The following marriage record was submitted by Tami (DeRossett) Moorcroft. Robert and Delia are her great-grandparents. Of particular interest is Delia's listed occupation - "Lady of Leasure."

Doss-McMurry Marriage Record

Transcription of Marriage Return:

  1. Date of License Oct 3rd 1892

  2. Full Name of Groom Robert L. McMurry

  3. Age Last Birthday 25 yrs

  4. Color White

  5. No. of Groom's Marriages 1st

  6. Residence Mossy Rock, Lewis Co.

  7. Birthplace Nebraska

  8. Occupation Farmer

  9. Father's Name Job McMurry

  10. Mother's Maiden Name Sarah J. Lester

  11. Full Name of Bride Delia B. Doss McMurry
    --- Maiden Name if a Widow (blank)

  12. Age Last Birthday 18 yrs

  13. Color White

  14. No. of Bride's Marriages 1st

  15. Residence Mossy Rock, Lewis Co.

  16. Birthplace Mossy Rock, Lewis Co., Wash.

  17. Occupation Lady of Leasure

  18. Father's Name John O. Doss

  19. Mother's Maiden Name Sarah E. Bacon

  20. Date of Marriage Oct 6th 1892

  21. Place of Marriage Mossy Rock, Lewis Co.

  22. By whom Married, and Official Station J. L. McKibben, J. P.

  23. Names of Witnesses and their Residences:
         No. 1 Minerva J. Hendricks, Chehalis, Wash.
         No. 2 Daniel Shanner, Mossy Rock, Wash.

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