J. H. Dumon, M. D. Proprietor.

For many years upon the sitely eminence in the eastern part of Centralia stood a large and commodious building, empty and deserted. Surrounded by eight acres of ground it presented to the mind an impression of boom days when large things were planned, but not fulfilled. This fine, large structure was built for a Baptist seminary and aften one year's use abandoned to the influence of the elements.

With the enterprise of a true westerner, seeing the opportunity and knowing the needs of the growing and thriving city, Dr. J. H. Dumon last year purchased this property and has furnished and fitted it up as a complete and modern hospital.

Here are employed all the latest devices and conveniences for the treatment of disease and the care and attention of surgical cases. Able and competent trained nurses and assistants are employed. Fifty-one rooms are equipped, some for private occupancy and several as wards. The surgery is a special feature of the institution, arrangements being made for the proper care of his many surgical cases. The building is heated by steam and a private electric system is employed for light and in the treatment of cases by electricity. The most comprehensive and satisfactory view of the city is to be had from this location. The building and equipment could not be replaced for less than $35,000. It is a credit and source of pride to Centralia and is the largest and most complete hospital in this part of the state.

Eighteen years ago Dr. Dumoa settled at Centralia coming from Michigan. He graduated from the department of medicine and surgery in the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in the class of '77 and has been since continuously, actively engaged in the practice of his profession. He is one of Centralla's enterprising and progressive people and is largely interested in the growth and advancement of the city's best interests. Herewith is presented a view of his magnificent sanitarium.

[photo: Dr. J. H. Dumon's Hospital, Centralia (posted offsite, on the Google Books website)]

Source: Wilhelm's Magazine: The Coast. Honor L. Wilhelm, Editor. Vol. XIII, No. 4, April 1907. p. 253.

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen.