Lacamas Prairie Grade School, 1913

Ella Jane "Jayne" Allison McCarley submitted this picture of Lacamas Prairie Grade School, 1913, from the Ella Jane Allison McCarley Files. "I don't know exactly what year the school was built but I do know that my Aunt Nettie and Uncle Frank both attended School there in 1902. Their father George had moved the family from his homestead near Ethel to the 160 acre farm on Lacamas that he purchased so that his children could attend school there.

My maternal grandparents home was just on the other side of the creek from the school and I used to go over and play in the school yard even though the school was vacant at that time. (In the 40's). So sad."

Jayne would love to see pictures of Lacamas Prairie Grade School and students for each year it was in session. If you have such photos, please email Jayne via the link above.

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