Fuller Family

This picture was contributed by Julie McMullen - below is her description of the photo:

The parents are Harrison Fuller and Cyrene (Smyth) Fuller and are seated in the middle.

In the back row, from left to right: Ida Ann (1877-1905), Elijah (1871-1930), Alfred (1873-1961), Harvey (1862-1927), Frances (1865-1937)

Center row: Harrison (1840-1908), Lucretia (1882-1971), Pricy (in photo) (1868-1893), Cyrene (1845-1931)

The three girls in the front are: Vashti (1880-1906), May (1886-1912), and Roxie (1875-1965).

One sister, Pricy, died before this picture was taken and her picture is being held up by the mother.

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