Hope Grange Officers Are Elected

Evaline, Nov. 24. - Hope Grange has elected the following officers for the coming year: Master, J. C. Watson; overseer, R. B. Petrie; lecturer, Mrs. J. C. Watson; steward, Harry Balthis; assistant steward, M. Conradi; chaplain, Mrs. John Nelson; treasurer, John Nelson; secretary, Mrs. M. Conradi; gatekeeper, Jess Flock; Ceres, Sister Cleve Cooper; Pomona Sister Bessie Wixon; Flora, Sister Bertha Burk; lady assistant steward Mrs. R. B. Petrie.


A surprise party was given Wednesday evening on Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson. The occasion was their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Holgar Nelson, Mrs. Johnson and Gladys Johnson, Mrs. Conradi and children, Mr. and Mrs. Wixon and daughter Bessie, Jess Flock and daughter Kate, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Watson, Mrs. Allred, Mr. and Mrs. Reinke, sr. Mrs. M. Conradi and Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Evans.

The all-day Christmas kit demonstration by Miss Copp at the Evaline hall was well attended.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balthis and daughter Maxine made a business trip to Seattle Thursday.

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, 27 November 1931, page 8. Microfilm available at Washington State Library, 6880 Capitol Boulevard South, Tumwater, WA. 98512

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester