There was an interesting meeting of tho county commissioners held Wednesday afternoon to consider a protest which had been filed agalnst the consolidation of 11 school dlstrlcts in the central portion of county, with Mossy Rock as the center. A number of prominent citizens from that section, ail of whom, with one exception, were in favor of the consolidation. These had employed a lawyer to present thoematter to the Board. After a session lasting the entire afternoon the Board endorsed the consolidation, and the delegation returned home in triumph, taking with them a wagon load of text books which will be supplied to pupils free of charge. The consolidated district included a high school, and a supervisor and a full complement of teachers have been hired. Text books will be free. The district includes Salkum, Silver Creek, Wilson, Mayfield, Harmony, Mossy Rock, Riffe and Swofford. There are now three large consolidated districts in the county, all furnishing free text books, have hired supervisors and teachers. Mossy Rock district has 11 schools and aonther contemplated. Forest district has 6 schools and Boistfort 3 schools.

Source: The Centralia Daily Chronicle, Friday, 9 Sep 1910, front page.

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen.