Mossyrock's Fine New School Now Being Used

A large and happy crowd of people from Mossyrock and districts surrounding, and including a goodly representation from Chehalis, filled the new auditorium and gymnasium at the Mossyrock school Wednesday evening, to dedicate the fine new building. This new building cost about $38,000 complete, and is one of the finest school buildings in this part of the state. Following a fire that destroyed the other school about a year ago, a special 10-mill levy was voted to erect the new building, other funds being from insurance. Mossyrock is a unit of the Consolidated school district no. 206.

The new building includes eight rooms and the big gymnasium and auditorium in the center, with a hardwood floor. The rooms are unusually airy, light, well ventilated and heated, and modern in every respect. The domestic science room is especially attractive and modernly equipped. It is of brick and frame structure, has a fine, large stage, an exceptionally well built building. It is steam heated.

L. E. Duncan is the superintendent of the district, and there are five regular teachers, and one part time. The building has been constructed and equipped to take care of the steady increase of students this fine district has experienced. The building was put into use December 28.

The crowds inspected the building for some time, and about 8:30 a dedicatory program was given. Chehalis was represented on this program by President Elmer Furrer of the Active Club; C. D. Foster as representative of the Chanber of Commerce; vocal solos by Mrs. Eva Middleton and Bert Adams, accompanied by Mrs. George Brower; and a community sing led by August Jaeger. Superintendent Duncan presided at the program, and talks were given by County School Superintendent H. Hurd and Assistant H. Heath, Architect E. J. Breseman, Contractor L. M. Breuer, School Directors J. A. Jarvis and C. B. Perkins; response by W. A. H. Birley, who accepted the building for the patrons; Mossyrock high school Principal Martin, and J. A. Guitteau, supervisor of agricultural education from the state superintendent's office. S. F. Adkins is the other member of the school board of the district.

Music was furnished by the Onalaska grade school orchestra, a trio of Mossyrock high school girls, the Mossyrock girls' glee club, and trumpet solos by Prof. Wm. R. Burt of Mossyrock.

The people of Mossyrock received many hearty congratulations for the fine school they have built, and in which they justly take very much pride.

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, 8 Jan 1932, p. 4. Microfilm available at Washington State Library, 6880 Capitol Blvd. S., Tumwater, WA 98512

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester