Has Had an Unusually Fine Growth Since Rev. John Place Took Charge

Napavine, July 26.- In 1880 Rev. W. P. Williams, pastor of the Centerville circuit (now Centralia) established the Methodist church in Napavine. In 1885 Mrs. Mary Rowell donated the lots and the church was built the same year. The charter members were Mr. and Mrs. John Somerville, Mr. and Mrs. D. Seely, Margrett Benjamine, Mr. and Mrs. B. Pennypacker, D. Selly, jr., C. L. Seely (now pastor of the Methodist church at Oakville) and Julia Riggs. The church was dedicated August 23, 1885, by Rev. A. J. Hanson, presiding elder, assisted by the pastor, Rev. D. W. Cameran. The headquarters of the circuit at this time were Chehalis. There were times when Napavine was without a pastor. While a part of the Chehalis charge the following served as pastor: G. R. Orsborne, J. E. Leach, D. W. Cameran and A. H. Marsh. Napavine then was transferred to the Winlock charge and was served by the following pastors: W. M. Ludwick, R. A. Atkins, W. H. Wilson, E. L. Hughes, G. G. Ferguson and C. A. Luse.

Rev. A. B. Kline was pastor when Napavine became a station. He served the charge two years, laying a splendid foundation upon which others have built. E. L. Hughes followed Reverend Kline and served four years, including the difficult years during the war. He was succeeded by Rev. F. L. Lowther.

In September, 1921, Rev. John Place was assigned as pastor for Napavine. Things then were rather at a low ebb, but Mr. Place seemed to be placed in the right place. It was not long until people began to sit up and take notice. The congregations grew until there was not room enough to contain them. The Bible school under the leadership of Mrs. Paul Mullen kept pace with the growing congregation, until there was over a hundred enrolled. Then came up the question as to what should be done to take care of the people who were attending the services at this church. The official board concluded that it was best to remodel and enlarge the church building, at a cost of about $1000.

A great deal of the labor in remodeling was donation work, under direction of the pastor, who was the chairman of the building committee. Reverend Place has worked almost night and day for the success of the project. He was ably seconded by Paul Mullen, J. W. Helmick and others who gave liberally of their time. Everybody has heard of the farmerette, but very few know that the Napavine Methodist church boasts of her painterettes in the persons of Mrs. John Place and Mrs. Charlie Hall, who proved themselves house painters of no mean ability. God bless the women, what would the church, anywhere, be without them? Come out next Suday, July 30, to the reopening of this splendidly madeover church building and enjoy the treat of your lives.

Sunday services will be as follows: Sunday school at 10:30 a. m. Thero will be no morning service, but in the afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Dr. R. J. Reid, pastor of the First Methodist church of Everett, will deliver the sermon. Rev. A. J. McKenzie of Chehalis will lead the devotion. There will be special music. Following the service there will be a basket lunch in the park to which all are invited to bring baskets.

The evening service will be at 8 p. m. There will be addresses by Dr. R. J. Heid and Dr. E. M. Hills, also illustrated hymns, an educational reel and special music.

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, Friday, 28 Jul 1922, p. 2.

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen.