Funeral Gathering for John Houston Snow

The above photo was submitted by Don Olson. "This photo was taken 27 July 1944 near the Snow Cemetery, Lewis County, WA.

Back row L-R:

Helen Katherine (Allen) Walser -- Nora Alice (Snow) Allen's seventh child born 28 Feb 1921 in Blaine, WA.

Nora Alice (Snow) Allen -- Joseph and Margaret Snow's seventh child born 2 Jul 1882 in Wartburg, TN.

Bessie Marie (Allen) Freeman -- Nora Alice (Snow) Allen's second child born 30 Nov 1900 in Winlock, WA.

Edna Ozella (Toy) Steinhart -- Walter, Sr. Toy's third child born 20 Oct 1899 in Winlock, WA. Edna was a granddaughter of Joseph and Margaret Snow.

Margaret Emmaline (Toy) O'Ban -- Walter, Sr. Toy's second child born 24 Apr 1902 in Winlock, WA.

Edith Irene (Toy) Custer -- Walter, Sr. Toy's first child born 14 Nov 1890 in Winlock, WA.

Evelyn Louise (Allen) Behme -- Nora's fifth child born 9 Feb 1916 in Blaine, WA.

Front row L-R:

Jack Custer -- Edith's husband born 1 Jul 1887 in Nova Scotia

Isaac Thomas Snow -- Joseph and Margaret's third child born 1 Jun 1872 in Wartburg, TN.

Thomas Allen Toy -- Walter, Sr. Toy's fifth child born 5 May 1904 in Capitola, WA.

The Capitol Mill had its community named Capitola, which later became Veness when he took over the mill.

Charles Wilfred Toy -- Walter, Sr. Toy's seventh child born 2 Apr 1910 in Winlock, WA.

Robert O'Ban -- Margaret Emmaline's husband born 1 May 1907.

Photographed by: Bernice Lucille (Allen) Lindel -- Nora's sixth child born 18 Nov 1917 in Blaine, WA.

John Houston Snow was the fifth child of Joseph and Margaret Snow born 24 Mar 1877 in Wartburg, TN.

John's death had been recorded as 27 Jul 1944 probably because of the time of this photo. The California Death index stated that John Snow died 13 Apr 1943 in Lassen County, CA.

The time difference between death and burial suggests that John was cremated before being placed next to his parents, Joseph and Margaret Snow in the Snow Cemetery, Lewis County, WA.

So seven people in this photo spent part of their lives in the Winlock area."

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