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John Parshall and Lucy (Cline) Smith

(Lucy Rachel (Cline) Smith and John Parshall Smith)

JOHN PARSHALL SMITH was born about. 1804 in New York, and died May 11, 1886 in Chehalis, Lewis Co. WA. He was the third child of Gordon Smith and Sybil Parshall. John’s father Gordon was born in Connecticut according to most Census information, 1 year after the Declaration of Independence of the United States in Connecticut. Gordon's family traveled to New York. Gordon is noted as the husband of Sibby Parshall in "The History of the Parshall Family" pg. 46. The source is listed as the family records and personal knowledge of Permelia McGowan. Also listed are 7 children. Gordon and Sibyl carried the name Parshall down in the names of their first two sons. Sybil family is well documented in the book the history of the Parshall family. Her line also descends from a famous historical figure Lion Gardiner. Gorden is first found in Census on the 1800 Middlefield, Ostego County, New York Census. Gordon is shown as a male age 16 to 26, His wife is shown age 16 to 26 and a female; their first born a female is listed under age 0 to 10. Gordon is three dwellings away from John Parshall, Sibyl’s father. Gorden is next seen on the 1810 Onondaga County Census for the towns of Lysander, Hannibal and Cicero. Gordon is listed under age 26 to 45. His wife is listed under age 26 to 45. There are 3 males listed under age 10. It appears that their first-born girl died, not being listed as she was on the prior census. On the next page of the Census is a Stephen Johnson who married Sibyl's sister, Phoebe. In 1820 he is on the Harrison (Marathon) Cortland County Census. After Gordon and Sybil moved on his son Gordon Jr. stayed on in Cortland County. Gordon moved to Addison sometime between 1825 and 1830. Gordon is not listed on the 1825 census but listed on the 1830 Addison, Steuben county NY Census next to Josiah Cline and Pershal Smith. Therefore we assume he moved to Steuben County between 1825 and 1830. On the 1830 Census there are still two daughters living at home with them. Gordon's son John Parshall married into the Cline family by his marriage to Lucy Rachel Cline. On the 1835 Steuben Co. NY State Census Gordon is listed with wife and one son. Gordon in 1835 had 20 acres, 6 cows, 2 horses and 50 yards cotton. Gordon is also on the 1840 and 1850 census in Steuben Co., NY. On the 1850 Addison, Steuben Co., NY census (the first census to note place of birth) it lists Delaware as place of birth for Gordon. Gordon then shows up on the 1860 Buena Vista, Richland Co. WI census in the household of his grandson John's (son of John Parshall Smith) home. The railroad was in place by then and we assume he traveled by rail to live with them for a time. His age is listed as 83 and again place of birth lists Delaware. Gordon is next seen on the 1865 State census with his daughter Phoebe (Hannah) Smith Sanford back in Troupsburg Steuben Co., NY. He is listed as widowed. According to cemetery records, Gordon died Sept 18, 1865 and is buried in the Troupsburg, Steuben County cemetery.

John Parshall married LUCY RACHEL CLINE Abt. 1828 in Cortland Co., New York, probable daughter of JOSIAH CLINE and MARY. She was born Abt. 1812 in MA, and died July 16, 1884 in Chehalis, Lewis Co. WA.

John was a hard working farmer all his life. In 1829 they had their first child George Wilber in Willet, Cortland Co NY, according to Wilber's Military papers. Between 1835 and 1840, John moved his family to Goshen, Allen County, Ohio where they remained until 1847. Living next to him was Josiah Cline; Josiah Cline was believed to be Lucy's father or possibly another relative.

In the fall of 1847 John Parshall Smith brought his family along with his brother in law Cyrus Cline to the Bear Creek (Avoca, Buena Vista) area of Richland County, WI. This is documented in the Richland County Historical History book Chapter 12. It notes: " In the fall of the same year (1847) there were two men with their families, one by the name of Parshall Smith and the other Cyrus Cline, moved and settled on Bear Creek" Also noted is a William Cline, who is believed to be a relation possibly brother to Lucy and Cyrus Cline. The following, from the pen of Israel Janney, graphically describes the settlement of Buena Vista, Richland Co., WI: "In the fall of 1846 my brother Phineas and myself, with our families, left Logan Co., Ohio, for Wisconsin, and on the 27th day of September we crossed the Wisconsin river with our families in an Indian canoe, about one mile above the mouth of Bear creek, at a point since known as Hurst's ferry. Before crossing the river, we found it necessary to send our teams back by the way of Highland and Dodgeville to Helena. At this point there had been a shot tower erected, and the company operating this tower owned a flat boat for their own convenience, and they were engaged to ferry our teams across the river. We were landed on the north bank of the river near where Spring Green is now located, and traveled across the prairie to Bear creek. I mention these facts to show the inconvenience of traveling in the early settlement of the county.

"In the spring of 1847 William Janney, a brother of Israel, located on section 34, where J W Briggs now lives. The next settler in the town of Buena Vista was Amos Mercer, who also came in the spring of 1847. He was from southern Illinois. He settled on the west half of the southeast quarter of section 28, town 9, range 2 east, on the farm now owned by A Harter. Mr. Mercer is a prosperous farmer of Sauk County.

In the summer and fall of 1848 there were a number of locations made in this town. Delos Matteson, J W Briggs, Samuel Long, Jonathan Ingrum, E B Beason, Jonah Seaman, (Mr. Seaman came with the McClouds in 1845, but returned to Illinois, and came back again in 1848.) I H Wallace (proprietor of Richland city), C W Morris, George Reed, Nathaniel Wheeler, who bought out Phineas Janney; J W Coffinberry, who settled on section 30, but soon after removed to Richland City. William and Cyrus Kline settled on the northwest quarter of section 23, and the north half of the northeast quarter of section 22, town 9, range 2 east, on what is now known as the Eaton farm. John P Smith settled this year on section 22, on the farm now owned by Charles Daley. Emanuel Wallace, a brother of John Wallace, of Lone Rock, also came in 1848 and settled on section 14, on the farm now owned by Susan Halsey.

This area of Wisconsin is known for its cold winters. John Smith cleared land, farmed and raised children.

After living there 15 years, John continued with the movement of the Country at that time west. In 1862, John took his most of his family west on wagon along the Oregon Trail. Three of the older family children that were married stayed behind in WI. . His sons John, George Wilber and daughter Mary Huffman staying in Wisconsin. The Smith's most likely joined a wagon train at Fort Kearny traveled west to Boise Idaho then to Bakers County Oregon and Umatilla County Oregon. They lived in Oregon a few years, before moving on to Lewis county Washington in about 1867. Three daughters Phoebe, Ruth and Julia acquired husbands in Oregon and remained in Oregon for a period of time. They would later follow their parents to Washington State. About 1868, John and Lucy brought the remaining family to Claquato, Lewis Co, WA. At that time the family consisted of John Lucy, Jeremiah, Dillia and Angeline. There, they purchased 20 acres for fifty dollars from John D. Clinger. The property sits along the south boundary of the now Schuber place. Proof of his presence in all these towns is found in census records and deeds. In 1869, their son Jeremiah acquired 160 acres next to them. John hunted and trapped and made cedar rails and shakes and sold it to the locals. John was blind when he died.

Lucy passed away in 1884. John farmed his land until March 4, 1885 when he sold his property to G. T. Richards. John died May 11, 1886. He and his wife are buried in a family lot #65, at Fern Hill Cemetery off Bishop Road in Chehalis. Also in the family lot are S. E Philips and his wife Julia P. Smith Phillips, Mrs. Ben Phillips, Thomas Deveresse and his wife Dillia Smith Deveresse. No permanent marker stood to mark their resting place. Some generations later, descendants of the Rayton family paid for the permanent marker which now marks their grave.


Burial: May 15, 1886, Fern Hill Cemetery, Chehalis WA

Census 1: 1835, Addison, Steuben Co, NY

Census 2: 1840, Goshen, Allen Co, Ohio

Census 3: 1850, District No 26, Richland Co, WI pg. 207

Census 4: 1855, Buena Vista, Richland Co, WI

Census 5: 1867, Claquato Precinct, Lewis Co, WA

Census 6: 1870, Claquato Precinct, Lewis Co, WA pg. 147

Census 7: 1871, Claquato Precinct, Lewis Co, WA

Census 8: 1880, No twp listed, Lewis Co, WA pg. 398

Property: April 17, 1850, 160 acres, Richland Co, WI


Burial: July 20, 1884, Fern Hill Cemetery, Chehalis WA

Census 1: 1850, Richland Co, WI

Census 2: 1860, Richland Co, WI

Census 3: 1870, Lewis co, WA

Census 4: 1880, Lewis Co, WA (mislisted as Nancy)


Children of JOHN SMITH and LUCY CLINE are:

2. i. GEORGE WILBER3 SMITH, b. Abt. 1829, Willet, Cortland Co., New York; d. December 05, 1867, Richland Co., WI.

3. ii. JEREMIAH SMITH, b. Abt. 1832, New York; d. January 21, 1889, Olympia, Thurston Co, WA.

4. iii. JOHN SMITH, b. July 13, 1833, New York; d. 1906, Lone Rock, WI.

5. iv. MARY S. SMITH, b. Abt. 1835, New York; d. Aft. 1880, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

6. v. ROSANNA J. SMITH, b. Abt. 1837, Richland Co, WI.

7. vi. JULIA P. SMITH, b. December 12, 1838, New York; d. October 18, 1917, Olympia, Thurston Co, WA.

8. vii. HANNAH SMITH, b. May 02, 1843, Ohio; d. March 09, 1925, Olympia, Thurston Co, WA.

9. viii. PHOEBE SMITH, b. September 04, 1844, Ohio; d. December 25, 1890, Sprauge, Lincoln Co, WA.

10. ix. RUTH SMITH, b. Abt. 1847, Ohio.

x. MELISSA C. SMITH, b. Abt. 1849, WI.

xi. DILLA DESIRE SMITH, b. April 02, 1853, Richmond City, Richland Co, WI; d. June 11, 1897, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA; m. THOMAS L. DEVEREESE, July 08, 1867, Umatilla Co, OR; b. July 04, 1837, Kent, England; d. 1921, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA.


Dilla had no children. Her obituary from the weekly Chehalis newspaper Bee Nugget dated June 17, 1897 reads:

"Died at her home in Chehalis Friday June 11, 1897, Mrs. T. L. Devereese. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 2:00, Rev. Elliot officiating and the interment was in the old Chehalis Cemetery. Mrs. Devereese’s death was caused by a cancer from which she had suffered for the past six months.

Dilla Smith was born in Richmond CO Wisconsin April 2, 1862. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith having crossed the plains with her parents, settled in Baker Co Oregon in 1862. July 8, 1867 She was married to T. L. Devereese who survives her. Mr. and Mrs. Devereese came to Lewis County in the fall of 1869 and preempted what is now Fred Schuber's place. Afterwards they bought what is now the Lemon Place, where Ed Lowry now lives. In 1887 they sold this property to Mr. Lowry and moved into Chehalis and have lived there ever since. Besides the husband five sisters and one brother survive Mrs. Devereese, Mrs. S.E. Phillips and Mrs. John Rayton of this county, Mrs. John Barton of Olympia, Mrs. Ruth Johnson of Oregon, and Mrs. Mary Hoffman of Council Bluffs Iowa. and Mr. John Smith of Wisconsin. Though of a retiring reserve disposition Mrs. Devereese had many very warm friends and the large attendance at the funeral was a fitting testimony of the respect and esteem held towards her by those who knew her best." note this obituary had several mistakes in it. She was born in 1852 not 1862. She was born in Richland Co not Richmond Co. WI. Her sister Mary’s last name was listed as Huffman not Hoffman.


Census 1: 1870, Claquato Precinct, Lewis Co, WA pg. 147

Census 2: 1871, Lewis Co, WA State Census

Census 3: 1880, No twp listed, Lewis Co, WA

Census 4: 1890, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA


Thomas Devereese obituary reads: "Thomas L. Devereese county pioneer, Dies. Crossed Plains in 1862 and located in this section of the country more than half century ago. Thomas L. Devereese, dean of Lewis county pioneers and well known to most of the older residents of Chehalis, died Wednesday afternoon at his home at Riverside. Mr. Devereese crossed the plains in 1862 and located in what is now the Chehalis district 51 years ago. He at one time owned on of the finest farms in the valley, was associated with Frank Everett and C. W. Maynard in the hardware business in this city and, as contractor, built many Chehalis streets and sewers and laid out the present State training grounds. Mr. Devereese was born in Kent England, July 4, 1837. Coming to this country in 1861 he lived near Waverly New York, until 1862 when he crossed the plains. Prospecting for gold along his way up through California and eastern Oregon, he arrived in the vicinity of Chehalis about 1870. He lived here continuously ever since. Mr. Devereese was twice married; the first time in 1867 to Miss Dilla D. Smith with whom he lived for 30 years. Some time after her death in 1897, he married Miss Grace Herzog of Omaha Neb., who died two years later. Mr. Devereese leaves no direct descendants, nor near blood relatives, but because of his lovable qualities of heart and mind he leaves many true friends who will be heavy hearted because of his death. Funeral Services will be held at the Fissel undertaking parlors at 2:00 o'clock Friday, Rev. A J. McKenzie of the First Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be at Fern Hill cemetery." The cemetery is on the Bishop road in Chehalis next to his wife. On the 1871 Lewis County census it lists Lawyer as Thomas's occupation. He married Dilla in Umatilla County Oregon on July 6, 1867. He is noted as a resident from Grants county Oregon. His future brother in law, S. E. Phillips was a witness. The Devereese road in Chehalis WA was named for him. Note that his middle initial is listed as S. on his marriage certificate but L in his obituary.


Census 1: 1870, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA pg. 147

Census 2: 1880, No twp listed, Lewis Co, WA

Census 3: 1890, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA


Marriage: July 08, 1867, Umatilla Co, OR

xii. MILLA M. SMITH, b. Abt. 1855, Richland Co, WI; d. February 1887, disappearance near home in Claquato, Lewis Co, WA; m. CYRUS ALLRED, March 12, 1872, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA; b. Abt. 1843, Missouri; d. September 24, 1917, Centralia, Lewis Co, WA.

Notes for MILLA M. SMITH:

Millie was married to Cyrus Allred for 16 years with no children born to their marriage. There marriage is listed in the Lewis County Washington Territorial Marriages 1847-1889. They settled in Centralia in 1865, on the old Chehalis road on property joining his parents and brother Soloman Allred. On the second day of June 1887 Cyrus said Millie just disappeared. Cyrus informed Millie's family the Smiths that she had left their house on the Chehalis road to get an armload of wood for the fire and never returned to the house. Cyrus speculated perhaps she fell into the nearby Chehalis River and drown or that she was attacked by a cougar and carried off. No body was ever found.

In the local paper two summons regarding this issue were printed on June 15, 1888 and July 27, 1888. According to family history, the Smiths, not willing to accept the facts Cyrus told them, contacted the Lewis County Sheriff L. L. Dubeau, who made an investigation. His investigation was to no avail turning up no information. Still unsatisfied the Smith Family members hired the Pinkerton Investigation Agency at an expense they could not well afford. The Pinkerton investigation was not able to bring closure to the issue due to lack of evidence or facts. To this day Millie's disappearance still remains a Mystery. Cyrus filed for Divorce papers on grounds of abandonment on June 7th 1888. He was granted a divorce later that year in Lewis Co Court.

More About MILLA M. SMITH:

Census 1: 1870, Claquato, Lewis Co WA (w/ parents) pg. 147

Census 2: 1880, Lewis Co, WA


Cyrus J. Allred was born in 1841, one of 12 children born to Jesse Allred born in TN and Marget Redmond Allred born in KY. The Allred family came west to Powder River Valley in eastern Oregon. They settled in Centralia in 1865 on the old Chehalis road. The family is detailed in "Centralia the First Fifty Years." Cyrus is buried in the old Pioneer cemetery in Centralia WA. His marker reads, "1841-1917, Private Co. C. MO State Militia Cav., A friend to his country and a believer in Christ."


Burial: Mt. View Cemetery, Centralia, Lewis Co, WA

Census: 1870, Skookum Precinct, Lewis Co WA pg. 158


Marriage: March 12, 1872, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA

11. xiii. ANGELINE MIRANDA SMITH, b. July 25, 1860, Lone Rock, Richland Co, WI; d. August 08, 1940, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA.


More on the Children of John Parshall Smith and Lucy Rachel Cline

1.GEORGE WILBER3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born Abt. 1829 in Willet, Cortland Co., New York, and died December 05, 1867 in Richland Co., WI. He married ARYENETTE (ANN) JEANETTE BURDICK February 03, 1850 in Buena Vista, Richland Co., WI, daughter of ZELOCK BURDICK and AMANDA. She was born August 10, 1834 in VT, and died June 04, 1909 in Arena, Iowa Co., WI.


George Wilber was the first Child born to John and Lucy Smith. He was born in Willett New York. As a child he moved with his family from New York to Ohio then settling in the Bear Creek area in Richland Co. WI near the Sauk Co. border. George went by the name Wilbur and is seen as such on Census and most document's. It was in Wisconsin that Wilber met and married his wife, Ann Burdett. Wilbur's wife Ann obituary states her name is Ann Jenette Burdick, however, her name might be Williams. Marriage records at the Iowa county court house state her name is "Angette Williams" She was17and Wilber was 21 when they married. Ann was born August 10, 1833 in Vermont. Wilber and Ann had 9 children. Ann was pregnant with her 9th child when Wilber died at the age of 38/39.

At the age of 36, Wilber enlisted in the Civil War as a Private in the 13th Battery of the Wisconsin Light Artillery. Wilber volunteered in August 29, 1864 in Marathon, WI. Wilber was a healthy high-spirited hard workingman when he entered the military. He worked as a farmer, harvesting hay, cutting wood and performing other farm duties. While serving in the military he became extremely ill with chronic diariah and a cough. He was hospitalized in Baton Rouge, LA. He was discharged on the 20th of July 20, 1865, at Milwaukee, WI. He was discharged due to his illness. Military records state he was born in Willet, Cortland Co., New York State. He was 6ft. tall, dark complexion, Blue eyes, and Brown hair and listed his occupation as farmer. Medical records show Wilbur contracted hepatitis and consumption while serving in the Civil War. He was very ill when he returned home to Wisconsin. He continued to complain of chronic diarrhea and a chronic harsh cough. Upon return he did manage to purchase a farm from George Bancroft. Wilber had worked for Mr. Bancroft at various times from 1857. Mr. Bancroft liked Wilber and described him as a good worker. Wilber never recovered from his illness and was unable to maintain his farm. The family required neighbor help to cut wood and help with the crops. Many act of kindness were given to the family during that difficult time. With his failing health, the family was forced to give the farm up. Wilber died about two years later at the age of about 39 after his return from the Civil War. His death was listed on Pension papers as caused by Lung disease with Plura (Consumption). He is buried the Brown church Cemetery. He wife later remarried.


Burial: Brown Church, Buena Vista, Richland CO., WI

Census 1: 1850, Dist No 26, Richland Co, WI pg. 207A

Census 2: 1860, Ithica, Richland Co, WI pg. 66

Property: June 01, 1854, 40 acres, Richland Co, WI


Her obituary reads;

"Ann Jenette Burdek was born in the state of Vermont August 10, 1834 and died June 4, 1909, aged 74 years, 9 months and 24 days. She came west when quite young. On Feb. 3rd in the year 1850 she was married to George W. Smith in the town on Buena Vista, Richland Co, Wis., where they made their home later moving to Bear Creek. Ann was only 17 when she married Wilber. They were married at the home of John Williams. I suspect John Williams is her stepfather. They were married by Rev. Nathan Wheeler, Pastor of the Methodist Church. Benjamin Burdick, Ann's brother and John Smith, Wilber’s brother were witness to the wedding. The Smith family consisted of eight children, four sons and four daughters, five of whom are still living. George of Bear Valley, Edgar of Logtown, Laura Finn of South Dakota, Parmelia Dodge of Arena and Edith Rogers of Wonewoc. Mr. Smith died December 5, 1867. After his death she came to the town of Areau where she has since made her home. In the year 1867 she was married to Mr. Metson Daniels. One son was born to them Nelson, who has been a support and comfort in the last Years of her life. Her loss will fall heavily upon him as it breaks home and take away mothers love and care. May the God of all grace and comfort sustain him and the rest of the family in their bereavement. She had passed through a siege of pneumonia, but was thought to be out of danger, when on Friday morning she suddenly passed away into the sleep of Death that knows of no awakening until the great day of the resurrection. Until then we must say to the mother good-by. The funeral was form the home on the 6th. The internment was in the Arena Cemetery. Services were conducted by the writer and the words of comfort were taken form Acts 20:32. The family and friends have the sympathy of the community. B. N. Meigs."

Note her marriage certificate lists her maiden name as Williams not Burdett. She was married at the home of John Williams whose age is 62 according to the census. On the 1850 Richland Co Census, Wilber and Ann are living in dwelling #106. Next to them in dwelling #107 are John and Lucy and All their children born to that date. In dwelling 108 is John Williams age 62, his wife Amanda Williams and their youngest son Benjamin age14. Note in all of the 1850 Richland Co. Census they are the only family from Vermont except one other family. I suspect that John Williams is Ann's Stepfather. Wilbur’s pension papers list her maiden name as Burdick. Perhaps her mother was married to a Burdick before Williams and adopted the Williams name. A Charlotte Small was present at the births of Parshall, Amanda and Permilia according to Wilber’s pension file. Ann went on to marry a Nelson Daniels and had one son by him. The son lived with her until her death.

Ann outlived both her husbands and most of her children. Ann lived on 40 acres in Areua WI, in 1902 valued at the time at $200, when she received her pension from Wilber's service. She received $12 a month for his pension. She is buried in the Arena Cemetery, Iowa County, WI.


Burial: Arena Cemetery, Arena, Iowa Co., WI


Marriage: February 03, 1850, Buena Vista, Richland Co., WI


i. LAURA4 SMITH, b. 1850, Richland Co, WI; d. South Dakota; m. MR. FINN.

ii. GORDON SMITH, b. 1852.

iii. PARSHAL DANIEL SMITH, b. July 08, 1854, Richland Co WI.

iv. AMANDA MARIAH SMITH, b. May 14, 1856, Richland Co, WI.

v. PERMILIA (AMEILA) ITHUSA SMITH, b. April 11, 1859, Richland Co, WI; d. Arena, Iowa Co., WI; m. MR. DODGE.

vi. CORNELIOUS SMITH, b. 1860.

vii. GEORGE W. SMITH, b. July 06, 1861.

viii. EDGAR BENJAMIN SMITH, b. October 22, 1863; d. April 04, 1959.

ix. EDITH JENETT SMITH, b. May 22, 1868; d. Wonewoc, Juneau Co., WI; m. LESTER L. ROGERS, November 19, 1884, Spring Green, WI.


Marriage: November 19, 1884, Spring Green, WI

3. JEREMIAH3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born Abt. 1832 in New York, and died January 21, 1889 in Olympia, Thurston Co, WA. He married CALTINA Abt. 1857 in Richland Co WI. She was born Abt. 1841 in Ohio.


Jeremiah was the second son and child born to John and Lucy Smith. Jeremiah married his wife Caltina in Richland Co., WI. They are shown on the 1860 Census. However what happened to them is a mystery. Jeremiah Smith's wife and Children do not show up with him after the 1860 Richland Co WI Federal Census. Perhaps they divorced or died of illness or on the Oregon Trail. They seem to have disappeared. He never remarried. Jeremiah without wife and children came with his parents and other siblings to Lewis County Washington. Jeremiah acquired land of approximately 160 acres near his parents in Claquato on what is now called Scheuber road. Jeremiah is shown holding a 1869 Land Patent of 160 Acers in Lewis Co, WA Territory. Land Patents show the issue date 5-15-1869, Land office: Olympia. Jeremiah is shown in the Claquato Precinct page 147, Lewis Co., WA Territorial 1870 Census living alone in a dwelling next to his father, mother. He is next shown on the page 398 of the 1880 Lewis Co. WA Territorial Federal Census living alone next to his mother and father and his sister Dilla and her husband Thomas Devereese on the other side. On July 7, 1883 Jeremiah sold his 160 acres to John Alexander, Deed J 12. Jeremiah died at age 57. His obituary was in the Chehalis Bee Jan. 25, 1889. It reads " Jerry Smith who contracted smallpox in Olympia, died Monday at the home of his brother in law S.E. Phillips. Jerry had been previously ill and his system was too weak to stand this attack." It was rumored in family history that Jeremiah was always a little different or slow, but there is no evidence of this. It was also rumored that he may be buried on his on His brother-in-law and sister John and Angeline Rayton's property in Claquato.


Burial: Chehalis, Lewis Co. WA

Census 1: 1870, Claquato, Lewis Co., WA pg 147

Census 2: 1850, Richland Co., WI pg 207A

Census 3: 1880, Lewis Co., WA

Property: May 15, 1869, 160 acres, Lewis Co, WA Terr.


Marriage: Abt. 1857, Richland Co WI

Children of JEREMIAH SMITH and CALTINA are:

i. MILLIE M.4 SMITH, b. Abt. 1858.

ii. BOLIVAR SMITH, b. Abt. 1860.

4. JOHN3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born July 13, 1833 in New York, and died 1906 in Lone Rock, WI. He married NANCY MARIA SMITH Abt. 1855 in Richland Co WI, daughter of DANIEL SMITH and CATHERINE. She was born September 19, 1844 in PA, and died April 18, 1935 in Madison, Dane Co., WI.

Notes for JOHN SMITH:

John is shown in District No 26 page 207 of the 1850 Richland Co WI Census with his parents and siblings. He is sited in his sister Dilla Devereese 1897 obituary as living in WI.

More About JOHN SMITH:

Burial: Lone Rock Cem. Richland Co., WI

Census 1: 1900, Buena Vista, Richland Co., WI. ED #110, pg. 131,a41

Census 2: 1860, Buena Vista, Richland Co., 32

Census 3: 1870, Buena Vista, Richland Co., 22

Census 4: 1880, Buena Vista, Richland Co., WI. pg.36 A


Marriage: Abt. 1855, Richland Co WI

Children of JOHN SMITH and NANCY SMITH are:

i. ELECTRA ROSELLA4 SMITH, b. September 01, 1859, WI; d. July 13, 1890, Dicken, IA.

ii. JAMES LORAN SMITH, b. March 11, 1862, Bear Creek, Richland Co., WI; d. May 1864.

iii. ARTHUR EUGENE SMITH, b. March 1864; m. MAY UNKNOWN.

iv. ANNABEL GENEVA SMITH, b. April 02, 1867, Lone Rock, Richland Co., WI.

12. v. CHARITY ANN SMITH, b. January 08, 1870, Lone Rock, Richland Co., WI; d. September 27, 1945, Bassano, Alberta, Canada.

13. vi. LUCY CATHERINE SMITH, b. December 27, 1879, Lone Rock, Richland Co., WI; d. December 03, 1918, Iowa Co., WI.

vii. JOHN OSCAR SMITH, b. August 25, 1884, Lone Rock, Richland Co., WI.

5. MARY S.3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born Abt. 1835 in New York, and died Aft. 1880 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She married JOSEPH HUFFMAN Abt. 1854 in Richland Co, WI. He was born Abt. 1835, and died Aft. 1880 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Notes for MARY S. SMITH:

Mary met Joseph in Richland County Wisconsin and married him there about 1854 according to census records and marriage records. Joseph and Mary Huffman resided in Council Bluffs Iowa in 1897 according to Dilla Smith Devereese's obituary.

More About MARY S. SMITH:

Census 1: 1855, Richland Co WI

Census 2: 1870, French Creek, Allamakee Co, IA pg. 153


Census 1: 1855, Richland Co WI

Census 2: 1870, French Creek, Allamakee Co, IA pg. 153

Census 3: 1880, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa pg 30


Marriage: Abt. 1854, Richland Co, WI

Children of MARY SMITH and JOSEPH HUFFMAN are:

i. JOHN4 HUFFMAN, b. Abt. 1857; m. LUCINDA.

ii. CHARITY HUFFMAN, b. Abt. 1864.

iii. DELLIA HUFFMAN, b. Abt. 1868.

iv. BERTIE HUFFMAN, b. Abt. 1870.

v. JERVIS HUFFMAN, b. Abt. 1874.

6. ROSANNA J.3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born Abt. 1837 in Richland Co, WI. She married BENJAMIN CRAMER Abt. 1855, son of PETER CRAMER and MARY POLLY. He was born Abt. 1830 in New York or Osnanabruck, Canada.


Census: 1860, Buena Vista, Richland Co, WI, pg. 45


Ben is seen age 19 on the Louisville, St. Lawrence Census. Canada is listed as his birthplace. He is living with a Thomas Wilson age 33 a farmer born in NY, Thomas Wilson’s wife Sophronia age 28, their daughter Maria age 6. Benjamin’s parents apparently stayed in Canada.

Benjamin with his wife and two children is next seen on the 1860, Richland Co. WI census. He is not found on any Census after that.


Census 1: 1860, Buena Vista, Richland Co, WI pg. 41

Census 2: 1850, Louisville, St. Lawrence, NY pg. 240


Marriage: Abt. 1855


i. LUCY4 CRAMER, b. Abt. 1856.

ii. FRANK CRAMER, b. Abt. 1858.

7. JULIA P.3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born December 12, 1838 in New York, and died October 18, 1917 in Olympia, Thurston Co, WA. She married (1) ARTHUR BOLTINGHOUSE. She married (2) SIMEON ELIJAH PHILLIPS October 12, 1867 in Umatilla Co, OR. He was born March 12, 1829 in Ohio, and died August 09, 1902 in Chehalis, WA.

Notes for JULIA P. SMITH:

Julia is on the 1869 Richland Co WI census under her parent’s household at age 21and 6 months. This was an older age than the previous children left the home, especially for girls. Julia shows on the 1879 Black River Precinct Thurston Co WA census with second husband Simeon Phillips, misnamed as Samuel. Her oldest daughter is age 10, listing Oregon as her birthplace. Her daughter is age 20 on the 1880 Census, so I believe the age to be correct. So one could assume Julia may have been with child while in WI or briefly after. There is no marriage for her in Richland Co WI. Also Since Oregon is listed as the Birthplace, one may also surmise that Julia left for Oregon in 1860 or 1861. As of yet there is no found record of Boltinghouse in WI or OR. She must have met her second husband, Mr. Phillips in Oregon where she married him.

More About JULIA P. SMITH:

Burial: Fern Hill Cemetery, Chehalis, WA

Census 1: 1850, Richland Co, WI

Census 2: 1860, Richland Co, WI

Census 3: 1870, Black River Precinct, Thurston Co, WA Territory

Census 4: 1880, Lewis Co WA Territory


Arthur Boltinghouse was killed by Indians while driving freight stage (family reports for Wells Fargo) from San Francisco to Boise City Idaho sometime between 1863 and 1867.


Burial: Fern Hill Cemetery, Chehalis, WA

Census 1: 1870, Black River Precinct, Thurston Co, WA pg. 217

Census 2: 1880, Lewis Co WA Territory pg. 403


Marriage: October 12, 1867, Umatilla Co, OR



ii. ARTHUR M. BOLTINGHOUSE, b. Abt. 1863; m. ALICE J. TITUS, April 03, 1896, Chehalis, WA.


Marriage: April 03, 1896, Chehalis, WA


iii. ANTHONY4 PHILLIPS, b. Abt. 1864.

iv. JOHN PHILLIPS, b. Abt. 1866.

v. FORREST PHILLIPS, b. Abt. 1872; d. May 11, 1894, Lewis Co, WA.


Forest died of Typhoid fever. Chehalis Bee newspaper dated May 11, 1894 reads" Died: S.E. Phillips and family again mourn the loss of another one from their home circle. Friday Forrest Phillips died of typhoid fever aged 23 years. Funeral from Methodist Church."

vi. ESTER PHILLIPS, b. June 06, 1876, Lewis Co WA Territory; d. March 23, 1894, Lewis Co, WA.


Chehalis Nugget Newspaper on March 23, 1894 reads "Died: The Funeral of Ester Phillips daughter of S.E. Phillips who died Tuesday of typhoid fever, took place yesterday." The Chehalis Nugget on March 30, 1894 reads " Ester Rachel Phillips eldest daughter of S. E. Phillips and Mrs. J.P. Phillips, died March 20, 1894 at the home of her parents near Newaulkum. She was born June 6, 1876 in Lewis Co. WA. "

14. vii. BEN PHILLIPS, b. September 06, 1878, Lewis Co, WA; d. August 16, 1949, Lewis Co, WA.

15. viii. WALTER H. PHILLIPS, b. August 06, 1880, Lewis Co, WA Territory; d. October 02, 1944, Lewis Co, WA.

ix. CALISTA PHILLIPS, b. Abt. 1882, Lewis Co WA; d. Lewis Co WA; m. MR. MILLER.

8. HANNAH3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born May 02, 1843 in Ohio, and died March 09, 1925 in Olympia, Thurston Co, WA. She married JOHN J. BARTON April 12, 1862 in Pulaski, Iowa Co., WI, son of GEORGE BARTON and ELIVRA. He was born September 01, 1836 in Canada or Rochester, NY, and died September 07, 1898 in WA.

Notes for HANNAH SMITHS: (Some notes source is Ms. Reed a descendant of this branch)

Hannah and John Barton's marriage is found in Iowa Co., Marriages 1858-1862.

The March 13, 1925 Chehalis Bee Nugget newspaper obituary of Hannah Barton reads: " Mrs. Hannah Barton, who was well known to many Lewis county pioneers, due to the fact she resided locally for some years, died in Olympia Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S. H. Westover. Mrs. Barton was 81 years of age. She came to Olympia in 1886, her husband becoming engaged in business there for some time. Surviving relatives are the daughter Mrs. Westover, and a son will Barton, of Aberdeen; also a sister Mrs. A. M. Adams of this county."

The March 10, 1925 Olympian newspaper in Olympia WA reads: "Mrs. Barton, Pioneer dies in Olympia. Mrs. Barton 81, a resident of this county for the past 38 years, passed away Monday morning at the home of her daughter Mrs. S. H. Westover, east of this city. Mrs. Barton was born in Ohio May 2, 1843 and came with her family to Olympia in 1886. Mr. Barton was prominent in business circles for a number of years. After his death Mrs. Barton continued to reside east of the city and for the past 14 years has made her home with her daughter. She was a member of the Baptist church. Surviving besides the daughter are one son Will Barton of Aberdeen, and a sister Mrs. A. M. Adams of Lewis County. Surviving also are five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held from Mills Chapel Wednesday afternoon at one o'clock with interment in I.O.O.F. cemetery."


Burial: March 11, 1925, Odd fellows Cemetery, Olympia, Thurston Co, WA

Census 1: 1870, Minneiska, Wabasha Co, MN pg. 20

Census 2: 1880, Minneiska, Wabasha Co, MN pg. 527

Census 3: 1900, Chambers Prairie Precinct, Thurston Co, WA pg. 225

Census 4: 1910, Thurston Co, WA Pg. 310 5A

Notes for JOHN J. BARTON:

John Barton and Hannah Smith marriage is found in Iowa County Marriages 1858-1862. Iowa County borders Richland County where the Smiths lived and farmed. The Marriage is listed as: 262. Smith, Hannah, Daughter of John P. and Lucy R. Smith & John J. Barton, son of George and Eliva Barton, farmer of Pulaski, Born in Canada, Pulaski, April 12, 1862, Religious Ceremony.

Warranty Deed, 4 Sep 1886, between John J. & Hannah Barton and the Town of Minneiska, MN.

Source Info: Appears that they had to give up their land for the Chicago Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway Company for right-of-way and roadbed. (Hannah's death certificate states they lived in WA for 39 years, which would mean they moved in 1886)

Newspaper abstract of Chehalis Bee Nugget dated Friday Oct. 22, 1886 reads: ARRIVED: J. J. Barton of Minneiska Minn. arrived here with his grown son and daughter. Mr. Barton is the brother-in-law of Thos. Devereese.

1855 NYS census: Livingston Co., No. Dansville

John Barton 19 y/o b. Pa, farmer, lives in county 6 years, household of JOHN DETER.

(The John Barton with John Deter, is probably the correct one, same age for the birth date we have for him.

Which would make our assumption that the Mary Barton with Isaac Deter (we had her there too in the 1850 census) could be John's sister because they both live with a Deter family. I know that where they were born is not compatible, but maybe the family lived in Pa, moved to Canada, and then moved back down to Dansville? Both Mary and John lived in the County for 6 years, which would have them moving to the area 1849.... maybe that is near the time of the father's death.)

1860 Census, Caledonia, Livingston Co. NY page 563

Barton, James, 22 M Farm laborer. NY

Letter from Willa Skinner, town historian has found a John J. Barton living in Fishkill as a Farmer in 1866 town directory. Do not believe to be the same.

1865: Wabasha Co., MN state census: Minneiska. FHC film #0565716

Barton John J., Hannah and Lucy.

1870 U.S. Census, Minneiska, Wabasha Co., MN, p. 527A, July 12 1870.

James Barton age 32, farmer b. Canada, both parents foreign birth.

Anna (Hannah) age 27 b. Ohio.

Lucy age 5 b. MN

William age 3 b. MN

Alliza (Eliza) age 63 b. Canada.

1875 Wabasha County, Minneiska MN pg 590:

John Barton age 36 b. Canada, father: Scotland, mother:CT

Hannah 32 Ohio, NY, NY

Eliza age 64 b. CT, --, --.

Lucy 10 MN, Canada, Ohio

Wm. 8 y/o MN, Canada, Ohio

1880 U.S. Census, Minneiska, Wabasha Co., MN, p. 20.

Source Info: Listed as head of household as John J. Barton, age 45, farmer. Born Canada, father born Scotland, mother born Canada.

Census Place: Minneiska, Wabasha, Minnesota

Source: FHL Film 1254636 National Archives Film T9-0636 Page 554D

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace



Hannah BARTON Wife F M W 37 OH

Occ: Keeping House Fa: NY Mo: MA

Lucy A. BARTON Dau F S W 15 MN

Occ: At School Fa: CANADA Mo: OH

Willie E. BARTON Son M S W 13 MN

1900 U.S. Census, Olympia?, Chambers Prairie Precinct, Thurston County, WA, E.D. 225, sheet 3.

Source Info: Listed in the household of Samuel H. Westover as mother-in-law, Hannah, age 57, widow, born OH, father born in NY, mother

born in MA.

1910 U.S. Census, Thurston Co., WA, E.D. 310, page 5A.

Source Info: Listed in the household of Samuel H. Westover, as mother-in-law, Hannah, age 66, widow, born OH, father born NY, mother born MA, does not work.

Hannah's death certificate in 1925 says she lived in Olympia area for 39 years, so she moved there about 1886.

Hannah & John J. probably married in Wisconsin, though I don't know why John J. was in WI, We had no mention of that before hearing about Hannah living there.

Newspaper article: John J. Barton admitted to the mental institute in Steilacoom

Pierce Co. Washington. Misfortune caused by business trouble and overwork.

Apparently died 2 days later. Cause unknown at this time.

Medical records from Steilacoom Hospital indicates JJ Barton was in poor health upon admission and had a heart lesion. He was admitted for melancholia with mania. He had delusions and hallucinations and may thrash out at those who come too close. It indicates he was born in Rochester NY and his mother also was born in Rochester NY.

D.C.Bates went to Steilacoom to gather the remains of J.J. Barton who died on Wednesday at 3pm. Funeral is to be held on Friday

More About JOHN J. BARTON:

Burial: Oddfellows Cemetery, Olympia, Thurston Co., WA


Marriage: April 12, 1862, Pulaski, Iowa Co., WI

Children of HANNAH SMITH and JOHN BARTON are:

16. i. LUCY ANN4 BARTON, b. August 17, 1864, Minn.; d. December 18, 1925, Olympia, Thurston Co, WA.

17. ii. WILLIAM E. BARTON, b. October 16, 1866, Olmstead Co., MN; d. December 23, 1927, Aberdeen, WA.

9. PHOEBE3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born September 04, 1844 in Ohio, and died December 25, 1890 in Sprauge, Lincoln Co, WA. She married FREDRICK MOHS October 24, 1863 in Baker Co, OR.


Marriage: October 24, 1863, Baker Co, OR


i. ELIZABETH4 MOHS, b. March 11, 1865; m. MR. MORRRIS.

10. RUTH3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born Abt. 1847 in Ohio. She married SAMUEL E. JOHNSON August 28, 1864 in Baker Co, OR. He was born Abt. 1830 in Kentucky.

More About RUTH SMITH:

Census 1: 1870, Umatilla Co, OR

Census 2: 1880, Alta Precinct, Umatilla Co, OR


Samuel is listed as a farmer on Census records.


Census 1: 1870, Pendleton, Umatilla Co., OR, pg. 348

Census 2: 1880, Alta, Umatilla Co., OR, Federal Census pg 95


Marriage: August 28, 1864, Baker Co, OR


i. SARAH4 JOHNSON, b. 1867.

11. ANGELINE MIRANDA3 SMITH (JOHN PARSHALL2, GORDON1) was born July 25, 1860 in Lone Rock, Richland Co, WI, and died August 08, 1940 in Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA. She married (1) JOHN RAYTON February 21, 1875 in Chehalis, Lewis CO, WA. He was born April 04, 1831 in Germany, and died September 11, 1917 in Chehalis, Lewis Co WA. She married (2) LYMAN B. ADAMS November 14, 1906 in Lewis Co., WA. He was born February 22, 1863 in New York, and died February 14, 1940 in Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA.


Angeline Miranda Smith Rayton Adams 1858-1940

Angeline Miranda Smith was born July 25, 1858 in Lone Rock, Richland Co. Wisconsin. Angeline was the youngest of 13 Living children. At least two Siblings were said to have died in infancy. John and Lucy Smith brought Angeline to the Oregon Territory as a small child with eight other siblings between 1860 and 1862. Some of the older siblings stayed on in Wisconsin with their married families.

The Smith family became acquainted with another Claquato resident John Rayton who had many property holdings. John was looking for a wife. At the age of 15 Angeline married John Rayton who was 44 at the time. They were married Feb. 15, 1875 at Claquato in Washington Territory. John Rayton had just built a new house on his Claquato property, part of the Chas Berry Spinning land donation. They had 2 other major pieces of property in Cowlitz Prairie and Boistfort. John and Angeline lived as husband and wife in Claquato from 1875-1884, Cowlitz Prairie from 1885-1896 then moving to Boistfort in 1897 roughly based on the children's places of birth. They farmed all properties and had hop farms in Boistfort. They had 11 children listed in the family record. Angeline loved flowers and named her girls after flowers. She named her boys after famous men in history.

John and Angeline divorced Jan 3, 1900 after 25 years of marriage. The divorce papers were filed in Chehalis in the Lewis County Court House. The divorce papers make interesting reading with bitter accusations toward each other.

After the divorce Angeline was given the Boistfort property where she stayed on and lived. She enlisted the help of her son Leonard then age 16 to stay on and help with the farm. Angeline told him if he would stay on the farm and run the farm till the age of 21 she would deed over 40 Acers of the farm to him. At age 21 Leonard found the property had an outstanding 2nd mortgage and had to make payments on the 40 acres in order to own the farm. It was also believed Angeline was briefly engaged to another man after her divorce but the gentleman died unexpectedly in a drowning and they were never wed.

Angeline then met Lyman B. Adams. Lyman had been previously married with two children. They were wed November 14, 1906. They lived for a short time on the Boistfort farm and them moved after buying a Boarding House. Angeline and Lyman owned and operated the "Wisconsin Boarding and Lodging" and a "Mammoth Barn" Livery Stable located in Chehalis WA. They purchased the Room and Boarding house and Livery when she sold the remaining of Boistfort farm. They owned and operated the "Wisconsin" and Mammoth Barn" for a several years. They later moved to the Ceres/Meskill area where they lived till death. Angeline died at the age of 82 on August 8, 1940 only 6 months after Lyman's death. She is buried in the Claquato Cemetery near Chehalis WA.


Burial: Claquato Cemetery, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA

Notes for JOHN RAYTON:

John Rayton 1831-1917 (for more information see Section on John Rayton)

John Rayton was born in Germany on April 4, 1831. John Rayton came to the United States from Germany around 1846, at about the age of 15, to escape the Germany draft into the military. 1846-1848 was also a turbulent time in Germany Famine and the failure of the German revolution resulted in the emigration of political refugees to America. He arrived most likely in New York unable to speak English. He probably lived for a short time in New York. He learned to speak, read and write English, how we are unsure. He went to Illinois and lived for a short time about 40 miles from Chicago. We are unable to find John on any 1850 Census. In 1859, he crossed the plains with an ox team to California. He worked mining and such other work as needed. For 5 or 6 years he bought and sold cattle up and down the western coast from California to Washington Territory. When John fist settled in Lewis County he worked for a Jackson Barton who lived near Toledo on the Cowlitz prairie.

Having accumulated savings with his own farm as the goal he purchased land. In 1865 he came to western Washington and located in the Chehalis Valley. In all, he purchased over 780 acres of farming land.

In 1868 he purchased his first property in Lewis County making that area his home until death. John is first see on a census in 1970. His name is spelled Raten and mistakenly notes Pennsylvania as his birthplace. Who knows whether he knowingly said PA, maybe he lived there for a time or maybe the census taker miswrote? Or did he state Pennsylvania in order to be stated a US citizen so he could own land? Some of the property he purchased was at Claquato, apportion of the Chase and Berry Spinning Donation Claim. Later adding farmland 3 miles east of Toledo purchased from James Henriot near the Cowlitz Mission. And finally purchasing the Glen Rountree farm at Boistfort.

John married Angeline Miranda Smith Feb.21, 1875. The Smith family was another local family in the area. Angeline was the youngest child in her family. There was a notable age difference between the two. Her family also living nearby in Claquato. He was 44 years old and she was 17. It was believed the age difference played a part later in their marriage leading to the divorce. The marriage license was issued in the Court House in Claquato WA. They had three major pieces of property together, one in Cowlitz Prairie, Boistfort and Claquato throughout their marriage. They lived as husband and wife in Claquato from 1875- 1884, Cowlitz Prairie from 1885-1896 then Boistfort in 1897 roughly based on the children's place of birth. They farmed all properties and had Hop fields in Boistfort. John was known as a very hard workingman. He was tall. He liked his meals at set times 6;00 AM breakfast, 12:00 noon for lunch and 6:00 for dinner. He was said to leave the house at 5:00 am milk half the cows come in for breakfast then finish milking the rest of the cows. He did chores until noon ate lunch worked until 6:00 at dinner worked again and came in to retire at about 8:00 just in time to bring in warm milk from the evening milking for the children to drink before bed. John pulled all his own teeth. The family is shown on the 1980 Lewis County Census at Claquato with their first three children, Albert, John Henry and Nellie.

In 1895 residents of Curtis voted the property of John Rayton as the site for a new school. It lay a quarter mile west of Curtis and the crossroads to South Boisfort, Lake Creek and Chehalis. The deed for the school land was purchased from John Rayton and recorded.

John and Angeline had 11 children, listed in the family record. John and Angeline filed for divorce twice. The first filing was in July 1896. It was later dismissed after the couple reunited at Johns request. The reunion did not last long. The two filed for divorce again finally divorcing Jan 3, 1900. The divorce papers were filed in Chehalis WA at the Lewis Co Court House. The papers make for interesting reading on the personal issues of the marriage at the time, with bitter accusations. She accused him of having a temper and being abusive. He accused her of infidelity and abuse. After the divorce he moved into Ben Allenders Iowa Boarding House for a brief time as noted in the 1900 Census. Angeline stayed on the Boistfort farm with the children.

John Rayton then married Hannah Smith Barton, Angeline's older sister Dec. 24, 1901 in Olympia WA. They were married 4 years and lived in Chehalis WA proper. They divorced in Nov. 25, 1905.

John later married Anna Louise Wuestney, Oct. 28, 1908. Anna was the wife of Captain Wuestney former resident of the south fork of the Neuwaulkun River outside Chehalis. They remained married till his death. John died at age 83 on Sept. 11, 1917 in his home on Coal Creek road in Chehalis WA. Funeral services were held on a Thursday morning Sept. 13, from the Sticklin Chapel: interment in the I.O.O.F. cemetery under the direction of Sticklin & Son. This is now the Claquato Cemetery He is buried next to Anna Wuestney his third wife. John left no will but died interstate. He had $2258. 11 in the bank, personal property of the estate was estimated value at $6483.11 with property in Lewis County. Leonard Rayton was appointed administer of the estate.


Burial: Claquato Cemetery, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA

Census: 1871, Lewis Co, WA


Divorce: January 03, 1900, Lewis Co, WA

Divorce Filed: July 18, 1896, Lewis Co, WA

Marriage: February 21, 1875, Chehalis, Lewis CO, WA

More About LYMAN B. ADAMS:

Burial: Claquato Cemetery, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA


Marriage: November 14, 1906, Lewis Co., WA


18. i. ALBERT HAYES4 RAYTON, b. March 31, 1877, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA; d. December 05, 1961, Chehalis Hospital, Lewis Co, WA.

19. ii. JOHN HENRY RAYTON, b. May 19, 1877, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA; d. June 26, 1964, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA.

20. iii. NELLIE MAY RAYTON, b. April 23, 1880, Claquato, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA; d. October 22, 1949, Winlock, Lewis Co, WA.

21. iv. LEONARD FRANKLIN RAYTON, b. September 19, 1882, Claquato, Lewis Co, WA; d. January 05, 1969, Centralia, Lewis Co, WA.

22. v. ROSY RACHEL RAYTON, b. April 23, 1884, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA; d. June 07, 1971, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA.

23. vi. ANDREW OTIS RAYTON, b. October 01, 1885, Cowlitz Prairie, Lewis Co, WA; d. September 01, 1949, Curtis, Lewis Co, WA.

24. vii. DAISY DIZIRE RAYTON, b. March 10, 1887, Cowlitz Prairie, Lewis Co, WA; d. January 24, 1964.

25. viii. LEROY HARRISON RAYTON, b. April 16, 1890, Claquato or Cowlitz Prairie, Lewis Co, WA; d. August 05, 1942, Tacoma General Hospital, Pierce Co, WA.

26. ix. LILLIE MYRANDA RAYTON, b. April 10, 1892, Cowlitz Prairie, Lewis Co, WA; d. August 17, 1967, Seattle, King Co, WA.

x. VIOLET VIOLA RAYTON, b. March 26, 1894, Cowlitz Prairie, Lewis Co, WA; d. May 27, 1973, Centralia Hospital, Lewis Co, WA; m. GEORGE W. KOEBER, April 21, 1919, Lewis Co. WA; b. October 06, 1888, Sandy, OR; d. January 21, 1973, Centralia Hospital, Lewis Co, WA.


Violet Viola Rayton was the 10th born of 11 children to John and Angeline Rayton. Violet was born March 26, 1894, on the Rayton property at Cowlitz Prairie near the Cowlitz Mission. Washington State birth index indicates Violet Rayton and a Karl Dahl as birth parents to a unnamed child born Dec 3, 1909. No information as to the child whereabouts or if the child lived is known to family. At age 20, Violet married George Koeber on April 21, 1914 in Lewis County, WA. No children were born to this union. The couple was ideally suited and devoted to each other. They first lived at Curtis WA, then settling in Grand Mound for many years. George bought, sold and broke horses. He was also handy as a carpenter. Family members frequently called upon him to do odd jobs. Nieces and nephews always enjoyed visits by George and Violet.

In their senior years they lived on Linda Lane in Centralia WA. They attended the MT. View Baptist Church. George suffered a stroke and was bed ridden and could not speak. Sharon Johnson a great Niece lived near them and would drive Violet to the rest home regularly to see George. Violet would spend the entire day with George at the rest home catching rides home with nurses, friends or Sharon. George passed away first in January 1973. Violet soon followed passing away just four months later in May of that same year.

Dora Rayton was the executor of Violet's estate. Their small home was sold and the money divided among the Rayton nieces and nephews.

They are buried next to Leonard Rayton


Burial: Claquato Cemetery, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA


Burial: Claquato Cemetery, Chehalis, Lewis Co, WA


Marriage: April 21, 1919, Lewis Co. WA

xi. MARGRET ANGELINE RAYTON, b. July 20, 1898, Lewis Co., WA; d. December 06, 1910, Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA.


Margret (also seen spelled as Margurite) Angeline Rayton was born July 20, 1898 on her parents farm in Boistfort, Washington. Margret was the 11th and last child born to John Rayton and Angeline Smith Rayton. Her life was brief. She was the first of the eleven children in the family to die. She died December 6, 1910 at 1325 Alfred St., Chehalis. She was struck with a crippling disease listed at the time as infantile paralysis now known as Polio. Due to her young age of death, she was never married nor had children. Margret is buried in the Claquato Cemetery. There is only one known family Photograph of her.

Her obituary read as the following: Margret Rayton was born July 20, 1898, died December 6, 1910, aged 12 years four months and 17 days. Margaret was a favorite among her companions, and was a bright and energetic child whose death caused her many friends sorrow. Death was causes by infantile paralysis. She leaves five brothers and five sisters; Henry of Adna; Albert of Curtis; Leonard of Claquato; Andrew and Roy of Chehalis; Mrs. Nellie Detering of Wildwood; Mrs. Doss Moon of Boistfort; Mrs. Oscar White of Coal Creek, Violet Rayton and Mrs. Lillian Watt of Chehalis. Her Mother is Mrs. A. M. Adams.

Funeral Services were held at the Presbyterian Church at 11:00 o'clock Thursday morning, Rev. A. H. Chittenden in charge. Burial was in the Claquato Cemetery.

I go, sweet friends! yet think of me when young spring's voice awakes the flowers,

For we have wander'd far and free in those bright hours, the violets hours.

I go but when you pause to hear from distant hills, the Sabbath bell

On summer-winds float silvery clear, think of me then, I loved it well.

Forget me not around your hearth, when cheery smiles the ruddy blaze,

For dear hath been its evening mirth to me sweet friends, in other days.

And oh! When music’s voice is heard to melt in strains of parting woe,

When hearts to love and grief are stirred Think of me then! - I go, I go!

After the obituary ends, under Cards of Thanks section in the newspaper. It reads; We wish to thank our many friends for kindness and sympathy shown during the sickness and death of Margret Rayton. Mrs. A. M. Adams and family.