grandparents had it. How sad and how homesick my gram must have been and none of us understanding that they had a life before here. I wish I had paid more attention but it wasnt real to me I just didnt stop and think what she had gone through. Everytime a letter came from back there she would get tears in her eyes and put her apron up over them. She was a wonderful and loving woman I still miss her and her big hugs. Such a change from her generation to mine."

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