Ainslie Residents, ca. 1910

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The above photo was submitted by Don Olson. "I'm attaching a 1910-11 photo that Peg Roe/Snow uses for identification in her ca. Aug 1995 letter to Virginia Snow/Derr. The photo was of Ainslie people at some kind of a social event, probably at a hall in the Ainslie or Winlock area. Virginia and Peg's husband, Clarence, were 1st cousins. Their grandfather was Joseph Snow. Virginia was asking Peg to identify those that she could in the photo. Peg tried her best. Peg's name is Lillie Delilah Roe/Snow and she was born 14 April 1904 and is still living. She and her kin are looking forward to her 100th next year. I'm sure that will be quite a publicized event.

Peg was 91 yrs old when she wrote this letter to Virginia, so she was using her memory of when she was six or seven yrs old. Virginia was 79 at that time and is still living at the age of 87.

I have high-lighted the numbers on the photo that Peg refers to. There are also three that I have identified. Margaret was easy for her great-great-granddaughter, Jeanne Ostnes, to identify.

The letter reads as follows:

'Dear Virginia,

Wish you could see the original but am taking to our reunion because some cousins have family in it.

I want to show them your numbers 1 & 2 are right but I can't spot Aunt Til who no doubt is there. Did you remember "Betsy"? I think she was uncle Ruf's sister. You may have heard C (C. refers to Clarence) speak of her. She was rather different.

Man with goatee in back is grandpa Roe & grandma in row below is the small one in black hat and all.

One you marked X is Mrs. Schlief with baby.

Your numbers 8 & 9 are my aunt Annie & Martin Clark, Dad's sister and right behind her is aunt Apha & Clyde Roe Dad's brother. Apha had Cherokee ancestors and below Annie is Mrs. Robbin's father, Apha's mother.

Beside your # 7 is Apha's sister Della who married John Kendricks, uncle Ruf & aunt Til's son (foster or adopted, never knew.) Anyway he is the real good looking young man in second row sort of behind those two ladies in white hats and blouses.

By # 5 is C's Dad (C is Clarence) & I never saw her, but # 6 is Jim Cunningham holding daughter Thelma. Thelma lived with her grandfather William Cunningham just across the road from Tom's place where C's folks lived then. Seems Jim's wife died. Later I know the woman he was married to, she was a widow with children.

Your # 7 is or was Gladys Varney & her mother I marked # 8 (white blouse). [Dianne Bird comments that was the reason for two # 8s. Dianne got a copy of Virginia's records which this was a part of, and then sent me a copy].

My Mom is # 11, not positive which is Dad, but I think it is # 3.

A few others I know aunt Katie & Harry McKune and Mr. & Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Duffy (?), but most of the men stump me.

Caroline Carns (Guist), Mary & Lou's mother, I don't recognize and no doubt the Olsens are in the picture cause they lived close.

Surely grandma & grandpa Snow must be there. [Grandpa died just before this in 1910, but Margaret is identified as # 4 by her great-great-granddaughter, Jeanne Ostnes. Don Olson]. I went to grandpa Snow's funeral with grandma Roe when I was just starting school. Can never forget that up on the hill where cemetery is. You might have herd how our Joe took that timber company to court and got money to have it fenced, gated & all. Right away vandals began their work. No telling how it is now. It had been so desecrated.

Hope I've made sense & you can read my writing. Arthritis is sort of taking over. You know I don't have your Ferndale address and have just dallied around about writing too.

Thank you for the paper on Ainslie. Did you want it back? So very interesting. Am not really enthused about genealogy, but Marcia is so am glad she can represent us at the picnic. Ours is Sat 12 also. Maybe you will be going by again. If you do stop. I hear from Margaret quite often. Love, Peg

Oh yes that's Susan Burns by your # 10 left.' [ I identified Susan as # 12. Don Olson]

People in picture that an atempt has been made to identify are:

1 Tom Snow (Isaac Thomas Snow)
2 Rufus Henderson (also called uncle Ruf)
3 Joseph Snow my grandfather (I don't think so. DO). Peg thinks he was her Dad.
4 Margaret Snow (Margaret Elizabeth Laymance/Snow) LaMance is another spelling seen.
Baby was possibly Agnes.
5 Lizzy Snow/Carns (Caroline Elizabeth Snow/Carns)
6 Doc Carns (Alijah Clabourne Carns)
7 Gladys Varney
8 Mother of Gladys Varney marked by Peg
8 My aunt Annie, Dad's sister
9 Martin Clark, Annie's husband
10 ?
11 Peg's Mom
12 Susan Burns
I identified three of my aunts as:
O1 Ida Belle Olson
O2 Selma Marie Olson (went by Sammy)
O3 Laura Matilda Olson

Peg Snow commented that the whole Ainslie community and then some were in this photo.

If there are some mistakes, and there are, Peg did remarkably well for a 91 year old thinking back 85 years when she was only 6 in 1910. She grew up with these people."

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