Early SNOW Homestead

The above photo was submitted by Don Olson. "This was a log cabin that Sarah (Sally) Snow and her daughter, Isabelle, lived in. It was built not long after they arrived 1890 in Winlock. Sally's brothers, Thomas and Joseph built it for them and would do the chores for them. This photo was taken about 1920. So we are looking at a time when they went to visit the old cabin, a cabin that looks to be near 30 years old. Those in the photo are from L-R:
My little aunt Bertha (Mae) Olson,
behind her my grandmother Isabelle Olson. (Belle)
My father Theodore Emil Olson, (Ted)
and behind him John Kindrick. (a boy of a family in TN whose parents died)
Matilda Henderson (called aunt Til)
Rufus Henderson (called uncle Ruf)." (This is a different view of the cabin shown in this photo.)

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