"Fifty Years Married"

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKay observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary quietly Tuesday, April 21. Mrs. McKay's health was such that a larger celebration could not be permitted. Friends and relatives congratulated them during the day and numerous gifts were received. They were married in Cook county, Tennessee, in 1881. They came to Winlock in 1884, when there was but a store, mill, hotel and a few houses. They left soon after for Oregon, where they lived until 1887, when they returned and have lived here ever since. They have two sons, Emmett and Kenneth McKay; and two daughters, Mrs. Roy Crocker of Winlock and Mrs. Sallie Hurst of Toledo. Mr. McKay is very active. Although Mrs. McKay's health is not very good, she can entertain interestingly with storeis of old times locally.

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, 1 May 1931, page 2.

Transcribed by Diana Smith. She has no further information on this individual.